Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007


have a great New Year 2007....I am ON celebrating New Year in GOA this year...Shall be posting on Jan 02, 2007 with lots of Pics along with the equation settled...

Till then believe me ...Goa is superb and me in Goa is out of the World experience :)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Off to Goa

New Year is planned to happen in Goa this Year...

So Folks Have fun...Enjoy...Coz life is a celeberation, Live it :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Learn it by Heart

I know these already, but sometimes, since I misplace trust some of the times, I need to remind these again and again to myself.

1. If you want to keep secret, keep it to yourself.
2. If you shall feel pain in sharing something, never ever show or talk about it to anyone, with whom you do not want to share it.
3. Whatever personal info thy shall share with any of colleague or friend or anybody, He or She is bound make professional use of it.

Need to Follow these more strictlyand then only I believe I shall be bit more happy.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tauras - Apr. 21- may 21 - Ganesha Says

Well...I was going through BnB's "My Wild Thoughts" and the latest post had sth about her adventures with beauty parlour and than reasoning all with hosroscope forcast... Well comments about her post is on her blog ....what I have here is something different, though idea came out of her post only ;)....Ya ya ....BnB you are one damn good original writer....I accept that ...but I am also not a cheater I am not going to any beauty parlour or sth ;)....So what we have here...

Down below is My horoscope for the coming week...

You’ll really need to stretch yourself now – and in several directions simultaneously. It’s no mean feat that you’ll manage it well. Heavy expenses, travel for work rather than pleasure, a greater commitment to social concerns, too. What is activated and energized is your angle of valour, enterprise, intellectual curiosity, trips, contacts ad contracts. Ganesha grants that these will be accentuated and benefits will result.

Let's try and explain the hosroscope and than next week we shall analyse and see how much works ;)

So it say I need to strech myself...well sth of this sought is happening...already...hiring people for the group, then have to prepare training plans, testplans, knowledge sharing plans, plans for the team, trigger the team outing plan...and lots of other plans, catch up product deadlines...then plan for shifting the house in Jan, holidays are coming...plan for them tooo....Oh Lord...Save Thyself...

Heavy Expenses :) he he he if they are not happening already....Too much of shopping...and dear I am buying only household stuff :) he he he....

I am not telling any more now...It makes the post pretty the final word is almost all of that is predicted for the coming week is already happening...lets see whats goes in more...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just caught thinking

What shall you do when you are at crossroads to take a path and you do not have a clue ?

I was believed that in the above scenario follow the economics of the path.

But then the problem is how to decide on what all to put into the economics, is it just the monetary value or pain value or let's say the delight quotient of it ?

What say ?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There is only the ocean, the sky, and the figure of Howard Roark

Next Post shall be on this statement...The Last line in the "The Fountainhead". From Last 3 Years this is the signature in all my emails.

Along with it...there is another line that goes in my signature which is as follows...shall write sth onto that too...

They judge me before they even know me - Shrek

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gals Gals Gals !!!

This happened when I was purchasing at one of the food world. There was this young gal ahead of me in the queue with his hubby....

She was utter gorgeous, newly wedded, and had a naughty smile on her face. She was wearing specs...those rimless ones...hey wait...this is not about the "sight of beauty is joy forever" lemme change the beginning again....

So Here it is ...This young gal...gorgeous young gal....oh ho.... :) lemme change this again...

This young gal was at the cash counter...the counter boy asked,"Cash or Card"...She smiled and said," Card!!"...She was almost jumping while handing over her SBI Debit card to the counter boy...and as we all know smile is infectious, and that too when a young lessie is smiling next to you...Her hubby, me and the friend behind me also smiling...

The counter boy swiped the card and asked her to enter PIN...without even blinking her eye for a sec...She said,"7468"...As soon as we heard this, the smile vanished, not only from her hubby's face, but also from ours...The counter boy stood in awe...Her hubby barely managed to say,"what are you doing ?" and to which she said,"how does it matter ?" and chuckled....Hearing it, Me and my friend, laughed and with us her hubby too ....He shook his head and said, "Gals !!!"....

Life was once again alive ....and proved "Life is a celebaration, Live it !!!"....

But I made a mental note, "Never give a debit card to wife, Let her survive with Credit" :) I don't know how many of you shall agree to this ...but ya... "Does it really matter?" ...When you are having time of your life while shopping with yr beloved eventhough it's simple 'Food world' buying groceries...Should you remember all those warnings and precautions by damn banks to not to share PIN number et al...when a simple innocent act can bring smile to all the face around you :)

So before I finish just a thought....What shall you spend to bring a priceless smile on the face of your beloved? Isn't it Priceless...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What if there is no ME ?

It's around 1 AM in the middle of the night and as the night is darkening more, the tussle between the morning and night to engulf each other is sharpening, I am having no clue to answer this thought.

"What if there is no ME?"

Will it make any difference to anybody ? Even if does make, then till when and how much ? Am I dispensible. ?

Does it matter to my manager, my HR or any professional aquaintance ? - Well for them I am just a resource. Inventory or if I be true then just raw material. They identify me, by my skillset. Fairly Dispensible...

How about Friends ? - Well, though not many now qualify for that list...but still... not much even to them...they might start or end their talks with "Hirdu was honorable man....blah blah blah"...just few words and finished...or even this shall be too much to expect...

Relatives ? - Nobody cares Actually... huh ? do they...

How about fellow bloggers ? - Well I am just a page for them...some know me by my senti posts...some have chatted with me...they might post on there blogs on me "Missing in Action"....Some might do google or try to find me on orkut and than slowly & slowly I shall only be referred in cached pages...

How about my immediate family ? - Well they shall be sad for sometime...might even break ...but time is a great healer...

So who shall be effected the most...? As I am delving deep into it...Answer is very clear...crystal clear....Me, Myself and my Lord. ...Why ? Well since I cease to exist in real as per vision of mortal world, my thought process shall be no more. This shall in turn diminish the amount the Free-will granted to humans by the Lord Himself. The tasks assigned to be completed by me in HIS domain shall remain unfinished and thus the reliability of HIM shall cease to exist.

So what I learn from here. - The learning is very clear. The life and liveliness associated with me is important and valid in my and my Lord's domain only and that is somehow true for everybody else also...

Thus live life coz that's your's forever...and as I always say..."Though it might not matter if I am not there, But We all know that it always matters when I am there"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yun he nahin ruk gaya mein

Bus yun he nahin ruk gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin dil he dil mein darr gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin charon or se simat gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin aandhiyon mein chup gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin toofaano ke aage se hut gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin khuda ke aage jhuk gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin raahon mein bhatak gaya mein,
Kisi ne kabhi kuch bhi nahin kaha tha mujhe,
kisi ne kabhi kahin to toka nahin tha mujhe,
kisi ne muskura kar kabhi nahin jhidka tha mujhe,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi dekhna,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi rukna,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi muskurana,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi khojna,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai meri jindagi per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai meri muskaan per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai mere khud ke samay per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai mere khuda per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai tum per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai tum per....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Raat bher yun he...

kaanptey huey haathon se usney aaj phir pakdaya mujhey chai ka pyala, Na jaaney kiss umeed se woh aaj bhi tukur tukur dekhti rehti hai sadak ke uss paar.

Log kehtey hain, pehley woh aisi na thi, bus do he baras to huey uskey saath woh haadsa huey...

Aaj he ki tereh bheeg raha tha bangalore....aaj he ke tereh Electronic city ki teref jaati hui ye sadak madhosh thi, aaney wali raat ke nashey mein....

Nayi nayi shaadi kerkey abhi kuch he to din huey aayi thi woh iss dhaabey per. Chota sa sansaar tha unka...

Log kehtey hain....Jaise he shaam ke 6 bajtey, logon ka taanta lag jata...Uskey haathon mein jaisey koi jaadoo tha...Subeh subeh logon ki bheed ka aalam kuch doosra he hota...Electronic city Interview ke liye jaatey hue na jaaney kitney ladkey uskey haath ki chai kuch to "Gud Luck" Charm ki tereh peeker nikal jaatey...aur shaam ko wapas aatey huey phir se ...

Us Din baras raha tha aasman, jaise nigal jayega sabko....Achanak kisi ne to sadak ke uss paar se awaz lagayi uske pati (hubby) ko...woh ek haath mein chai aur soorey haath mein 2 Biscuit leker dauda....Divider ko bus paar kara he ....kahin se to achanak woh truck aa gaya...aur cheer ker chala gaya uskey sansaar ko...

Reh gayi to bus woh ...Sadak ke iss paar...Ye sadak leel gayi uska sab kuch....

Mujhey to bus kuch he din huey hain aaye huey....Us haadsey ke baad kisi ne uski aankhon mein na to aansoon dekhey na he chehrey per muskaan...

Aaj na jaaney kyun mere muh aisey he nikal gaya, 'Revati, hum woh gareeb hain, jinkey paas kehney ko hota to sab kuch hai, bus Jindagi nahin hoti'

Usney kaha, "babuji, aur hum woh gareeb hain, jinkey paas jindagi to kya Maut bhi nahin hoti"

Bus tabhi se goonj rahein hai uske ye sabd meri rooh mein....aaj bahut din baad, kisi ne jana ki "Mein Gareeb hoon". aaj bahut din baad kisi aur ne socha hai jindagi ko jindagi se bhi jayada..

pata nahin kab khuda ko khud per bharosa ho jaye

aur woh zannat se uter ker zameen pe jaye,

to shaayad woh jaan jaye,

dozakh mein bhi nahin ab aag utni baaki,

jitni dhadhakti hai aaj insaan ke seenay mein...

