Monday, March 28, 2005

I am thinking about it now

At this point of time when I am at seattle, with my friends, I have started thinking about it finally.

All these loving ppl have made me to change my viewpoint towards my habit of smoking at least once.

Though I still hold smokers as elite ppl and have great regards for them, but soon I shall be leaving the smokers club.

I donot know how will I do it and will I be able to meet the promise I have made to one of my very near friend and his lovely wife, but I know for myself that Hirdu do what he says and he says what he can do.

So here is the promise which I had made, "I shall move to Zero Cigarettes daily zone, before her birthday (scheduled next month)". The incentive is whatever number of "Rus Malais" I want, everytime I visit Seattle shall be sponsored by my Friend and his wife.

So folks .... :) There is a lot to do, I have to align targets now and myself too.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Her kissi ko nahin milta yahan pyar jindagi mein

Her kissi ko nahin milta yahan pyar jindagi mein,
Shayad isiliye log terestein hain iss ko paane ke liye,

akhir kyun hai aisa,
kya ye kismat ki baat hai,

ya kuch aur hai ye,

Socte sochte kuch to soch gaya,
chura ke kuch pal apne dil ke kissi kone mein samet ker rakh gaya

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Alien Nation, 2 Holi, Lots of Love

What a combination,

I am in a alien nation, the society the values, the structure everything is so different from the soil to which I belong, Yet I am going to celebrate holi twice.

1st holi I celebrated on 19 of March at Stanford University with so many friends.
2nd shall be celebrated on 25/26 March in Seattle with Another Gang of friends.

The holi in here is going to be more lovely than any of the gang-bang holi I have celebrated in India. Is it just coincedence ?

Then how shall I explain the immense sense of want, desire, love and mutual joy poured in by my alien collegues originally from Vietnam, France, Sweden,China, Native Americans, Few Indians, Pakistanis, Germany, Phillipines, Japan and from some more nations.

I cannot understand one simple fact which is now the routine of my life. Since the day I joined job (Remember this timeline - After I joined Job, not before) I have distinctly observed dramattic Positive Changes in my personality, the way I invest in relationships and the unexpected & unexplainable gains I receive from those. The sense of togetherness is enjoyed mutually. It never mattered if I have switch companies, projects, cities, flown to a altogether different nation, I find people around me enjoying themselves by being with me and acknowledging the same.

But the whole picture is not rosy as such, I am still unsure of 4 shoulders, on whom I can trust that they shall carry my dead body to PYRE.

The sense of trust is still unsure, and it's not becoz I am paranoid or cynical about people, its just becoz whenever I get a feel that I am now sure of the some people around me in the crowd, somebody or the other with come out and loudly shake my confidence with him/her.

SO GUYS and GALS tell me WHAT and WHY is it ?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Pashan Pind� -Vinita Agrawal ki Laghu Katha

Pashan Pind� -Vinita Agrawal ki Laghu Katha

Kya kahin mein bhi "Pashan Pind" banta ja raha hoon ?

Am I also becoming a "Stone Structure" ?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Kabhi Kabhi: Double Dhamaka!!

Kabhi Kabhi: Double Dhamaka!!

Ye Harshit baaz nahin aayega :) Anyhow badiya !!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Life's calling, where are you?

Vikram sent this yesterday...Posting it onto the blog for the sake of humanity :)

it's half past 10 in the office but the lights are still on.. PCs still running, coffee machines still buzzing.. And who is at work..Most of them??
Take a closer look.. Most of them are bachelors..and why are they sitting late? Working hard? No way!!

Any guesses?? lets ask one of them..Here's what he says.."Arey yaar, whatz there 2 do after goin home..idhar to net hein, AC hein, phone hein, khaana hein, coffee hein.. to jam ke khaao, jam ke piyo (burps .. ), jam se chatting/phone karo aur thak jaane par ghar jaao...aur boss bhi kush that i am working late...(burps .. ) aur khaane ka paisa bhi bachtaa hein."

This is the scene in most software companies and other off-site offices. Bachelors "time-passing" during late hours in the office just bcoz they say they've nothing else to do..

Now what are the consequences.. Read on...

" Working "(for the record only) late hours soon becomes part of the company culture. With bosses more than eager to provide support to those "working" late in the form of taxi vouchers, food vouchers and of course good feedback,(oh, he's a hardworker..goes home only to change..!!)

They aren't helping things too..To hell with bosses who don't understand the difference between "sitting" late and "working" late!! Very soon, the managers start expecting all employees to put in extra working hours.

My dear Bachelor bhaais ... let me tell you, life changes when u get married and start having a family.. Office is no longer a priority, family is..and thats when the problem starts ... Bcoz u start having commitments at home too.. For your boss, the earlier "hardworking" guy suddenly seems to become a "early leaver" even if u leave an hour after regular time, after doing the same amount of work ...

