Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tripping Over - Part 1 - The night rider

As life is moving ahead on her own pace, I decided to take a break from routine and engage myself with Nature. People around me sketched a outing..something sought of a Safari & Jungle rides...

Started around 2300 hrs on Friday in a 28 Seater, The climate around was crispy cool, joy & fun was on the cards. Most of the crowd was unknown, there were few known faces, and the fear of settling the weekend with unknown.

The trip was supposed to be whole night long joy ride, with too much of involvement of life. As I always said, "If there is not much fun in life, Life becomes funny" - was supposed to be true again.But 'coz of the novelty of group, ppl were just judging each other's temperament and intellect. As always as the group settled in the bus, the group divided itself into bunch of FUN-lover and the intellects.

Ya folks, you guessed it right Fun-lovers were the ones who happen to the Life, whereas Intellects were the ppl to wait for life to happen to them.

Fun-lovers echoed the Carrier with Hindi songs, remixed well with all sought of jokes & oneliners, crazy thought process and teasing each other's psyche with tingy punches. Intellects on the other hand cozieed themselves with DUMB-Charades, whispers and trying not to delve into Fun-lover's Territory as if WE Fun-lovers cared ;)

As we were nearing our destination, somehow I was getting into mode of knowing that the best moments of the trip had already happened. The Chit-chat, the bickering, the mandali's Remixes with pinching the songs with "Tayab-Ali Pyar ke dushman Hai Hai".

As night darkened around us, the volume rose, the jokes teared us apart, the intellects shyed and the fun-lovers kept on smiling.

Something kept nodding inside me, telling me, "Crowd is falling apart, Try to tie them around."

The carrier was echoing with us, and then to cope up with the stamina, the dark bottles of divine liquid ;) added in coke bottles were rotated around. As the liquid traveled down the throat, the smiles were restored, the fun-lovers song, pierced the silence across the dark the forest we were destined.

0500 Hrs on saturday we all came to a halt, coz the doors to enter the Reserve Forest were closed and were supposed to open around 0600 hrs. Fun lovers climbed onto railing and jokes were the tone of communication, Intellects on the other hand, tried to beat the boredom of Dumb-charades with a card game ;)

Ya you guessed it right, I was one of the Fun-lover :)

As I am moving towards writing Part 2 The Awakening..I am still searching for the closing sentence for The night rider ....Lemme think for a while....

....2 hrs gone....

yups here it is ...Listen it carefully Intellects!!! This is pretty old one but still holds good ;)

"Shakhon se toot jayein woh pattey nahin hain hum,  Aandhi se keh do aukaat mein rahey"

"We are not those dry leaves which shall fall from trees just like that, Go & thus declare to the tornadoes to be in there limits"

Shall be posting Part 2 - Awakening soon...

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