{on lighter note: tabhi to kehte hai ..." Bidi jalaye le jigar se piya, jigar maa badi aag hai}

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sight of beauty is joy forever

As I was thinking about this post, I was wondering if I have written about it before...I believe when I started writing the blog I wrote of joys of sighting beauty....

So after almost 2 years of writing the blog...lets again revisit the same with difference

So How do we identify the beauty....Before we start onto it, lemme make it very clear that this post is not about architectural beauty or sth...It's damn raw and tries to enjoy the subtle beauty of female gender in human beings :) so guys and gals we are talking only and only about gals....

Yes, so where we find gals...beautiful gals, gorgeous ones...the ones for whom you not only turn your might even take a complete U circle on the road to just have an another glance.

So we see them everyday...They are very much there, spending hours and hours preparing themselves, polishing their personalities for us to cast a second glance over them, to check them out :)...You find them everyday as you cross the reception of you office, you pass through the HR aisle in office, go out for a breath of fresh air (read "to smoke") and you see a shift change in the Call centre next to your building, you find them when you are boarding the flight, on the airport, when you have a sip at CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) or Barista, you see them checking you out and just tapping their hairs here and there when you pass them in malls :), every nook and corner they are there, just for the sake of appreciation.

So what to do then..."Arrey...jaker bolney ki Mamu kya bindaas lag reli ho..." Abey aisey ke aisey he nahin bol dene ka...thoda politely bolney :) angrezi mein....

Here are my own personal favorites to break the ice with stranger gals anywhere...I am classifying them on the basis of scenario, and they are damn simple...I still wonder why and how they work :)...anyhow Since last few years I have felt, that there is almost no situation when you cannot strike a chat with a gal...and carry it forward :) it's just the matter of being there...Along with that I have also felt that the gals also desire to engage in talks...they enjoy the thrill of it but somehow they are either afraid to begin with or just dumb to start ;)

So here it comes....These liners do not wait for any ocassions to arrive... :) life is too short and happening to wait for anything...

  1. In big Offices : Most simple
    1. "Hi there, Do you have any idea where Miss Riya sits" ( Make sure you pronounce sit not shit :) - As soon as you are told, pop another question, "Would you mind guiding me there :)?" and lo and behold, she will start walking with you :)...umpteen gals have fallen for this...It's Most popular in Infy, but there guys subsitute Miss Riya with Building numbers...It doesnot matter if the gal is new or you are just have to let your voice flow through her nerves :)
  2. In small Offices : Again more simple: (here everybody know everybody) ... A bit of tactic.
    1. In case you are of the type who wait for occasions : then occasions are immense...
      1. As soon as you see her going towards the lonely coffee too rise and meet her at coffee machine...there in there are millions of things you can say, you can use the common ones stated later or few .."It's been a long time since it rained in here (as if it rains and the roof shall start leaking - donot work in that typer of company)..."O Lord!! It rains too much in this city...Does this rains in whole city all the time or it happens in batches, what do ya say"
      2. In small offices the best part is that you never need a ocassion to begin the talk..coz there are very few options available, so it doesn't matter if she is new or you are a new joinee or even if both were there from quite some time and never had talk...just walk straight to her cube and begin..."Hi there, I believe we haven't been introduced...So Preeti, how is it going ?" :) knowing the name helps really...helps ...
  3. In all the office the top most is "Did you worked for HP ?" Yes no whatever...who cares...even if you yrself never did ;) start it from here now...
  4. In CCD or Barista
    1. In case She is smoking - Never take out your lighter... - Go and ask it from her...and If She is alone and you too are then join her...tell's not gud for the nature to smoke alone :)
    2. In case She is not smoking - Now it's a bit tricky

To be Continued....

Reaching Delhi :)

Weekends are suppose to happen and life is designed to happen to weekends

So folks this weekend is in Delhi and around...but as I was boarding the aircraft, I had already decided that I shall not be engaging myself with too many people...

This visit is restricted one...Meeting only by invitation...:) Yaar bahut hectic ho jata hai sabse milney ke chakker mein ...and ab aafat waley kaam hum kum se kum weekend per nahin kertey....

Chalo Since I am roaming employee, thus even though I am on vacation...I shall continue to post and work simultaneously...using the backbone network of either reliance or whereever I stay...This post is written in aircraft ;) during the flight...

Folks it's real fun to write posts when you fly, on the flight ;) listen to movies and enjoy... :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And The Oracle said "Yes"

After a long time, tonight I somehow desired to delve into the future and find out, what exactly is in there for me. I donno...why...but.. it was happening after around an year or so that I felt like know the random design of Universe for me...

Life has been uncertain from a long time and I have been just following my instincts. Following your instincts brings you the "Beginner's Luck" (From The Alchemist), then you only have to hold onto the path that leads you towards your dream, and finally the whole Universe conspires to come down to turn all the potential you have shown into kinetics.

Tonight around 1:00 AM I felt to find and as always I had something very near to me which has answered objectively, whenever it wanted.

The answers were found in The Oracle Book: Answers to Life's Questions. I cannot tell you right now what were the questions. But I can share what Oracle said. She was Positive, affirmative and told me to go ahead and claim it as if it's mine. She has assured me by saying, "Everything shall fall in place" :) and I should move ahead with consents ;)

I don't know how and why there exists some bonding between me and this book. It never lets me down, the answers it gives are crisp and hold truth as if it knows the future. There had been so many instances when, whatever she said happened the way it said. I donot have blind faith on it, but there is knowledge and some instincts at the back of my mind confirming me HIS Design.

So folks, just send in your "All the best" stuffs to me, coz I am about to take decision in near future, which shall change the life forever for all times to come.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tagged am I

Aalapna tagged me this time...Oh Man...How to tell you I was almost out of ideas to write onto the blog...and Lo and behold..Lord Thyself shall appear and tagged you :)

So here I untag myself and shall soon tag, my blog friends for something different

Here are the details

Your favourite lyricist and the lyrics you remember the most..

- Since I am very bad in remembering names and dates { :) I never forget mailids and passwords though} I shall not be able to tell the lyricist name, songs which are always on my tounge...hmmm...there are I shall classify them...
Senti: Mohe Bhool gaye sanwariya
Romantic 1: Kitney bhi tu karle sitam, has has ke sahenge hum, ye pyar na hoga kum, sanam teri kasam
Romantic 2: Chahiye tera pyar, tera pyar chahiye....
Sad: Jaaaney kanha gaye woh din...
Realism: Jaaney woh kaise log they jinkey pyar ko pyar mila,
Devotional: Aye Maalik tere bandey hum....

Your favourite song on friendship

-Dushman na karey dost ne woh kaam kiya hai :)

Best song portraying life's emotions

-Ye jindagi hai ek zua, yahan jeet bhi yahan haar bhi, yahan dushmano ki bheed mein, mill jayenge tujhe yaar bhi

Which song are you humming today ?
- tere baarein mein jab socha nahin tha, mein tanha tha magar itna nahin tha...
-Dil cheez hai kya jaana, ye jaan bhi tumhari hai...

one song which brings tears to your eyes
-Humming this song's 1st line zillion of times... - Mohey bhool gaye sanwariya...
This line somehow, takes away all the joy and delight, leaving you behing with immense loneliness and then...all the sense of being together is lost ... and as soon as it happens...the tears shall find there way ....

A song which gives you hope,reason to try again and again,a reason to say that life is beautiful:)
- jeet jayenge hum tu agar sung hai....Jindagi...her kadam ek nayi jung hai...

If you have to express your love for someone with a song which would that be?
-Hontho se touch lo tum, Mera song amar ker do :)

5songs which you listen to the most
- Though the list change time to time...but till this time the most heard and hummed are

-Chalkaye Jaam aa-E-ye aapki aankhon ke naam...Hontho ke naam
-Dil cheez hai kya jaana ye jaan bhi tumhari hai
-Kitney bhi tu ker ley sitam..
-Chehra hai ya chaand khila hai, julf ghaneri shaam hai kya...
-Ruth na jaan tumsey kahon to...mein in aakhon mein jo rahoon to..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Be Sandwitched

Saturdays are meant to have fun...but sometimes instead of having a lazy sunday I wanna have a laziest saturday, but than the question becomes what to eat in breakfast, lunch or dinner...and as always the solution lies in Bread with aaloo and then you can have Sandwitched idea :)

Preparation come easy when you have all the instruments to help you out :)

So here you can see the Aloo filler preparation material...Make sure that you cut the tomatoes well and have gud amount of green chillies cut... :)

Then frying out the onions is definately an art. it shud not get burned...not remain unfried at some places et al...

So put them with little oil (conscience says so :) ) ..and fry the onions...that's what the key to add in the before adding the tomoatoes...put in Jeera (Cummin Seeds - jeera is known as cummin seeds - I came to know when Immigaration ppl at US airport took my viva :) )

Anyhow this is needed so that jeera is perfectly fried...the prob is if you donot fry jeera at this time...than you never will be able to coz after adding tomatoes...none of the spices can be fried...everything than will get a steamed know..