People leaving on time after doing ther tasks for the day are labelled as work-shirkers..Girls who thankfully always leave on time are labelled as "not up to it".

All the while, the bachelors pat their own backs and carry on "working" not realising that they are spoiling the work culture at their own place and never realise that they would have to regret at a later point of time.

So bhai log,what's the moral of story ??

Very clear ... LEAVE ON TIME !!

Never put in extra time unless really needed. Dont stay back un-necessarily and spoil your company work culture which will in turn cause inconvenience to you and your colleagues. There are hundred other things to do in the evening.. Learn music.. Learn a foreign language.. Try go-karting... Get a girl friend, take her around town. And for heaven's sake, net cafe rates have dropped to an all-time low (plus, no fire-walls) and try cooking for a change.

Take a tip from the Smirnoff ad: "Life's calling, where are you??"

Please pass on this message to all those colleagues whom you know stay back in office for everything other than work. And please do it before leaving time, dont stay back till midnight to forward this!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

!! do you remember the time !!

Do You remember the time, when you smiled last,
Do you remember the time, when we bunked classes,
Do you remember the time, when we flunked the sessional,
Do you remember the time, when we added sugar to petrol tank of Profs,
Do you remember the time, when you punctured the car tyres of Profs,
Do you remember the time, when in ragging you simulated the Fuc* and I added commentry,
Do you remember the time, when in U-Special we celebrated Holi,
Do you remember the time, when we were thrown out of the dance during the farewell,
Do you remember the time, when you got the job in Campus and I didn't,
Do you remember the time, when He said," I love you"
Do you remember the time, when I sat there in office just for chatting,
Do you remember the time, when you got fired and I wasn't
Do you remember the time, when the stack crashed,
Do you remember the time, when it rained heavily and we were out of office for 3 hours,
Do you remember the time, when I sat on the banks of river "Ganges" for the whole evening,
Do you remember the time, WHEN WE CURSED THE TIME.
Do you remember the time, we didn't had anything to eat during lunch and only had lime-soda,
Do you remember the time, when your apron caught fire in Chemistry Lab,
Do you remember the time, when we stood under the staircases and gals pass by,
Do you remember the time, when "Chavanni" taught Biology,
Do you remember the time, when our English Teacher entered the class the very first time,
Do you remember the time, when she was teaching "From Pent up aching rivers"
Do you remember the time, when we all watched "Julius Ceasar" and "Macbeth" in Library,
Do you remember the time, when in Science Exhibition our "IC 555" burnt out,
Do you remember the time, when I wrote the sequel to "Lord of the Flies"
Do you remember the time, when we use to make Project Charts for History and Geography,
Do you remember the time, when we returned to school after 5 years,
Do you remember the time, when I stole books from library,
Do you remember the time, when our Physics teacher allowed us to bunk his class at will,
Do you remember the time, when there was nothing new at school and still ......
Do you remember the time, when I Joined my first company,
Do you remember the time, I lost my first mobile and we celebrated it with cake,
Do you remember the time, when I switched and we had party at TGIF,
Do you remember the time, when after too much alcohol at TGIF, we watched "Chicago" at "Priya"
Do you remember the time, when we all sat whole night in Office and listened to "Madhushala"
Do you remember the time, when in the morning director came, and offered us free breakfast,
Do you remember the time, I invented Macro Programming, and we use to laugh at its ease,
Do you remember the time, I started smoking and you use to say "Its not good for health !!",
Do you remember the time, when we use to go to office 8 O'clock in the morning in fog and chill,
Do you remember the time, when we came to Gurgaon for a "New Year" Celeberation,
Do you remember the time, when after too many drink, I was knocked out,
Do you remember the time, when we use to make the rhyme for everything,
Do you remember the time, when we were afraid of "Irodov",
Do you rememebr the time, when I mocked at the utility of CAT for IIMs
Do you remember the time, when I scored 660 in GMAT and got no calls,
Do you remember the time, when pun was fun and now fun is a pun,
Do you remember the time, when cycling was a past time,
Do you remember the time, when I use to dream to reach my current salary,
Do you remember the time, I wrote the first blog at xanga,
Do you remember the time, when I started collecting all "Pondy Stories" and made a huge collection,
Do you remember the time, when on 2nd last night in Seattle, we two roamed aimlessly whole night,
Do you remember the time, when I started blogging for real on blogspot,
Do you remember the time, we went for rafting and I backed out 2nd day,
Do you remember the time, we played antakshiri, whole night in the bus & let nonody sleep,


Monday, March 14, 2005

cool and calm

aaj raat ke baad kal jab savera hoga to mein shaant mann se office jayoonga, aaram se kaam karonga, thoda sa jindagi ko aur jee loonga, kuch aur naye logon se aaram se varta karoonga, apne krodh per kaboo rakhoonga, apni icchayein vastav ki dharatal per rakonga.

