Monday, March 28, 2005

I am thinking about it now

At this point of time when I am at seattle, with my friends, I have started thinking about it finally.

All these loving ppl have made me to change my viewpoint towards my habit of smoking at least once.

Though I still hold smokers as elite ppl and have great regards for them, but soon I shall be leaving the smokers club.

I donot know how will I do it and will I be able to meet the promise I have made to one of my very near friend and his lovely wife, but I know for myself that Hirdu do what he says and he says what he can do.

So here is the promise which I had made, "I shall move to Zero Cigarettes daily zone, before her birthday (scheduled next month)". The incentive is whatever number of "Rus Malais" I want, everytime I visit Seattle shall be sponsored by my Friend and his wife.

So folks .... :) There is a lot to do, I have to align targets now and myself too.


  1. all the best buddy..hopefully the rus malais are a good incentive :) thanks for coming by my blog..

  2. don't know what's the incentive, today was the first day of redution, I have to virtually reduce from a pack a day to zero...

    anyhow, another gud friend of mine in seattle has also done the quit thing and he smoked that day, shayad just for my sake...

    anyhow...lets see...

  3. Ras'll surely reduce smoking but gain weight !
    But then..."Lage Raho"

  4. Great decision dude. Keep it up. Zero cigeratte is something Nice.
    Debalina, gaining wieght is something Hirdu does not dare at this moment ;) what say buddy

  5. hmmm...I am feeling now that there is lot janta who wants me to quit smoking...

    I had received calls, mails after I declared that I shall be quitting...ppl were on both sides..there are guys who want me to minimize the habit, but ocasionally smoke..and then there is whole crowd who wants me to never ever touch the cig again...

    Lets see where do I land...

    As for the weight gain goes...I am already overweight :) but that can be managed and "Rus Malai", I don't know how am I surviving with them from last 6 months.

    thanks Mistress of Magic, Deb, piyali and anonymous for on the side of "Make hirdu quit".

    Some of my friends are in process of creating T-Shirts, Cups holders with the slogans "Hirdu shall kick butts" and alikes... :) Pretty Popular I am :)

  6. Good stuff do it... and may be i will also get motivated enuf to kick the butt...

  7. hmmmmmmmm. Great Hirdu, Cigerrate ko chod de. But kissi ladki ko cheat kar ke math chod de ;)

  8. hmmmmmmmm. Great Hirdu, Cigerrate ko chod de. But kissi ladki ko cheat kar ke math chod de ;)

    Cigerrate ko farak na padega , agar tum saat de na de, phir human bieng ko jarur dard hoga, koi apna talab ke liye use karke throw kara tho.

    Best Regards

  9. Good luck with the quitting! We can start a blog campaign to support you, if you'd like :)

    As for the weight gain, look at it this way. You would have anyway gained weight thanks to the absence of nicotine, but now you can eat all the rasmalai you want (yummm!) and if people wonder why you've started to *look* like a rasmalai, you can blame it on the quitting and look noble :)

    Thanks for stopping by at my blogdom! :)

  10. [Vikas] - Let your wife count thy cigs and then all shall be fine :)

    [anamika] - Mein Hirdu hoon re...

    [Megha] - How considerate you are :) I am flattered. Well, I shall be delighted to see a blog supoorting me, but then better shall be that you people monitor my progress here and keep asking and commenting

  11. thats a really good decision... best of luck... dont smoke...