Anyhow now the next wonderful stuff is to take out everything you wanna put in the masala and fry it bravely...addin little bit of lime juice for extra punch...incase you donot have it than addin Aamchoor (Dry Mango Powder)

And lo and behold everything is ready to begin...

The only thing required is to take call between Desi Ghee or butter :)
The only thing left is to put in the masala sandwitched ;) and toast it over tava...the taste differs if you toast on a griller toaster..or in sandwich maker...I prefer the tava ones coz it's faster... :) You can prepare multiple at the same time and relish it sooner as compared...

The final product is definately served with green chilly sauce and maggie hot & sweet tomato chilly sauce coz it's different. :) along with a glass full of Tea with extra sugar :)

What say folks ? Total preparation time : 30 min. if you have everything and starting from scratch... So if today is Saturday or Sunday...donot scratch yr head...start from scratch and build it...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Aakhir kyun

Aakhir kiske intezar mein soti nahin hain aakhein, aakhir kiski yadoon se tanhai hai ye dil, Aakhir sochta kyun rehta hai ye dimaag hardum, aakhir kyun yun he chaltey rehtey hain mere kadam, aakhir kyun mehek uth-ta tha mera mann tere aaney se, aakhir kyun nahin bujhti woh ye pyaas, aakhir kyun abhi tak mujhko hai tera Ehsaas, Aakhir kyun jhanakti hai teri payal abhi tak mere kaanon mein, aakhir kyun sulag raha hoon mein abhi tak teri yaadon mein, aakhir kyun ruk jaata hoon aaj bhi mein us doraahey per, aakhir kyun bhool jata hoon mein ki ...

US shaam ka aalam azeeb tha, Us shaam kyun na keh saka,

Ya khuda dhoond ker Lauta dey mujhko mera woh mein...

Us shaam jo keh diya hota tujhe apna, to mein khuda hota aur duniya per khudayi hoti,

Ye zindagi ab ek janjaal hai, ek behuda mazak hai, ek dariya hai tezaab ka, jismey har ek pal pighalti hai ruh meri,

Ab so jaaney do mujhe, jindagi ne bahut jee liya hai mujhey,

Ab so jaaney do mujhko, jindagi ka zeher pi liya mainey bhi,

khuda ne aakhir le he liya intekaam mujhse,

Teri aakhiri yaad bhi aaj aakhir rukhsat ho lee mujhse

chaha tha kabhie saath meiney bhi khushiyon ka,

Aakhir kyun phir Gumon ki syahi se likh liya naam khud ka,

Raat ki tanhahiyon ab bhatakta hoon mein,

Jism sota hai, per aajkal bahut rota hoon mein,

kaun tanha hota hai tanhayi mein, kaun jalta hai judai mein,

Yahan to har shaam, raat syah hoti hai tanhai se meri,

aur subah surkh hota hai sooraj, judai se meri,

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tripping Over - Concluding - Soaked in Delight...

As we moved towards the fire with joy in our hearts, divinity in our minds, there was a sense of detachment which was growing inside me and something started knocking inside my psyche, telling me to be happy and enjoy the joy of being Alive. The clouds above us were conspiring something unknown, and "Lord of the Flies" was delighted to note us being there.
We all sat on the chairs beautifully arranged around the Fire blowing hot in the center, but soon we all realized that there is need of somebody to direct the proceedings and break the silence.
And 'coz everybody knows it by heart that when Hirdu is near, There is nothing to fear; I stood up and as I spoke to the crowd, ppl followed as if in trance. I started by sharing few jokes and intricacies of using the phrase "How do you do?" ;) and hows & whys of knowing too much of paper work in US of A ;)
During the talks, I realized that here too people fear sharing anything when given 2 mins of Fame to say anything. Anyhow even then there was sheer & clear demonstration of involving anybody in trance and bring out whatever is desired ;)
Anyhow more wud have happened that night, but as always THE LORD has different plans for me. My trance was broken by the on sought of Thunder, shower, and Rain.
People ran to look for shade, 'ut Me and my friend was clear in thoughts, we were destined to enjoy the delight of being soaked, so we handed over our gadgets to another friend of ours and started walked in the rain for another 1 hour.
We were drenched with joy, soaked in happiness till the last trickle of soul and delight was oozing out of us. The night was getting darker, and we both continued to walk with wet soiled shoes, without any fear of being observed. The joy on my friend's face was shining, and our laughter echoed in the jungle.
People thought it was 'coz of the fluid gulped down the throat, but in reality it was 'coz of the fluid raining from heavens above. The night was the gift of blessings bestowed upon us two, to enjoy few moments out in jungle, wherein only the "paranoid survive" and fittest rise above in Natural selection.
We asked few others to join us and feel the fire being lighted in shower, but they were afraid of letting their souls free from norms of society even for a minute.
Anyhow, we two are now type-casted for rest of similar trips we assume, but who cares ? Being soaked in Delight is above all experiences. Being free from definitive boundaries of curtained culture and letting the sorrows wash away in the blessings being rained is out of the world experience. As the cold droplets touched our foreheads, the glory of being free forever was itched upon us.
Whatever happened next morning, the breakfast, the packup, the lunch and the return journey was just another ritual...
Finally, the final word,
"Sagar her roz Sahil ka rukh yun he nahin kiya karta, Darakht ke neeche baith her roz koi akela yun he nahin roya karta,
Koi to her roz kehta hai kuch to usse jaker tanhai mein, Nahin to Khuda her roz mere saath jaam yun he nahin piya karta"
Translated for Non Hindi Guys and Gals
"Sea shall not face the shore everyday without any reason, Somebody shall not sit under the tree and weep alone everyday without any reason,
Somebody must be saying something to HIM in solitude Everyday, Else the LORD HIMSELF shall not sip a peg with me Everyday.

Myth or Fact or Rule or Guideline. (MFRG)

Here are few of Myths or Facts or Rules or Guidelines which flow over whenever we exchange notes over smoking the burning desire or while sipping the divine potion sitting with friends.
I do not remember where or when I heard them, or how many of them are coined by me...but ya most of the time, all of these thoughts are respected.
Lets have MFRGs of Smokers community first ;). Almost all of these are followed as norms across continents without any discrimination for cast, creed, culture, color or gender knowingly or unknowingly.
  • We shall never light 3 cigarettes at a time with the same matchstick or the flame of lighter. Reason: Its been said, that the person who smokes the 3rd one, has a shortened life ;)
    • So even if we have last match-stick, the group shall light 1 or 2 with it, blow of the fire and light the 3rd one with already lighted cigarette.
      • In  this case if the guy who is lighting the cigarettes forgets the rule, then as a token he brings the lighted stick again to his own cigarette to have a feel of 4 lights or the 1st guy and the 3rd guy exchange there cigarettes.
    • In case of lighter, the flame shall be put out after 2 or four cigarettes are lighted at the same time.
  • It's been a known observed fact that, people have walked kms even when it's raining cats & dogs in search of light for the cigarette they have. Similarly, none had been observed to do the same when they have the matchbox but no cigarettes. These ppl have waited for cigarette to arrive. But nobody has waited for the light to arrive, they have walked to reach it. :)
  • Anybody who is smoking, or known to smoke, shall provide the light to anybody who has cigarette in his/her hand or mouth, no matter he/she is known or not. It's been observed as promise to every smoker, that each lighted cigarette shall bring light to there hearts, though there might smoke in there lungs, but the spirit shall always be of being alive.
    • Arrey Jigar mein aag hai, tabhi to hum dhuyan dete hai, woh kya jiyenge, jinmey iska jigara he nahin :)
  • If a reputed or respected smoker is ever asked by anybody (no matter, he/she is friend or foe, known or unknown) for an extra cigarette, He/She shall always provide one if he has more than one cigarette. Incase one has last cigarette of the pack, then its been observed that the requester and requestee shares the smoking desire. This is done coz every chain smoker knows what it feels like, when one feels to have a smoke and there is none in the pocket.
Now lets have few for our fellows who think alike, smile alike & drink alike. Without any discrimination for the spirit in the glass, without any discrimination of larger liquid (water, soda or coke) most of these are followed or known to all.
  • You know why we feel light after a round of Beer - The reason is that beer has lot of dissolved air in it, it's a aerated drink, more over as beer is gulped down the throat, it increases the volume of the belly, which is acted upon by phenomenon of buoyancy, whose effect is added up coz of dissolved air under pressure...and we feel light thereon...
  • After opening, bottle of anytype of alcohol should be finished as soon as possible. Since alcohol absorbs water, it keeps on sucking water from the water vapour inside the bottle and get diluted, so longer it's kept, more dilution, thus loss of taste, moreover, it's been observed that alcohol evaporates.
    • The known fact in here is that rate of evaporation or dilution of alcohol in the room is exponentially proportional to number of Roomies :)
  • No matter what happens first peg is always made by pouring liquor in the glass and then its filled with the larger fluid (Air implying Neat, Water, Soda or any other drink)
  • As soon the glasses are raised with high spirit soaked in joy of sharing the sense of togetherness, and room echoes with "Cheers!!", no body keeps the glass back on the table before sipping atleast one sip from it.
  • Jokes, senti songs, or stories are always applauded by raising the Glass. Nobody keeps his/her glass for clapping. High fives are also popular for this.
  • "On the Rocks " - strictly means pouring the divine liquid over the ice cubes, not the vice verse. Adding the cubes in the undisturbed fluid dilutes the spirit of joy ;) where pouring it over the rocks makes fire to flow over desire.
I know you must be having more of these MFRGs to post them :)

Tripping Over - Part 2 - The Awakening

Around 0610 Hrs, attendant opened the gate and we started again, final destination was around 10 km.While some of us were trying to catch up with some sleep, some others got lucky and spotted a tiger in the wild. O Lord!! What a moment it was!! The Ooohs and Ssshhhs were heard in parallels. As we huddled to capture the moment for forever, driver somehow decided otherwise. He roared the Bus into the jungle mercilessly, making us to reach the lodge so early that even the monkeys around were wondering over our species.