Jindagi jee ker bina kisi avsaad ke shaam ko jab ghar lautoonga to chain se khana kha ker, bahut hi aaram se so jaaoonga.

Jindagi abse mere liye ek tyohaar hogi jisko mein her pal shaanti se jee loonga.

kya ferk padta hai, ki kuch naya hua ya nahin, mein in sab fikar chintayon se door aaram se khush rahoonga..

Saturday, March 12, 2005

my views: a story-a lesson..

my views: a story-a lesson..

Long time some body forwarded a similar story.

Sound track of Zeher (2005)

Nice soundtrack, recently heard it on Raaga.

I don't know why all the movies in which Emran hasmi is casted they have good music. Anyhow but there is nothing to beat "Bheege Hoth Tere - Murder", which is the first song I listen to in morning.

!! Phir kyun Poochte ho ki !!

Long time back a very near friend of mine smsed to me

tum to lifafa dekh ker majmoo bhamp liya kerte the,
phir kyun poochte ho ki, roj subeh, mein tumhare darwaze kyun aa jaata hoon.

By the mere glance of the envelop, you use to know the matter of the letter,
Now why do you ask that why I arrive at you doorstep every morning.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Chehre ke Jungle Mein

Chehre ke Jungle Mein

This short story exactly reflects me. Word by word.

You might need to install the hindi font from the website home page to read in Hindi.

I shall post the English translation tommorow.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

!! Mujhe Kya Kya Yaad aata hai !! Part 2

Before I start of with Part 2 of "Mujhe kya kya yaad aata hai", there is littlie more in part 1.

Continuing from where I left.

Comics ke baad, mera next passion was Cartoon films. "He Man and the masters of the Universe, Mickey Donald and Spiderman" favourite serial the. Inke liye mein Kissi se bhi panga le sakta tha.

Uss time kuch aisa hua ki Ramayan bhi "He Man" ke time per aani shuroo ho gayi. He Man on DD-2 and Ramayan on DD-1. Bus phir kya tha. Mein aur bhai ek teref and Papa dossri teref. Sunday ko hamara ghar almost haldi ghati ka maidan bun jata. Mein her sunday bhagwan se prarthna kerta ki He Man ke time per Papa ke koi bhi collegue aa jayein and hum chain se He-Man dekh payein, per kanha aisa hamesha hota tha. Kher angrazi kamzor thi hamari, to yaaroo kuch samjh nahin aata tha humko cartoon film mein kya bolte the, but phir bhi dekhna hai to dekhna hai...

anyhow here is

"Mujhe kya kya yaad aata hai - Part 2 ( Class VI - Class VIII)" (Late 80's to Early 90's)

I never did Class V, jumped directly from Class IV to Class VI and joined a new CBSE Board school. Ab Papa ka transfer kafi late hua tha to humne kafi late naya school join kia. Naya shaher mujhe bilkul pasand nahin aaya. Mujhe apne dost yaad aate the, and school jaate hue bahut rona aata tha, aata tha kya mein to rota tha, bahut rota tha. Ab soch ker hasi aati hai ki mein naye school mein jaate time rota tha, Class VI ka student jo rota tha...

Anyhow thode din baad sab theek sa ho gaya and class mein phir se humne dhoom macha di and naye school mein fataak se Class Monitor ho gaye. Uss time humko lagta tha ki Class Monitor hona bahut hi cool hota hai, but in later years I realised ki ye itna bhi cool nahin hota.

Cool to Calvin ki tereh se life jeena hota hai. Uske baarein hum baad mein likhenge.

To Sathiyo hum naye school mein Monitor ho gaye, Prefect bhi ho gaye, Bus ab house badge laga ker ghoomte rehte the, janta ko hadkate hue. Hamari awaz bhi buland thi, and hum School ke Unofficial Compere ho gaye. Jo bhi function hai, Bus Hirdu is the guy who shall conduct it on stage. Bahut hi jayada atemvishwas aa gaya tha and achi gujari jindagi.

Woh time kuch nirala tha, hum log uss time "Chain" and "Kho-kho" khelte the. Guys Verses Gals in Kho- kho and Combined teams in Chain. Bahut khela. Kafi funde liye uss time mein janta se.

Rickshaw abhi bhi jaari tha and jaari thi kahaniyan bhi and Rickshaw Race bhi. Jo chod diya tha woh the 1st aana. waise ab 1st aana apne bus ka bhi nahin raha tha and aane ka passion bhi nahin.

