Saturday, January 22, 2005

!! Fortunate ! Am I ?

I sat with her for a while, then started walking along the beach with her, I don't why, she also started walking with me.

Far at the horizon Sun started to settle. She was looking too young at that time. I noticed her smile and long black hairs flowing down.

After a long walk I realised, she is still with me. Her face was calm and had unparallel grace. I wondered and asked, "You look too calm today. It's good to see you in smiling."

She winked, giggled and said, "Today, somebody was too lonely on the shore, so I sat with him, took a walk with him, now he seems to be calm, I am happy for him"

I asked her again, "Were you knowing each other before ? or was he a stranger to you ?"

She said, "I am never a stranger to anybody, Everybody knows me, though its only once they meet me ! You are fortunate, I am DEATH"

and then She vanished, and I stood there on shore.