The passion of night suddenly started taking its toll over me and I started dozing off, over the lonely sofa. Intellects and Funlovers both escaped for morning walk in jungle in the meantime.

9 0' clock breakfast was wonderful and forced in us new spirits to prepare us for Jungle Safari Ride to horrors of jungles, where species survive on there Natural instincts and there ability to fall in line with theories of Natural Selection and Survival of the fittest. Somewhere or other Mendal's laws also fit in, but there is nothing that moves inline with Newton laws of Motion.

Though there were few understood as we encountered a herd of elephants midway...The rate of fear in us rose in proportional to the roars of the Male Elephant and for Every action of there leader towards us, there was equal and opposite reaction by the Driver of our Jeep. :)

Anyhow as the evening fall upon us and all animals returned to there abode, we also returned to our Tents. As I was moving towards mine, there was a Call. As I looked towards the calling, I saw Few Friends, raising there Glasses, asking me to join.

Wow !! Divine fluid flowed again, but this time there was no shyness, no hurry to hide, all were natural, all were young. Jokes were evoked in Unison, and Crowd giggled with Each Other. People were new to each other but the feel was same old. The feel was for sense of togetherness for which Software Engineer spends his nights in the lone cubicle sighting the industry undergoing change.

Anyhow those sights later....The Happiness and joy somehow sneaked to our souls and since we needed to join the intellects at the Campfire...We all walked to Fire with lanterns in our hands, smile on our faces, caution in out eyes and with single goal in mind "Lets Rock !!"

Concluding Part 3 - Soaked in Delight is being penned.

...Dieting out & Dinning in...

So the plan was just to visit the local mandi and buy out few vegetables....but kya hota agar sirf wohi hota jo socha hota ...So and bro had rounds of shopping and coz it's crowded on streets...we somehow reached Dosa Stop ;)

And It's not everyday that we go to Dosa Stop ;) and even if reach...its not everyday that we are damn (jean Claude van damn) Me and Bro Ordered the Family Roast Masala Dosa (42 inches of pure Dosa roasted with Desi Ghee :) )....

Wow...What a sight it was to see it coming out of Kitchen and then observing the reaction of others in Restaurant. Even our reaction was like, "Oops!! What the heck we ordered!!".

As I am writing the post I can still feel the finish inch by inch. Few moments before I had a talk with my friend and told him about it. His remark, "Oye!! Don't worry...Weekend per char paanch log jayenge ek saath, Susrey ko khatam ker ke aayenge". The tone and passion in his voice reminded me of the guys in hostel, who use to calmed after being beaten by rival group ;) Oye !! Ghabra nahin, susron ko friday ko kambal daal ke maarenge ;).

Anyhow...The feel is incredible and desire to finish it over the weekend is still young ;). For your Viewing pleasure here is the pic. There was plenty of Masala and 4 types of chutney with it. The boiling Sambhar made it more delectable. and feel to after finishing is parallel to none. As we finished it, jokes flowed naturally, and mother sleep is slowly and slowly taking me in her embrace. I hope tonight I shall sleep as if there is no tomorrow :)

So folks, "Jeete hain Jeetey rahenge, pet chahein bhar jaye, but Apni jubaan se hum kabhi na kahenge ab aur nahin ab aur nahin."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tripping Over - Part 1 - The night rider

As life is moving ahead on her own pace, I decided to take a break from routine and engage myself with Nature. People around me sketched a outing..something sought of a Safari & Jungle rides...

Started around 2300 hrs on Friday in a 28 Seater, The climate around was crispy cool, joy & fun was on the cards. Most of the crowd was unknown, there were few known faces, and the fear of settling the weekend with unknown.

The trip was supposed to be whole night long joy ride, with too much of involvement of life. As I always said, "If there is not much fun in life, Life becomes funny" - was supposed to be true again.But 'coz of the novelty of group, ppl were just judging each other's temperament and intellect. As always as the group settled in the bus, the group divided itself into bunch of FUN-lover and the intellects.

Ya folks, you guessed it right Fun-lovers were the ones who happen to the Life, whereas Intellects were the ppl to wait for life to happen to them.

Fun-lovers echoed the Carrier with Hindi songs, remixed well with all sought of jokes & oneliners, crazy thought process and teasing each other's psyche with tingy punches. Intellects on the other hand cozieed themselves with DUMB-Charades, whispers and trying not to delve into Fun-lover's Territory as if WE Fun-lovers cared ;)

As we were nearing our destination, somehow I was getting into mode of knowing that the best moments of the trip had already happened. The Chit-chat, the bickering, the mandali's Remixes with pinching the songs with "Tayab-Ali Pyar ke dushman Hai Hai".

As night darkened around us, the volume rose, the jokes teared us apart, the intellects shyed and the fun-lovers kept on smiling.

Something kept nodding inside me, telling me, "Crowd is falling apart, Try to tie them around."

The carrier was echoing with us, and then to cope up with the stamina, the dark bottles of divine liquid ;) added in coke bottles were rotated around. As the liquid traveled down the throat, the smiles were restored, the fun-lovers song, pierced the silence across the dark the forest we were destined.

0500 Hrs on saturday we all came to a halt, coz the doors to enter the Reserve Forest were closed and were supposed to open around 0600 hrs. Fun lovers climbed onto railing and jokes were the tone of communication, Intellects on the other hand, tried to beat the boredom of Dumb-charades with a card game ;)

Ya you guessed it right, I was one of the Fun-lover :)

As I am moving towards writing Part 2 The Awakening..I am still searching for the closing sentence for The night rider ....Lemme think for a while....

....2 hrs gone....

yups here it is ...Listen it carefully Intellects!!! This is pretty old one but still holds good ;)

"Shakhon se toot jayein woh pattey nahin hain hum,  Aandhi se keh do aukaat mein rahey"

"We are not those dry leaves which shall fall from trees just like that, Go & thus declare to the tornadoes to be in there limits"

Shall be posting Part 2 - Awakening soon...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Test posting from Windows Live SDK

So Folks here it is a new tool from the our own Microsoft to have a direct postings from the desktop shall be exploring the features...

The one advantage write now is that it looks like a desktop application so one can directly post, without the onlooking manager noticing the blogger page :)

Save the draft when offline and then post it whenever internet connection is there...Thy can even delete the drafts from here :) Moreover the post shall give the look and feel of the published post even when thy are busy typing...

Lets see what Google brings in now...This application seems to stay for a while on my lappy ;)

Lappy se yaad aaya...Got a new Lappy from the company I joined recently...Kuch to Work From HOME (WFH) ka chakker hai yahan :) ab ghar jaker kon kaam karega ....jab se mila hai se ghar per to ye kevel movies dekhne ke kaam aata hai....Kher more on WFH culture later...

You must have by now observed the fonting capabilities of the SDK...

Anyhow this can be downloaded directly from the microsoft site from here

A lot number of posts are being brewed down under and shall be posted before the weekend ...coz weekend per to hum ghommney ja rahein hai ;)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aur isi tereh

Aur isi tereh bichad jaate hain dost,
bichad ker kabhi kabhi bahut yaad aatey hain dost,

Aur isi tereh muskuratey hain dost,
Muskura ker kabhi kabhi bahut rulaatein hain dost,

Aur isi tereh saath chalte hain dost,
chaltey chaltey kabhi kabhi bahut door nikal jaatey hai dost,

Aur isi tereh galey laga lete hain dost,
galey lagatey lagatey kabhi peeth mein khanjar ghop dete hain dost,

Aur isi tereh kuch bhi keh dete hain dost,
kehtey kehtey kabhi kabhi yun he ruk jaatey hai dost,

Aur isi tereh saath jeetein hain dost,
Jeetey Jeetey kabhi kabhi yun he GUJAR jaatey hain dost.

Rewriting a superb thought I read at one of our fellow blogger's blog
"Zindagi ka aakhiri Din bhi gujar jayega dost, Mein bhi mar jaaoonga, Tu bhi Mar jayega dost"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Aaj phir jalta hai badan

Oh Lord !! Aaj phir jalta hai badan....