Ek aur naya kaam shuroo ho gaya tha un dino, jab rickshaw se ghar jate the and jab residential colonies mein aa jate the, to phir hum ladke log rickshaw leker bhag jaate the chalate hue. Apun ne bhi Rickshaw chalaya and ye janta mein kuch to naya game ho gaya tha. and the best part was no body from the Rickshaw group ever talked about it at home. agar koi bol deta to apne rickshaw wale "bhaiya" ki to shamat hi aa jati.

kuch log ab soch rahe honge ki hirdu itna bada ho gaya tha, woh Rickshaw mein school kyun jata tha, to sathiyo Rickshaw mein hum Class X tak gaye hain. Bi-Cycle (Hamari pyari Hero Danger - I mean Ranger) to humko Class XI mein milli hai. Reasons rahe iske bhi but kahani bahut lambi ho jayegi phir.

Unhi dino US-Iraq war bhi hua tha and hum log class mein Patriot Missiles ke baare mein discussion bhi karte. Kafi bade gyani the na !!

Comics padna abhi bhi jari tha, bus "Rajan-Iqbal" ki pocket books bhi add ho gayi thi. Indrajaal Comics aani band ho gayi thi, and Raj Comics Cha ke Chata ho gayi thi. Tulsi Comics bhi unhi dino aayi thi. Sab kuch padta tha "Super Commondo Dhruv, Nagraj, Baakeinlaal, Jumboo, Fighter Toads, Parmanu, Tausi, Doga, Bhokal". Ek nasha sa rehta tha comics padne ka.

Angezi comics tab tak nahin padni shoroo kari thi. Hindi apni jubaan thi, and hum maha-rathi.

Unhi dino I started feeling infatuated also. Achanak se hi kuch bandiyan achi lagne lagi thi, un dino reason samjh hi nahin aata tha. Kher woh kafi dino baad samjh aaya, per tab tak kafi der ho gayi thi.

Anyhow is wale phase mein bahut saari choti moti ghatnayein hoti rahi. Meri khud ki personality bahut tezi se change ho rahi thi. Bahut kuch bahut jaldi jaldi seekhta ja raha tha jindagi ke liye.

Mujhe lagta hai un dino mein meine jitna seekha utna shayad phir kabhi nahin.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Why the heck I smoke ?

A lot of people on a lot of occasions had asked me, "Why do you smoke ?"

I shall answer it here. But first I shall tell why these people ask me why and why they want me to quit.

They ask me coz they are curious. I almost never smoked in College. I started smoking when recession hit Indian shores in 2001, so I am kind of recent smoker, but for the past 4 year I have been smoking regularly.

So all this big crowd, which they assume I have around, wants to know what is there which propels me to light another ?

They want me to quit it ASAP, coz of several reasons. Some care coz they know that I have high cholestrol and hypertension also, so its in best of my health that I quit it, I also understand it, but I have my reasons to continue it. Some others just follow the social responsibility of asking me to quit.

I shall reason a few today.

At this moment while I am writing this blog it March 09, 2005, 5:30 AM here at California. I am still awake. I have only slept for 2 hours in the night from 11 PM to 1 AM, after that there is no sleep in my eyes. Its not that I am not feeling any fatigue, Its just I am not getting any. And now donot tell me that its the sideeffect of smoking...

Anyhow so around 1:30 AM I thought like to talk somebody, wanted to chat first but roomie has occupied my Laptop, talking to his wife as usual, so I called up home, had a quick chat with mom and dad, nothing interesting, thought "shud I call somebdy else ?" answer was immediate, "Whom shall you call ?"

"Fuc* it !! Accept it Hirdu, Though you are surrounded by crowd, often enjoy Celebrity status where ever you are, But accept this hard core real fact that dear you are all alone. People most often are not with you coz they like to be, its just that they have no-where else to go, they do not find a listening ear anywhere so they come and have chitchat with you. Thats it. " "I am the only one loyal to you, Thy can have me when ever you desire, when you are happy, when you are sad, when crowd is with you, when you are alone in crowd, when you lose, when you win, when you walk, when you run, when you sit, when you SHIT, when this world SUCKS, When you SUCK, when all this world stinks, when fragrances are around, when people ask you to leave me, when people join you with me, when people ask for a light. Anywhere, Anytime, Anymood I am loyal and trusted. I burn myself to keep you alive ", This is what is been passionately answered by my Cigarette.

As of today, I believe on my Cigarette much more than I believe on Myself or GOD or anybody else.
Its been there for me, with me, of mine whenever I felt the need of somebody. When ever I wanted to share a moment of delight, pleasure, hatred, love, anger, anguish, disgust, joy or any other emotion and there was nobody around to share the feel with me, I had my own Cigarette and MY OWN LIGHT.

This is the only answer for "WHY THE HECK I SMOKE ?"

!! Dheere Dheere bol koi sun na le !!

after a long long time heard this song. Wonderful, Beautiful song.

