Saturday, April 02, 2005

!! Wrote 2 letters yesterday in Hindi !!

I don't know after how many years, I wrote something in Hindi (Devnagri) Script.

While I was coming back from Seattle after Holi, a thought came to my mind, that its has been years, since I wrote a letter and that too in Hindi Script, so I bought stamps from the airport, came back to office and arranged for envelops and sheets.

In the evening wrote letters and posted to my friends. Wow !! What a feel it was !! and What a fun-tastic relief it was, to be still able to write by hand and in Hindi.

I was amazed over the fact that, I have forgotten writing few alphabets, was doing spelling mistakes and the handwriting was pathetically bad. And I was the one who scored 90% in Hindi in my ICSE (X).

As I continued to write, I started feeling pain in my palm, coz its been approximately 9 years, since I wrote in Hindi, and approximately 5 years (after I passed from college), I was really writing something on paper.

After I finished writing, I read my self written letters 4-5 times so as to reduce the probability of errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors et al., and admired my own style of writing !!

The delight and joy, I felt during the process and after it was overwhelming.

There was a time, when we use to receive letters and greetings almost every week and use to write the replies over the weekend.

The technology advancements have made hand written letters a endangered species.

Gone are the days, when family and friends were closely knitted by the fabric of handwritten letters, lovers use to send letters in pink envelops with fragrance of Roses and people use hide them in books.

So folks !! What are you waiting for !! Don't you desire to feel the joy and delight I felt, Why don't you go and start writing a letter and post it to your loved ones today. Go to Post-Office, Buy stamps, Post them via ordinary post (NO Couriers) and then wait for the reply. Make somebody feel awe, happiness, delight, joy all at the same time and let the recipients wonder.

Have my word on it ! I assure you, that thy shall also feel unparallel joy.

Incase any of you desires a handwritten letter received in there mailbox, send in your postal address and thy shalt receive a handwritten letter from me in Hindi (I Prefer) or English.

So what say !! Write a letter today !!


  1. Removed the 2 comments in order to protect thy identity and adress, YOu could have emailed me :) Anyhow thy shall be recieving soon

  2. hmmmm....I shall be writing few letters in this week and shall be posting them on saturday. I shall make use of Ordinary US Post i.e USPS.

    Letters to India need to be posted at the counter, which I can visit only on saturday, so wait for around 7-10 days after saturday.

    Letters to be sent with the territory of USA shall be posted in the week as I complete writing them.

    In all 9 different letters to be written.