High Fever:: Cough and Cold...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A for apple

A for apple.
B for bada apple.
C for chhota apple.
D for dusra apple.
E for ek aur apple.
F for fokat ka apple.
G for gol apple.
H for hazar apple
I for itney saarey apple?
J for jaao nahi khaana hai apple
K for kaise nahi khaayengey apple
L for lena padhega tumko apple
M for mujhe nahi chahiye itne apple
N for naa nahi kehtey kyunkey yeh hai apple
O for Oh to tumne khaa daale yeh saare apple
P for peth bhar Ke khaao apple
Q for qismat mein nahi hoti hai sabke, yeh apple
R for roz agar khaao tum apple
S for sehetmand rahoge khaaogey agar tum apple
T for tumko nahi milengey itney achey apple
U for udhaar kii nahi hai yeh apple
V for very tasty hai yeh apple
W for waste na karo time aur khaalo jaldi se apple
X for X'mas mei bhii khane padenge apple
Y for youn na chehra phero dekhkey apple
Z for zaroor dil bhar gaya hoga khake itne apple

Banana Chips

So finally the kitchen started and Lo and behold...what to prepare...The preparation was supposed to be of Banana to be cooked as a vegeatable ...but then the mind's eye dictated....Why the heck go into too much of startup culture and then and there ....the Banana was fried and then sufficient amount of salt pepper was added into it with glimpse of Chaat Masala and Lemon ;) so as to add click into it ...

Here are rest 2 pics of preparation finally done :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Agyatvaas - Leave me alone

Tis been a long time since I desired to write it...I believe almost an year or sth...But never got time to be right here for myself...Too many processess were going in parallel and I was almost on the verge of Burn out...

Anyhow...Finally at last ...switched from the city of chennai last month and now moving ahead with life.

There are now so many personal targets to be reached...professional goals to be achieved...that I have to enter into a Cycle of Agyatvaas - which is very much Leave me alone attitude.

Few of you might be thinking ...what the heck is this...Hirdu is one damn social guy...How can he desire it...Well folks...since this agyatvaas is somehow designed by me so it's altogether different from what the true definition of Agyatvaas indicates.

This means that...I am now not available at will. The priorities have been decided and written in stone. This period is here coz I had been postponing few tasks in my life from so long...few dreams I saw with open eyes and now it's high time that they get realised...the way I desire... :)

Info about me, my whereabouts etc etc shall be available on NEED to TELL (this is I decide !! ) basis.

So folks, if you are my friend, aquaintance, relative or anybody or somebody in my life...I urge you to leave me alone till I make a call onto you. At my call you have all the liberty to deicide whether to continue the relationship or not....But Right HERE and RIGHT NOW I am too busy in handling my life my way....Do not ask for my contact numbers, address, time to meet etc etc...if they are not already with you....Let me settle my life and you go ahead with your life...No interferance ... Any interferance shall only ruin the situation...Go get your own life...

I know "Hum woh nahin jiskey bina kisi ka koi kaam ruk jaaye" but still, I know...that "Hamarey nahin hone se kisi ko ferk padey na padey...hone se zaroor padta hai :) "

I shall try to be in touch via mails :)

For my fellow blogger friends...I shall continue to be on blog forever and there shall be N number of posts and I shall always be there on mails...

So folks wish me luck and all the best to you all too...

Till we meet again, its...Gud morning...Gud Afternoon and Gud nite... (From The Truman show)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tum marogey to yahan Meri Bahaon mein

Tum marogey to yahan Meri Bahaon mein...Superb Dialogue in Anand...It really needs a lot of courage to be able to say it....

Yes folks ....Watched it again on newly bought LCD TV ...Thoda costly pad gaya yaaro....But shayad life mein ab cost effective rehna ...jayada profitable nahin raha...

anyhow more about this later....the only thing I wanna say right now ...

"Jeena seekh lo"...."Go Get a life"

Life is too precious to be spent in daily chores....Invest in Life ...

Friday, July 28, 2006

[root@localhost ~]#man hirdu

This is what ppl see whenever they do man hirdu on our linux machines prompt in here ;) ....It means that now I know how to write my own man page in linux :)

Was a bit bored today thus the outcome is now that .... you know the rest.....

hirdu(1) hirdu(1)

hirdu - Unknown, Untampered, Unaltered, Tough, Taurian ;)


hirdu is a guy who roams around, the way he desires, where ever he
desires. Currently, his focus is to get everything right, the way he
thinks right.

There is no way you can find bugs in hirdu :).

What shall thy see; if thy has seen hirdu; anyhow here is sth of interest.


Taking a left, does not mean that you are not on right path, coz what-
ever is not right is not always wrong, most of the times whatever is
not right is either left or straight & I personally donot believe in left-overs.


Aate Jaate, Haste Gaate :: I just Called to say

I donot know who said it much better but for your reading pleasure here it is - "Aate Jaate Hastey Gaatey" from "Maine Pyar kiya" and "I just called to say" by "Steve Wonder"

Aate Jaate, Haste Gaate

Aate Jaate, Haste Gaate

Socha Tha Maine Man Mein Kai Baar
Woh Pehli Nazar, Halka Sa Asar
Karta Hai Kyun Is Dil Ko Bekaraar?

Ruk Ke Chalna, Chalke Rukna
Na Jaane Tumhe Hai Kiska Intezaar?

Tera Woh Yakin Kahin Main To Nahin
Lagta Hai Yehi Kyon Mujhko Baar Baar?

Yehi Sach Hai, Shayad Maine Pyar Kiya

Aate Jaate, Hanste Gaate
Socha Tha Maine Man Mein Kai Baar

Hothon Ki Kali, Kuch Aur Khili
Yeh Dil Pe Hua Hai Kiska Ikhtiyaar
Tum Kaun Ho? Batla To Do

Kyun Karne Lagi Maein Tum Pe Aitbaar
Khamosh Rahun Ya Main Keh Doon
Ya Karlu Maein Chupke Se Yeh Sweekar?

Yehi Sach Hai, Shayad Maine Pyar Kiya
Haan Haan Tum Se, Maine Pyar Kiya

Steve Wonder – I just Called to say

No New Year's Day to celebrate
No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away
No first of spring
No song to sing
In fact here's just another ordinary day

No April rain
No flowers bloom
No wedding Saturday within the month of June
But what it is, is something true
Made up of these three words that I must say to you

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

No summer's high
No warm July
No harvest moon to light one tender August night
No autumn breeze
No falling leaves
Not even time for birds to fly to southern skies

No Libra sun
No Halloween
No giving thanks to all the Christmas joy you bring
But what it is, though old so new
To fill your heart like no three words could ever do

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care, I do
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let us all get busy.

Finally at last...again I am settling my life the way I desire...Getting along with job or any technical stuff is pretty easy, but getting the kinda work you wanna do, the way you wanna do, settling the family, handling the friends and aquaintances, their wives, kids, hubbies is too much to handle.

Anyhow...a total Battery overhaul was overdue and thus this weekend was sth predecided to fuse up the braincells. Saturday was thus spent totally in theater watching "Superman Returns", "The wild" and "X-Men 3". By the time I was home on saturday, whole CNS (Central Nervous System) was renewed with new nerve cells, older ones all collapsed and wiped out.

Woke up early on Sunday, but soon realised "why the heck?" Sundays are supposed to be Lazy Sleepy Sundays in my dictionary...Why to slept again. As the day grew upon me, I realised, there are umpteen things to be finished...thus started around 3 PM to wash away the clothes, clean the kitchen and clean the HOUSE one last time in Chennai.

Evening was completely adorned by realisations...Realisation of the facts, which I always use to teach others...somehow rewinding of nerve cells made me to forget few of my own Axioms...anyhow they are corrected now..not much harm done...I just have to reiterate my Phone book with new entries in "DO NOT CALL" list, few entries to be added in "Never Receive" list, few deletions in "Any time call/receive" list and finally a friend is moved to aquaintance. :(

To some above paragraph might be a little cryptic, but folks it all makes it again...and then the axiom below and thy shall understand.

Axiom is - Never Indulge and Never Cross the boundary coz of your creativity.
Always, Always respect this Axiom, with your friends, enemies, aquaintances etc etc....and thy shall have better relationships. Thy can indulge only and only in your affairs and cross boundaries only and only around yourself. Coz thy Lord created you as a loner.

Chalo kher....these were the thoughts only for me to realign myself for the challenges which are lurking just around me.

Listening to Nickelback - Someday I will....Amazing song it is .... During my stay in US, A friend of mine introduced me to it ...from then onwards I am fan of this song...Another one is Jeremy's spoken in class today - Pearl Jam...

So folks, starting tomorrow I have a lot to catch up in the blog much has already been written...I have to go through all that stuff...that I shall definately do :)

till then happy blogging....more posts might come in the night grows upon me and I grow upon the nite...have to finish few chapters of the tutorials before I move on to join the new Job ;)

Bloggers seems sad :(

Lazy Sunday aftenoon and I just finished a quick round about the blogs I read ....and found out that somehow or someway my fellow bloggers, my friends are sad a bit....everybody for a different reason though....

Fellas cheer up....Lagta hai kuch karna padega....

From Monday onwards...Lets cheer everybody around....July 3rd shall be the first working day in the month of july this year...:)

Chalo phir..Let the monday come and thy all shall have loads of comments on your blogs....keep the comment option open....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jaaney Kyun

So folks after a long time :)

Many of you must be wondering where the heck, what the for your reading pleasure here it is...