What a imagery - Dheere Dheere Bol koi sun na le, Kuch keh le kuch ker le sansar, baaton ke badle aankhon se lo kaam, Mein sheesha hoon pathar nahin....

Presence of Confidence in song is incredible, and melody is just awesome.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

!! Fabric that connects bloggers !!

I was thinking about this from a longtime, while I read blogs of the guys and gals accross the globe, write my own blog, write comments on others, read theirs in mine and on other blogs.

I felt like there exists some fabric, some connection between the the bloggers which is driving this whole anthology ( I don't know what this word means, but it seems it fits here :)

I read blogs of very wide range. Blogger write about everything under the sun. I have seen postings done when blogger is too sad or too happy, I saw "just like that" postings, then there were poetic ones, people writing stories, about place, discussing their whole life onto the blog. They had no qualms about revealing even the intricacies of their personal life and happenings.

So I wondered what is that which makes the blogger feel so confident about writing this all.

Is it some sense of attachment to humanity or the sense of being heard or read, or the sense of having said it ? what the heck it is ?

People feel so comfortable while writing the comments to anybodies blog, even though they know nothing about the person. Is it annonymity of it, but then there are comments which leads the one directly to the comment writer's blog, and give a insight to what's happpening to one's psyche.

During all these months I have seen bloggers crying for help, comment writers soothing them, praising the bloggers, haters, poetic insight, so much emotion I have seen and sometimes I myself have spilled onto the pages.

I have observed myself checking certain blogs several times a day and even checking my own counter to see how many read my posting then seen myself from graduating of the feeling that somebody should read. Sometimes wrote just for myself and also seen postings which bloggers have done for themselves or just for one other guy or gal.

Even though, I have not yet identified the fabric, but still I feel whatever it is, It's good.

Bloggers certainly have much more sense of being connected.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

!! Mujhe Kya Kya Yaad aata hai !! Part 1

So somebody asked me to write what all I remember, i.e "Mujhe kya kya yaad aata hai". Mein Pehle ek Hindi version post kerta hoon and then I will traslate it all to English.

I am not sure if I shall be able to write it in one sitting, not coz I won't be able to remember ii all or phrase it, it is coz while I shall be writing I shall be feeling all the emotions struggling inside and they shall definately bring tear to my eyes and then....

So here it goes----

Mujhe kya kya yaad aata hai - Part 1 (Nursury - IV) (1st half of 80's)

Mujhe yaad aata hai apna bachpan, jab maine school mein admission liya tha, woh ek chota sa scholl tha, aur mein her baar School Top kerta tha, wahan Prize mein humko Plates (Utensils) milte the with my name engraved on it. Nursury se Class IV tak meine hamesha top kiya. V mein isliye nahin coz I never did it. IV se mein direct VI mein aa gaya :) Badiya na.

Kher uss school mein apni dhoom thi, dhoom bole to, her kisi ko pata tha ki Hum HUM hain. Favourite Students sought. Savere school jaker Mein Prayer karata tha, Choir Group mein tha. Tum logon shayad yaad hoga ki Schools mein Ek Pledge Karayi jati thi "India is my Country and I am the citizen of India...."

Uss School ki Prinicipal bhi bahut yaad aati hain. After I did my Graduation and got the Job I went to meet her. She was so happy. She said "You have grown much bigger", She was refeering to my tummy.

Uss school mein mein notebook se page faad ker Hawai Jahaz aur guns banate tha, aur mein hi kya poori ki poori class banati thi, phir hum log chutti ke baad sabke sab rickshaw aane se pehle khelte the. Itne saare hawai jahaz the ki uss chote se ground mein hum sabke hawai jahaz hi udte nazar aate the. Ek baar Mam ne pakad liya aur paya ki sabki copiyan aadhi ho gayi hai coz baaki ke to hawaz jahaz bun gaye, By God ulti mate jhaad padi thi.

EK aur incident hua tha wahan, which I shall never forget. Hum log Rickshaw se School jaate the and raaste mein Rickshaw Race hoti thi, Jisme Me along with some other will get down of rickshaw and then Rickshaw ko Push kerte the so that it runs faster and we have more chance to win the race. On one fine day when we were returning from school, phir se wohi race shuroo hui, aur jaise hi Rickshaw ke peeche utra, Meri trousers ka ek Payncha Rickshaw mein fus gaya and since Rickshaw was running, it tore off one leg of the trouser. When I got back to home, Mom was all furious, I asked her not to tell my father.

