Monday, April 14, 2008

Learning : Do not try to define the commit

Learning of Last 8 Years: Never Over-Commit, better is never commit [smile]

Only perform, and mark your performance as commitment... :)

मतलब ये कि पहले तीर चलायो और फिर वह जन्हा भी लगे उसके चारो ओर गोला बनायो :)

Matlab ye ki pehley teer chalayo and woh janha bhi lagey uskey charo aur golaa banayo :)

Do not shoot arrow on a bull's eye, Instead shoot the arrow, and where ever it hits, mark that as your bull's eye :)

This was illustrated in Archie's and in Tinkle long time back...I don't know when I read it ...but anyhow....more on this shall be coming.....


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

!! Wow !! - Muhabbat ki jhuthi Kahani pe roye

Muhabbat Ki Jhuthi Kahani Pe Roye
Ba.Di Chot Khai (Javani Pe Roye \- 2)
Muhabbat Ki Jhuthi ...

Na Socha Na Samajha, Na Dekha Na Bhala
Teri Arazu Ne, Hame.N Mar Dala
Tere Pyar Ki Meharabani Pe Roye, Roye
Muhabbat Ki Jhuthi ...

Khabar Kya Thi Ho.Ntho.N Ko Sina Pa.Dega
Muhabbat Chhupa Ke Bhi, Jina Pa.Dega
Jiye To Magar Zindagani Pe Roye, Roye
Muhabbat Ki Jhuthi ..