Wanted to write it all along from past few months but it never happened, thus this post again shall be a collection of random thoughts...

After coming from from US, I again started to travel around to meet my aquaintances, friends, relatives and alike... O Lord what a hectic task it is ....

Travelled to train...sleeper class....alone...I felt like After around 4-5 years I am travelling in Sleeper Class for a overnight journey...arrey ek baar aur gaya tha train mein koi 1 saal pehle ....but that was with friends to kerala to attend a wedding....anyhow so folks there I was thinking all alone to travel in Train all night to Hyderabad....but lo and behold...aisa bhi kabhi hua hai ki hum ho and koi gum ho :) humney uss safar mein bhi yaar dost bana liye....and then night transformed from a lonely night to the night of infinite pleasure with folks around whom I met on board, all night chatting, smoking, laughing all along the night.

The highlight of that journey was a 7 min chat with a father who was travelling with his young son from coimbatore to some small village near hyderabad. They were about to board down around 4 AM. As usual the Father woke up around 3:30 am so that they do not miss the destination. At that time while his son was arguing that it still 30-35 min and why the heck he was woken up before it, I had a short chat with the Father. There and then I realised,"How difficult it is to be a Father!!!". Seven minutes of chat made me realise, The Sense and Sensability of being responsible as a Father. A Father can never pamper his son as a Mom, but He always have to have a strong will to support the Family and the son till the last breath he breathes. I salute him. He had questions in his eyes, asking me about my relationship with my father. He had clear directions in his heart teaching me to be a Father of Substance some day. In those 7 minutes he taught me, "Son, Someday thy shall be a Father, and that day, and that very day thy shall have to stand besides for somebody, who is created out of your blood and soul, for whom you cannot weap but for whom you always have to stand like a Father." The phenomenon of being a Father thy shall understand then.

Anyhow....tavelled to Bangalore a couple of times after that. Bangy is really a place to chill out...relax and enjoy the time spent there.

Had a little bit tensionous life for few days last week and a week before that...for different reasons ;) anyhow things seems to settle down a bit and thus today, I enjoyed again the Movie named "DIL CHAHTA HAI" I am writing this post another wonderful friend of mine is enjoying the movie in Noida on TV, and for him I am watching the movie on my Lappy ...

kher a lot has to be witten about the lessons learnt ;) here is the Latest Argument learnt.

People shall come to you sometime cribbing about the kinda work they are doing in the company, I face this kinda thing regularly, People come to me asking all sought of tasks and probs...for them My argument is .... Dear !!! There should be nothing against the type of work you are doing and no use of cribbing about it....Do you best to complete the tasks...coz

"Kaam to Bhagwan Krishna ko bhi theek nahin mila tha, Itna Bada Mahabharat ka Yudh hua aur woh Ghode Haankte rahe...But he never cribbed :)"

"Even the Lord Krishna never got the work of pleasure or of great dignity, Great War of Mahabharat happened and he was just Driving the chariot whole time...He never cribbed, but He made all the difference"

Thursday, June 22, 2006

!~! Kya Karon Mein Ab !~!

A friend sent it to me :) It was too good to not to be posted enjoy....

Kyu rakhu main ab apni kalam mein syahi,
Jab koi arman dil me machalta hi nahi ,

Na jane kyu sabhi shak karte hai mujh par,
Jab koi sukha phool meri kitab mein milta hi nahi ,

Kashish to bahaut thi mere pyar mein magar
Kya karu koi pathar dil pighalta hi nahi ,

Agar khuda mile to us se apna pyar mangunga
Par suna hai wo marne se pehle milta hi nahi...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I don't know why?

I still don't know it is too difficult, almost next to impossible.

Yes Folks...I accept that i never Forgive or Forget. Anything, Anywhere, Anybody, Any deed....

It makes my life a bit tense....Now a days I am try to Forgive & Forget but....

I think it is something to do with my being a taurean....anyhow...whatever happens I shall try not do much harm...and try to cool myself down...else...Somebody is gonna hurt....very bad....really very bad...

anyhow...Let's us all pray for the aquaintances who are about to move in enemy territory....Let us pray I move out and forget....before I start taking actions....

anyhow...going to chill out this weekend.... :) where....again Bangy....this time...too much of everything....coz....Few People know .... that I am submerged in Joy for the reasons I know...:)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

MEC Phase 1 Complete

Finally atlast MEC Phase 1 is Complete. I am quite happy and delighted :)

Once this is complete I shall explain it all....

Now MENCR is to begin...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fanaa - Doosri baar Dekhna hai Gunah

E Khuda Aaj Ye Faisla Karde,
Use Mera Ya Mujhe Uska Karde.
Bahut Dukh Sahe He
Koi Khusi Ab Toh Muqadar Karde.

Bahot Muskil Lagta Hai Usse Duur Rehna,
Judai Ke Safar Ko Kum Karde.
Jitna Duur Chale Gaye Woh Mujhse,
Use Utna Kareeb Karde.
Nahi Likha Agar Nasib Me Uska Naam,
To Khatam Kar Ye Zindagi Aur Mujhe Fanaa Karde.

Tere Dile Mein Meri Saanson Ko Panah Mil Jaaye
Tere Ishq Mein Meri Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaayeā.

Ankhen To Pyar Me Dilki Zuban Hoti Hai,
Sachi Chahat To Sada Bezuban Hoti Hai,
Pyar Mai Dard Bhi Mile To Kya Gabrana,
Suna Hai Dard Se Chahat Aur Jawan Hoti Hai....

Phool Hun Gulaab Kaā?
Chameli Ka Mat Samjhnaā?
Aashiq Hun Aapkaā?
Apni Saheli Ka Mat Samjhnaā

Dur Humse Jaa Paoge Kaise,
Humko Bhool Paoge Kaise.
Hum Who Khushbu Jo Saanson Mein Utar Jaye, Khud Apni Saanxon Ko Rok Paoge Kaise..

Bekhudi Ki Zindagi Hum Jiya Nahi Karte,
Yun Kisika Ka Jaam Hum Piya Nahi Karte.
Unse Kehdo Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Aakar Khud Karein,
Yun Kisika Peecha Hum Nahin Karteā

Rone De Tu Aaj Hamako Tu Aankhe Sujane De
Baho Me Lele Aur Khud Ko Bheeg Jane De
Hai Jo Seene Me Quaid Dariya Wo Chut Jayega
Hai Itana Dard Ki Tera
Daman Bheeg Jayega..

Tere Dil Mein Meri Saanson Ko Jagah Mil Jaaye
Tere Ishq Mein Meri Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaaye
Adhoori Saans Thi Dhadkan Adhoori Thi Adhooren Ham
Magar Ab Chaand Poora Hain Falak Pe Aur Ab Pooren Hain Ham

Kahte hai Muhabbat main Neend udd jati hai,
Kash ke hame bhi ishque ho jaye,
Kambakht aajkal neend bahut aati hai.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

About to Switch - Beware of HR (MAL) Practices

About to switch again, looking for Job, or about to make a Career Shift to a Company of you choice or dreams.... Folks...hold it right there....lemme me make you aware of latest HR Practices or rather Malpractices followed knowingly or unknowingly in our so called MNC Software Companies.

Lemme First list down Recent HR lapses happened with my friends and then I shall try to bring out the Process, Myths, Truths, precautions and suggesstions
  • HR Executive of US based MNC in Hyderabad Schedules the Telephonic Technical Interview Round for a Senior Postion - Nobody from Technical Panel calls the Candidate. Nobody from the HR even cared to intimate the Candidate. Worse of the Worse Lapse happens twice in row. - Finally, the guy pulls up the strings in HR Circuit and gets the apology from HR Director. The story doesnot ends here. The interview is scheduled for the 3rd time and before the interview happens, the candidate is told that his Profile doesnot matches the current Requirements.
  • Delivery Head of US Based GLOBAL MNC having ODCs in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Gurgaon, gives the offer of the Candidate in Bangalore verbally and assures him that he shall receive the copy of the offer in 2 weeks and he should join in a month. When the candidate calls (some how getting the phone numbers of HR in Gurgaon-thats where the Head belonged) after 3 weeks, he is told that he didn't succeeded in the final round and they never gave any offer. The Guy foolishly resigned his present employer coz of his long notice period et al on that verbal offer, is now facing heat from his own HR and trying to take back his resignation.
  • A so called service Noida based Network Program-ing Company calls for interview, The Development Director gives a tentative offer to the candidate on the condition that he needs to clear the Technical Interviews with the client, for which he can appear, but in front of client he has to mention that he is already working with the company. Incase he clears he shall be given the offer. Internally we know whatever happens he won't be given the offer, if the project comes, the company shall first fill up with existing ppl on bench.
  • A Gurgaon based Telecom major being acquired by another major last year backs off from the offer, sighting project scrap. The candidates selected were serving notice period with there present employer were left stranded.
  • In Noida, a so called Software major, took resignations during recession period on GUN-POINT.
There are lot more such instances which I hope ppl shall be illustraing when they comment....anyhow I shall now proceed with other aspects I desired to bring in light.