Lekin kya kahin aisa hota hai ki papa ko kuch pata na chale, Kissi ne office mein papa ko bol diya and jab papa wapas shaam ko aaye to bahut pitayi hui. Papa ne "Sweater" Bunne wali salayion se maara, Mom ne roka, But papa ne ek nahin suni, then papa ko kuch aur nahin mila to papa ne "Ruler" uthaya, but woh gusse mein bhool gaye ki woh plastic ka hai, Haath per jaise hi woh pada woh toot gaya, Woh Ruler mujhko School mein first aane per mila tha. Uske tootene ke baad mein Dard se kum aur Ruler toot jane ki vajah se jayada roya. Almost saari raat roya, Mom bhi royi, Bhai to almost darr hi gaya tha. do Din School nahin gaya. uss incident ke baad humne Rickshaw se utarna aur Race karna nahin choda per haan "mein phir Kabhi First nahin aaya".

Uss time ki ek aur baat mujhe bahut yaad aati hai woh hai kahaniyan banana aur rickshaw mein aate jaate sunana. wahan Kahani sunane baari hoti thi, Bole to her koi apni-apni kahani banata tha aur sunata tha, Hum bhi acchi kahani banate the. Shayad ye imaginative brain usi daur ka parinam hai.

Woh time kuch to nirala tha, mein bahut socha kerta aur bahut comics padta tha, I read almost all of those "Diamond Comics - Chacha Chaudhary, Pinky, Billoo, Raman, Tauji, Chacha Bhatija, Fauladi Singh, Anderaam Danderaam, Rajan Iqbal, Motu Patlu", "Indrajaal Comics - Vetaal, Bahadur, Mandrake". Sab kuch pad dala tha. Papa ko comics bilkul pasand nahin thi, Aur mujhko Jaan se jayada pyari. Mere paas Hamesha Khareedne ke paise nahin hote the, so hum kiraye per comics laate the, ya aaspaas jo Bhaiya wahera rehte the unse maang ke padte the, Kaafi Jee hoozri karni padti thi, comics mangne mein. Ab kafi azeeb lagta hai.

Mein sochta tha ki Jab mein bada ho jayoonga aur mere paas paise honge to mein saari comics khareed daloonga. Aaj Comics aur Kitabe khareedna mera sabse bada Shauk hai. Last time when I calculated, I traced around Rs 40,000/- spent in span of 4-5 Year on Non-Technical Books and Comics.

Maine Unhi dino mein padna Dhung se seekha tha, I remember ki Pehli kitaabein jo maine padi thi besides my study books were "Sarita, Grehshoba, Nandan, Parag, Suman Saurabh & Champak". Mujhko Hindi kafi tez speed se padni aa gayi thi.

Ek Aur Cheez unhi dino maine khana banana shuroo ker diya tha. Pehli baar maine Aata (Floor) mala tha jab mein 3rd class mein tha. Chai banani sabji Kaatna sab maine tabhi seekh liya. Over the period of year I just honed my skills.

Tab mein bhagwan per bahut vishwas kerta tha and Mera aur Bhai ka Ramayan Padne ka almost Competition hota tha. Unhi dino mein shayad hum dono ramayan poori ki porri 9 ya 10 baar pad lee hogi. Ek ek Shabd, Ek Ek page.

So folks yr tha "Mujhe Kya kya Yaad aata hai - Part 1"

Friday, March 04, 2005

A Bohemian Rhapsody: Sumeet "The Kid" Wayachal.

A Bohemian Rhapsody: Sumeet "The Kid" Wayachal.

I never imagined that the answers could be so Witty.

Holi at Stanford


Far from home, these people are doing a wonderful job in making us feel at home.

So Guys and Gals Come along !! Lets hit it...We will rock on Holi :) (Not in dictionary sense)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mujhe mera aangan yaad aata hai

Don't know why aaj mujhe mere ghar ka aangan bahut yaad aa raha hai.

Mujhe yaad aa raha hai ki mein savere uth ker uss aangan mein ghooma kerta tha. Aisa nahin tha ki mein hamesha ek hi ghar mein raha, Pitaji ke transfers ke kaarun hum logon ne kai ghar change kiye, per mujhe aaj woh saare aangan yaad aa rahe hain.

Jab mein chota tha, tab hamara aangan bahut bada tha, mein bhai ke saath usme cricket khelta tha, dodta tha bhagta tha. Aangan ke peeche kyariyan thi jinme hum bhutte ugate the.

thoda bada hua tab phir hamne shift kiye, doosre ghar ka aangan thoda chota tha, per ghar ke saamne bahut jagah thi, mein school se aaker uss aangan mein kai baar baith jaata tha aur masti mein wahin ghanton baitha rehta. Shaam ko aangan mein hi nahate the.Maate hamare liye aaloo ke parenthe with chai deti thin and hum chain se baith ker khate the.

uske baad phir humne First floor wale ghar mein shift kiya, Wahan aangan to nahin tha per chat (Roof top) per bahut aish kaati. Wahan kabhi kabhi savere savere uth ker jata tha, Surya namaskaar kerta tha, Jab barish hoti thi, to wahin hum nahate the baarish mein. Us ghar mein chote chote bacche bhi the. Unke saath ghanton khelta tha, College se aane ke baad "Mannu" ke saath khelna ghanton tak was fav. past time. Ye ghar bahut yaad aata hai, Yaad aatein mujhko woh saare pal jo main Mannu, Shivam, Shivani ke saath bitaye. Ye teeno baccha chote chote the tab. Mannu se jab mein mila tha tab woh 2 saal ka tha. Shivam to 6 mahine ka and tab shivani nahin thi. Hamare saamne Shivani aayi, Shivam bada hua. Hum uss ghar mein tab tak jab Mannu ne school jana shuroo ker diya. hamare saamne in teeno ne chalna seekha, bolna seekha, school jana shoroo kiya..Un Dino mere paas kisi aur cheez ke liye to jaise time he nahin tha. "Days were just packed". Jab ghar mein batti (Electricity) chali jaati to hum sab chut (Roof) per jaker baith jaate and wahin so jaate.

Uss ghar ke baad jab humne shift kiya to life thodi change ho gayi. Mein job mein Senior ho gaya tha tab tak. Bahut saari Responsibilities and na jaane kya kya, jinka asal jindagi se koi vasta nahin hota woh sab bhi mri jindagi mein ghud gaya. Raat mein kai baar sapne aate jinme mein uth ker hairaan ho jata. Jindagi "khazzal" ho gayi. Per phir bhi mera aangan mujhe aseem shanti deta.

Hamare her aangan mein hamesha "Tulsi" ka paudha (plant) rehta tha. Jiski Maa roj savere pooja karti. Jab mein chota tha tab mein bhi kerta tha. Per dheere dheere is sansar ne mera viswas hila diya, aur lagne laga ki "bhagwan" huh !!

Aaj bhi kai baar mann karta hai ki mein phir se bhagwan ko usi tereh se maan loon jaise bachpan mein manta tha. Saare fast rakhon. Per shayad ab ye bahut mushkill hoga mere liye.

Ab yahan na to woh aangan hai, na he woh bacche, na he maa ke haat ke aloo ke paranthe, aur na hi woh aseem shanti.

Mujhe Mera aangan ab bahut yaad aata hai.

Sochta hoon bhaag jayun yahan se, aur wapas usi aangan mein baith ker ghanton nahayon and chain ki neend so jayun.

Per Shayad mera ye sapna ....jaane kab poora hoga....

Jab mein aangan mein baith ker chain se aaloo ke paranthe khate hue doston aur ghar walon ke saath phir se taash khelonnga aur radio per "Vividh Bharti" per "Aap ki Farmayish" chain se sununga.

Vividh bharti ke saame ye ipod waghera sab bakwas hai...

Kya masti thi "Binaca Top Ten" mein...

Kher mera aangan !!!

Reasons to have a Engineer Boyfriend.

Pallavi sent this yesterday, I tried to read it when it arrived but it seemd too long so skipped, but when I saw this again today, I found out this is about the guys like hey gals....who all are agreeing to us ;-)

Thanx Pallavi, this posting here might look like Self Praise and Mockery at the same time.

Reasons to have a Engineer Boyfriend.

(Substitute Engineer with Software Engineer to be precise)

1: Secure lifestyle

An engineer boyfriend can provide you with a secure lifestyle. At 27 years old, an engineer probably has a respectable, stable job that gives him high income to own a car, invest, have a comfortable life, and get married and buy a house too. Law graduates are still working as a lowly apprentice in law firm, most management graduates have just failed on their first
business plan, the arts graduate is still looking for a job, and the medical school graduate is still living in a hospital.

2: Unmatchable industriousness

An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his time and effort to understand you. Engineers strain really really hard to understand their work. You can believe that they will try really really hard to understand women too, just like how they understand their work, once they believe that you are the one. So even if they don't understand
you initially, they will keep on trying. Even if they still do not understand, they will figure out the correct method to keep you happy (e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week's worth of happiness.) And once they find out the secret formula, they will just keep on repeating it so that the
desired results appear. Unlike the Lawyer who will argue with you, the Management graduate who will try to control your spending, the Arts graduate who will 'change major', and the medical school graduate who will operate on you. And you know what, it's really so easy to make engineers believe that you are the 'one'. Say that you like one of their projects
and they will be hooked to you forever.-

3:An engineer boyfriend will never betray your trust.

Let me first tell you what is wrong with the rest of the others - the lawyers will lie about
everything, management graduates will cheat your money, the arts graduate will flirt, and you probably just look like another cadaver to the medical school graduate. Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair, and even if he does, he is too dumb to lie to you about
that. Hence, an engineer is the most secure boyfriend that you will ever find - rich enough, will keep on trying to understand and please you, has no time for affairs, and too dumb to lie to you.