Here is the whole Process

1. Resume on the table
  • You spend heck of time in preparing your Resume then shoot it accross
    • Send it for refferral by a Friend in the company
    • Send it Directly to the HR alias of the Company
    • Send it to the Consultants to be sent to group of companies in domain
Now all these methods have there own inbuilt pros & cons and at the same time HR Malpractices enters like a dragon which can render you clean bold at the very first step of Movement. Lemme throw in some light onto it.
  • Myth: HR is educated enough to shortlist the techie Resumes :: Truth: HR know zilch about the technicalities involved for the requirement generated by Tech Managers. They sqabble around the terms in Resume so make sure that you hightlight all those tech jargon.
  • Myth: All 3 methods above will have similar result or impact in you selection process.
    Truth: All methods have different impact in different companies. HR in very few companies go by refferral candidates, though every HR will asks time to time to refer friends.
    • HR in midsize companies in Noida & Gurgaon go by Consultants coz they have arrangements to share Percentage of Consulting Fees (which is 20-30% (HR Share) of the 10% (Consultant Share) of Negotiated CTC of the Candidate). Thus you shall find that in some companies the chances of getting a call, getting better offer are much much higher as compared to when your CV is sent directly or reffered by a friend.
    • Even when you are getting you CV forwarded by Friend, try to find a person who is higher in Hierarchy levels rather then how deep your freindship. For US based Huge MNCs in Bangalore and Hyderabad, try to find somebody in US office who can forward you resume for India Position. You shall be mesmerized to see the impact of that forward.
    • In case of Consultants make sure that you ask the consultant to get a formal consent from you before forwarding the Resume to any of the company, there had been instances wherein Consultants hath sent the Resumes to the company where you are working at present, which hath created havoc to the professional standings.
    • In case of applying via Websites make sure you block you resume listing to the present employer and blacklisted companies in your book..else you know.. :)
    • Applying directly to HR alias rarely brings in results in most MNCs. The HR alias is often managed by Fresh HR Trainess (mostly those gorgeous females in HR Circuits - who are hired to maintain the Beauty versus Beast Balance in Company) who rarely have intelligence to understand Priority of Hiring a Correct Hire.
2. Lapses in Technical Telephonic Rounds
  • Technical Telephonic Rounds - This is another black hole wherein any perfect Hire could vanish & tagged as "NOT SUITABLE FOR CURRENT REQUIREMENT". This can happen coz of HR lapse or coz of lack of Technical Expertise in the interviewer to judge the Candidate.
    • HR involved in the process shall schedule the interview at whee hours and then there is high chance that HR forgets to intimate you beforehand about reschedule or cancellation of round. On the other hand the Techie scheduled to take the interview knows all the loop-holes, simply says, "Candidate was not suitable". In here interview never happens.
    • The interviewer out of prejudice about your present employer, caste, creed, race, gender, region, religion or any other factor simply rules you out. In this case interview does happens but you never were judged fairly. HR in here lapses to identify if the interviewer followed the right path or not, coz there was no process in place.
    • The connectivity at the time of interview was poor, coz of weak signal of mobile or disturbances at the interviewer's end, the communication hampers and thus candidate is at loss.
Whatever be the case, the would be perfect hire is at loss. The company loses another good Candidate and the Candidate is at loss of oppurtunity to prove himself.

3. Face to Face interview Rounds
  • You shall find companies after rounds of Telephonic Interviews shall call the person for a face to face final interview and reimburse the travel cost. In here the there are numerous instances wherein there shall be a delay in reimbursing the same, if candidate refuses to accept the offer. Candidate finally finds it awkward to follow up the promised reimbursement which usually happens on call and he has nothing in mail. There is another catch in here - For Air Ticket Reimbursement you have to produce the boarding pass in original so donot throw it before it's reimbursed. Anyhow suggesstions shall be there later in the post for all.
  • Face to Face rounds sometimes span across the day or across the lunch timings and if a person a arriving from outside the city limit, only few companies shall offer him the lunch. Rest HR will ask him to wait during the lunch. They shall never bother about reference of THE HUMAN in HR acronym.
  • HR rarely understands in here that the person coming for Face to Face round is taking out time from his daily schedule and most of the time taking a Days CL or sometimes EL. They never realise that for them interview process is Job of the day but the Candidate its the loss of a day. Thus, for a face to face interview it's not un-natural to demand for days compensation in travel expenses. :)
4. Result of the Process
  • At Senior designations mostly and even for normal positions HR conducts 3 to 9 rounds of interview before giving a final YES to the candidate. The Malpractice in here is about saying "NO" to the candidate at the juncture he is rejected. They shall hang the candidate around for days and weeks without intimating him of the result of the process. The false hope in the Candidates mind soon dies and HR in here is classified as DUMB. In reality The HR Process dictates to communicate the happenings of the process not only to its own management but also to the Candidate in question coz stakes are there at both sides. HR is just a mediator in here, though not paid by the Candidate, but HR is surviving just coz there are Candidates in Industry ready for a switch.
  • In Recruitment Process - Guys and Gals understand it very clearly, that NO NEWS is BAD NEWS, so at every round of the process demand the results. Create Pressure on HR Circuit to Deliever.
5. Formal Joining.
  • After all process completes favourably, finally its time to join the new company and folks that shall be a eye opener day.
    • Thy shall come to know that though Company functions on 5 day schedule, but coming on saturday is assumed and taken for granted and if you come on Sundays then you shall be considered upto mark.
    • Thy shall come to know that Mathematics involved in calculating the CL, EL, GL and all other kinda leaves is more tedious then "Laplace Transform".
    • The arithmatics involved in your package CTC is so complex that you might need to hire a CA to settle it accross.
    • On the day of formal joining thy shall realise that though the recruiting HR said you can join next day and they won't need any doc from previous company, thy shall come to know that the FINANCE CONTROLLER shall calculate TAX on the basis of your present salary structure for all the previous months starting from 1 April of current financial year, till you give FORM 16 from previous company and if any extra TAX is deducted, thy can claim it from INCOME TAX DEPT. of GOVT. OF INDIA. and we all how how easy is that. How to tackle this ? See Suggesstion & Precautions.
  • There shall be whole list of Eye openers depending on you designations, profile & company....But folks beware. ...some of them shall be sth like...
    • Most common one - The Project or skillset for which you were given offer, has not materialised, The Tech Director & HR conspired and hired you, now they donot have any place to fit you in, so you are on bench from day 1. Leave appraisals...even you stay in company for more than a month is BIG QUESTION MARK.
    • You were hired, you joined, but there are other members need to join so that the project shall kick off, but till can stay to rust....again in doubts that if it didn't materialises then you are lost in history. shall be a long I shall now straight come to Suggesstions and Precautions to be taken before saying YES to prospective employer and before putting down papers to present employers for my Software fretenity.

6. Suggestions and Precautions
  • Get your Resume forwarded to HR Circuit from the highest hierarcial position you can, so that HR at least moves it to the technical panel.
  • Whenever you fix a telephonic round of interview, ask the HR Recruiter to shoot a email for confirmed schedule with a contact number to reach incase the interviewer never turns up. It shall be useful in forensics
  • Always ask the HR for the name of the interviewer who shall be calling you up at the scheduled time, so that you yourself can bring in your detective skills to find more about the interviewer :) and his patterns, along with being safe from your friends pulling up a prank at the same time.
  • During Telephonic rounds, keep you mobile battery charged full and be at a place with gud signal strength and away from noise.
  • If your profile has been forwarded by a friend or a consultant, keep a constant tag on them about the result and current status.
  • For face to face interview, make sure that you reach on time, neither late nor too early, that casts a bad impression, be young and fresh for the same, it's your problem how you make it. But while fixing the face to face round, always ask the HR to send the email with the detail about duration of the round and stick to that. You are appearing for this round on your cost of the day. Present employer has more Haq as compared to the prospective employer. Be Ethical.
  • Even if given an offer over the telephone, or received it in a email, always ask for a Hard copy duly signed to be sent to you, after which you shall send in your acceptance. NEVER EVER resign untill you agree to all the terms in hardcopy of Offer letter. Ask for new offer letter incase the offer letter has mis-spelled your name or the joining dates are changed by any of the you.
  • Try to get the CTC details analysed by you CA or experienced person or ask the HR to send in the in-hand salary details along with it, so that you know of exact figures and exact gain in accepting the offer.
  • If you have negotiated for Buyout amount, Joining Bonus and Relocation Reimbursement, always confim when and how it shall be given to you and if there shall be any TAX deduction for the same. Get that detail also in offer letter. Also ask for any hidden rule about it like you might have to return it back if you resign before the completion of a year etc etc...
  • Even if the Recruiting Company has claimed to join them in a day without any docs etc, thy shall be in fishy state to gather Form 16 etc from you present employer. So never leave the company without closing on channels gracefully. Form 16 shall be given at the end of financial year, so Confirm if the Recruiting Company shall accept the salary certificate or the salary slips for the calculation of the same. know :)
  • Even before joining sometimes you might be asked to refer your friends for the similar or different skills, Beware of this trap, at this time you are not eligible for refferral bonus, First join and refer only when you are eligible for Referral Bonus. :)
  • Believe in youself - You are the one who is going to make the difference. When a company hires, it hires the whole package. Delieve Truth and Quality& Expect the same
  • There are many such Precautions but the only one that envelops all is "ALWAYS KEEP YOUR ALERTS ON"
Finally the final word for HR Circuit.