Conclusion: Engineerz rule !

!! Hrrrrrr Hrrrr Hrrrrr !!

What the heck is this hrrr hrrr hrrr !!!

Well this is the sound one makes to run away the birds from the fields or make way on village streets from the gathered group of Cows and Buffaloes or simply the goats.

But why these are here ;-)

Well these are here, coz I want to flutter away all these random, unusable thoughts and make my way to focus more on the pleasure of being here.

gud thought....this is know self brings peace and what an idea....

Live and Let live.....

Boot, Reboot Reset

What is happening ?

day is spent in firing the following command

init 6
init 0
init 3
init 5
cd ..
cd -

Life is filled with commands making no sense in real world.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Pulp Fiction: Aaj Purani Rahon Se

Pulp Fiction: Aaj Purani Rahon Se

Read and sung the song again to myself again and again today. Brave heart has done a great job by posting it. I am posting a English Traslation of the song. Though I understand that it's not a good translation, this is for those who cannot understand the song in Hindi. So the key is listen the song in Hindi and relate the meaning with this translation

Let nobody call my name, from the old streets,
Please donot compel me to hear the songs enveloped in pain and
donot resound the instruments draped in whinning sorrow,

I have forgotten all the jingles which use to echo,
the memoirs of long old days,
I have decided a new goal for myself and thus,
I am on the verge of forgetting all old stations.

Neither there is lover like then, nor there is heart,
Neither there is cult like then, nor there is religion,

Let nobody call my name, from the old streets,
Please donot compel me to hear the songs enveloped in pain and
donot resound the instruments draped in whinning sorrow,

All the ties of love are broken,
today there are no chains,
In the Mirror of my heart there is no painting of my desires,

Now I am free,
and donot have any task for these cold breaths,

Let nobody call my name, from the old streets,
Please donot compel me to hear the songs enveloped in pain and
donot resound the instruments draped in whinning sorrow,

This life, this world has changed for me and
I have attained a magical enlightenment,
Today I discovered a new person within my own deep heart
I have reached a place, from where even,
the omnipresent GOD is also not far from my eyes.

Let nobody call my name, from the old streets,
Please donot compel me to hear the songs enveloped in pain and
donot resound the instruments draped in whinning sorrow,

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

!! Sorry bolna hai to, isse accha mati na bolo !!

Translation: tis better not to speak anything, if there is only "sorry" you waana say.
Dialogue in Sheesha : A hindi movie.
Instance : Neha Dhupiya is sitting behind the hero on byke roaming around on the streets in night.

Saw this movie in night, again on my lappy, sitting lonely in Santa Clara (what the heck?), got whatever I desired, on the cost of loosing all what I cared for always.

Far from family & friends, in alien nation, surounded by aliens expecting numerous stuff from me.

Anyhow, I was talking about this dialogue, why this dialogue clicked me so much that I am writing about it onto my own blog.

Well, the reason to do so is that this dialogue depicts something, which I myself said to somebody, long time back.

The second reason which is equally greater is coz for me there is nothing more difficult than saying "sorry".

I am not able to remember when was the last time I said "Sorry"

Its not that I never make mistakes or apolozise, But saying "Sorry" is almost impossible to me. I donot know why ? Though I want to know, but I donot know whom to ask and how, so I posted it here.

Now what this piece of dialogue has in it.

It has the confidence that a guy has before he is about to start the relationship, it controls the protocol that shall envelop the people invloved in the relationship.

This little peice brings in all the fun and frolic one can ever desire in relation. This satisfy all.

I waana to hold on this....and feel the warmth I can....

!! Some Safety tips for alcoholics !!

Vikram forwarded this recently, I thought that it might help few others also so...

Symptom: Cold & humid feet.
Cause: Glass is being held at incorrect angle (and you are pouring the drink on your feet).
Cure: Manoeuvre glass until open end is facing upward.

Symptom: The wall facing you is full of lights.
Cause: You're lying on the floor facing upwards.
Cure: Position your body at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

Symptom: The floor looks blurry.
Cause: You're looking through an empty glass.
Cure: Quickly refill with your favourite beverage.

Symptom: The floor is moving.
Cause: You're being dragged away.
Cure: At least ask where they're taking you.

Symptom: You hear echoes every time someone speaks.
Cause: You have your glass against your ear.
Cure: Slowly lift the glass and place it on the table.

Symptom: The room is shaking a lot, everyone is dressed in white and the music is very repetitive.
Cause: You're in an ambulance.
Cure: Don't move. Let the professionals do their job.

Symptom: Your family is giving you seriously funny looks.
Cause: You're in the wrong house with the wrong family.
Cure: Ask if they can point you to your house.

So what do you think ?