HR should realise, understand and take this fact deep down the soul, that "They are a support function to the Industry. Software companies are known for the quality of people they have and quality of delivery. HR Circuit is a COST CENTER. They are supposed to justify there very existence by ethical means in the Company.

They are the face of the company whenever they contact any person for hiring process. The image of whole company comes at stake when they lapse or malpractice in any sense.

There survival depends on that 1 Year experienced Software Engg on whose billing all HR, ADMIN, FMG etc are surviving. That software engineer is the LORD and technically they should Worship him."

It's high time that the Mangement of the Software Companies brings in Quality Process for HR Circuit and fixes an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the HR.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Forward of the day

Ek Bus main Ladke aur Ladkiyon ki team bani , Antakshari khelane ke liye

Girls : Hum tumko hara ke dikhayenge

Any Guesses for BOYS response


Boys: Hum Har gaye , Chalo aab dikhao..... !

It's here and it's Now expect May the 12th has arrived :) and it celebration time....this time it shall be sth like delayed celebration and a little elongated one....

Reason : Coz all of my folks are now Geographically all this shall continue round the year :)

Let's see what this new year brings in :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

:) I donno

So tomorrow is Bird-day :) this time I am gifting myself in style...Today gifted myself 500 shares of Reliance Petroleum & 30 Shares of Reliance India....arrey ab to Reliance Mobile per shift ho gaye hain :)

anyhow....arrey kahani yahan se to shuroo hoti hai...kal shaam hum bahut dino baad chain se Barista per coffee Piyenge :) same expresso italiano double shot :) and those Dark desire - Chocolate Pastry and my fav Domino's Pizza .... :)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I don't know what a pear tastes like to you

Another simple dialogue in "City of Angels". Isn't it a amazing to understand this?

I know what a pear tastes to me, but how shall I know, how a pear tastes to you.

Some might not care if it is of any importance to know what something feels like to somebody else who is as human as they are.

But dear I tell you it really makes huge difference, if you can just feel a bit, know a little bit more of it.

It shall create the difference forever.

so folks, next time when you are out with somebody at the beach in the night, just ask how the waves feel like when they roll over, how the breeze smoothens the heart, how the stars twinkle the eyes, how the sense of togetherness smells like...Just a bit...more and then thy shall never forget the differnce in the night forever.

And then thy shall Hear the Music in Sunrise.

Stand a while with someone and even if alone stand a while in rain, the fragrance with each drop falling on your head shall make the difference forever and before you could imagine, the angels around you shall make you dance with love, joy and delight shall be thy neighbour.

anyhow ...another movie to watch is A walk in the it and thy shall feel the difference forever.

Tommorow shall be another new day...the day shall begin as usual and I shall be going to watch "Basic Instincts 2 and Darna Zaroori hai" back to back.

Another post shall be needed to know what I wanna say...

Friday, April 28, 2006

All I need is U

Fundooest Forward of the day
Direct Dil Se

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kisi roz

Yun he nahin koi kisi ko khuda keh deta,
Yun he nahin koi kisi ke intezar mein umar guzar deta,
kuch to choo ker chala jata hai sahil ko kisi roz
Nahin to samundar her leher saahil per yun he nahin utaar deta.

!! You take charge of your team coz you never had a leader in your own life. !!

This is a simple dialogue in "Mindhunters" but ultimate deep one.
How many of us realise it? We all are always in search of mentor and then one day we realise that there is no one around and ppl are looking up to you to be mentored...and then suddenly you become the ONE become the ONE LEADER for all times to come.

For some this comes like a gift and for some it becomes a curse...
The sheer pressure of being a leader kills them day by day and then one day they wanna to sit back in corner...they wanna move in solitude and rest a while...but the curse of being a leader brings them back again to the foray and then they lead on...

The anxiety to perform each time, the expection to make that long awaited change, slowly and slowly poisons the natural flow of being alive and finally they themselves unknowingly transform into that Old Baniyan Tree, around which people come, rest for a while, sometimes appreciate the vastness but can never feel or even have glance of the pain of being alone; standing in solitude ...

Unable to move, they respire the very breath of greatness spun around them and thus day by day loose upon the phenomenon of being Alive.

Humko deewana ker gaye, Shaadi se Pehle and Banares

Three Movies ...two reverse order....

Humko deewana ker gaye finally ends the turmoil, the confusion and dilemma of Hubby & wife spun in the thread of matrimony which started from "Woh Saat Din" - One of the early movies of Anil kapoor, Padmini Kolhapuri & Nasrudeen Shah - of Prem Pratap Patiyale wale fame, got a bit matured in "Hum Dil de chuke sanam" - starring lovely Aishwarya, Silly Salman, & Passionate Ajay Devgon.

Finally at last the hubby in "Hum Deewana...." is able to break those so named eternal thread of MangalSutra..terminate the Marriage and then force upon the ending which ppl wanted to see from so long...
Songs are beautiful....and Katrina as always ravishingly beau.... :)

Shadi se pehle was too gorgeous and too comic to miss....the dialogue were amazing...Bomen Irani is superb and Rajpal yadav matches him frame by frame....Again Ayesha Takia is ravishingly beau...but only a single song was picturised on her... :) again a lovely evening spent....after too much of shopping in between Banares and Shaadi se Pehle...Enjoyed every single moment of spent that saturday....After such a long time it came though....

Banares was something to be watched with the understanding that one believes in life after case you find it amusing then the movie is no go....but the scenes around Ganges and city of Banares is beautiful to watch...for me it was paisa wasool coz I was one of the front seaters :) Y the heck watch the movie in premium or elite class when you have to watch it alone...

Whole day was sth like movie...round of shopping and then again a movie :) and then...come back home to realise that beautiful and cool breeze is blowing around the beach again spend an hour roaming at beach :)

Bay of Bengal really sometimes gives eerie's so near....

May the 12 is on they way

So folks....another year has gone by and I am gonna be another year older....on the coming May 12...

O lord !!! There is so much to plan and to do....

Last Year I was in US and all lonely only feeling gobbled me...A year before last year had so many rounds of parties....that I for months I was paying up my CC bills....

But last year bhi gift kuch costly ho gaya tha...anyhow...iss baar thoda dhayan rakhenge....Shall try to reduce the expense....but Kya expense reduce honge....Janta has already booked places and decided over the Menus and all.....

Anyhow...I have to decide on Gift to Myself....There are few choices.... :(

Moving to Reliance postpaid connection this month shall one of the change I am bringing about in my lifestyle ..Never been on a postpaid ...lets see how it goes...then there was a Wardrobe revamp happened 2 weeks back... a lot of gifts bought to be distributed to happenings round the year....and then there was Gold Buying event :)

Anyhow this Share Market is also going haywire....spending some time to understand underlying theorums and lets me also see if creating wealth out of wealth results in some joy or not...

and then too much effort is going in planning for the marriage also...this is killing me actually...too much of pressure around and some how I donot wanna get married but kya karein...sabhi shaadi ker rahein hain...even the blogworld is getting ....married it seems...

and then there is too much of Predicting stuff is going on...somehow whatever I am predicting for others is all becoming TRUE and I am getting afraid of it....but don't know why whenever I go to predict for myself... I somehow never get any feel for myself.... Arrey yaar 4 logon ki shaadiyan predict ho gayi... 6 logon ke job switch...bahut saari janta ka time kharaab theek ho gaya .... ab mein kya karon usme... :(

Oh lord.....Desire to go to Bangkok in May...but don't know how to manage that....ppl have to join the trip from Pune and Noida ...and all has to be moved and initiated by me :( another planning commission...

kher ....iss sabke beech hoga apna B-Day... and Let's Celebrate it like never before and settle everything....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thought Generated

If you are about to get bankrupt tommorow, why not get today itself, so that you donot have anything to worry about in the night... - This is the conclusion generated in talks held with a Married Guy and Married Gal in Office....

Baaki kal bataey hain

sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamarey Dil mein hai

From a long time I desired to post this...But never got time...Now I shall be posting all that has been in drafts and was churning in my mind from the time I saw Rang de Basanti...

Yesterday I watched Rang De Basanti Again and captured the monologue...and then it took 2 hours to appropriately... Enjoy....

sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamarey Dil mein hai
Dekhna hai zor kitna bazoonye Kaatil mein hai

Now my heart desires to get my head beheaded
lemme also see what steel flows in sinews of my assasin

karta nahin kyun doosra kuch baatcheet
dekthka hoon mein jisse chup teri mehfil mein hai

None other than me, opens mouth for a dialogue
whomsoever I look has his lips stiched in thy revelry

Aye Shaheedey mulk-O-Millat, mein tere uper nisar
ab teri himmat ka charcha gair ki mehfil mein hai

Aye Martyr (Shaheedey Mulk-O-Millat), let my heart & soul for you,
Now Even the unknown revelries echo with thy name

Waqt aaney de bata denge aye tujhe O Aasman
Hum abhi se kya batayein kya hamare Dil mein hai

Let the time come and we shall even invade the skies
Why should we verbalize what's there in our hearts.

kheech ker laayi hai sabko Qatl hone ki umeed
Aashiqon ka aaj Jumghat koochayein Qatil mein hai

Hope of being assisnated has finally pulled everybody,
finally alas ! there fanatics are swarming in Gardens of assasins.