Thursday, May 26, 2005

!! They never left - Background. !!

So folks, here are some clarifications and some background of the previous post. I am telling you coz some folks contacted on mail, phone and chat for the reasons and there relation with the post. Most of them have refrained from commenting so...

1. I am not "he".
2. Most Dates are chosen randomly, but ya some dates relates to some real events.
3. All events happend are true, they have happened exactly the same way at some point of time in the lives of guys and gals known to me.
4. Time is 11:00 AM or PM or around just for the significance of "At the eleventh Hour".
5. This is the outcome of fears residing inside me, I desired to vent them out, and has no other way. So much hate, ego, pain, love, sorrow, despair, curse I have heard for others by these ears, that I needed some way to vent it.
6. The Original End of story end with "him" moving to haridwar, and dying on the shores on a winter night. Some Mahatma setting fire to his Pyre, with nobody around him to pour down a tear for him. Alone And All Alone !!!

Chalo lets set the mood lighter !!!

Waise, BTW what do you people say about the choice of Names "Sangini, Prakher, Piyali, Ayush & Nisha" ? :)

I liked "Sangini" the most. :) - Its original. Someday I shall describe her. She is a fiction still, But I would love to have her in Life :).

Piyali, I have stolen from the movie "Rules - Pyar ka superhit formula".

Prakher, I heard this name on the banks of Ganges at Shanti Kunj, Haridwar. when I was there for 9 day Course for Vedic Yog etc.

Ayush is taken from a TV Serial wherein this guy is a genius doctor.

Nisha - Everybody knows she is "Reena Roy" - The "Sheesha ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jaata hai" girl. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

!! They Never Left !!

(11:00 PM, December 20th, 2003) - "Ja raha hoon mein, aur ab nahin aayonga kabhi !!", he yelled, took away some his stuff, hurriedly started his scooter and came out of the house.

(11:00 AM, January 7th, 2004) - "Kewal apne Certificates lene aaya hoon", he said to his mother, who was standing at the door, tears flooding in her eyes. She wanted to embrace him, but than he has now become brutal and cruel, to not let the emotions erode his EGO.

(11:25 AM, January 7th, 2004) - Bheegi aankhon se woh vida ho gaya. Ghar se nikalte hue soch raha tha, kitni choti si baat per woh "Ja raha hoon mein, phir kabhi na aane ke liye" Keh aaya tha.

(11:00 AM, August 2nd, 2004) - Switching company again, now he is richie rich, He want it to share with his family and celebrate at home, but he hath left that, and jub bhi usse ghar ki yaad aati hai to Maa ki woh Bheegi Aankhen. "No !! It's was not my fault, Pitaji was adamant, Maa also supported him that day", he consoles himself. Asks his bro to deliever the news of the switch.

(11:00 AM, October 4th, 2004) - Switched again, Now he is ahead of all the guys he was competing against, He wants to see his "Maa" just once before he leaves for alien city, But has no courage to face her, so he goes to the Park in front of the Temple, where his Mom use to visit, and uses Binoculars to see her one last time.

(11:00 AM, January 15th, 2005) - Today he is flying US again. He wanted to share the news, But was able to call up his friend only and then asked him to convey the news. His EGO is....but still doesnot want to face his Father and "Maa". His friend tells him that his Mom is ill. He say, "hmmm".

(11:00 AM, July 12, 2005) - He has identified a girl to marry, Coming to India to marry her in Court. Only few Friends are there. His Bro calls him, "Congrats Bhaiya, Ab to bahut bade ho gaye ho, Maa ne Bahu ke liye Kangun Bheje hain, 'Sneh' aaj shaam pahuch raha hai, woh leta aayega!!". He knows the sarcasm and hatred in the voice. Shaam ko "Sneh", bahu ke haath mein kangan rakh ker chala jata hai. He sat at the rooftop in night and after a long time, kept on smoking continously and "Staring at the space"

(11:00 AM, Oct 14, 2005) - He got the H1, and is flying to US with wife. "Shall never come back !! For whom to come ?", were the thoughts hanging round him.

(11:00 AM, Oct 20, 2006) - "News is bad, you Dad had a stroke", Sangini broke the news to him. With tears in his eyes, "Bro shall take care !! I have come too far now !". "Atleast you should call !", says Sangini. "It doesnot matter now !". he replied.

(11:00 AM, Oct 21, 2006) - Calls Ayush, asks him to travel to home and mobilises resources. Ayush retorts, "They need you !!"

(11:00 AM, Dec 29, 2008) - "He just wanted to see you one last time", Ayush calls and tells him.

(11:00 AM, January 1, 2009) - He enters Escorts, New Delhi, finds the ICU, meets the Doctors, goes and talks to his Dad one last time, both cried for an hour and then he was left alone in......

(11:00 AM, May 13, 2013) - Bro is coming to Canada. He wants to know, meet but....

(11:00 AM, May 17, 2017) - "'Maa' is coming to Canada", Ayush tells him. Sangini declares that she is going to meet her along with kids. "No, there is no point. Prakhar & Piyali shall never understand."

(11:00 AM, August 19, 2022) - "Prakhar is in college, Piyali shall go next year, at least now you should ....", says Sangini.

(11:00 AM, May 11, 2025) - "Piyali, Will you accompany me to meet your Grandmother !!", he asks his daughter. "Dad, I know, but okay !!"

(11:00 AM, May 12, 2025) - They were standing near a tree. "See Piyali, She is your Grandmother, and that young gal is 'Nisha'. and the guy with newspaper is your uncle, Chalo ! Lets Go back", He sighed. "But Dad, We have come from such far land, at least we should go and give them a hug", Piyali demands. "No honey !! Lets go back", he says.

(11:00 AM, May 13, 2025) - "Mom, Why Pops did that way, Nisha was so cute, but donno why dad's eyes .....", Piyali asks Sangini. Sangini wanna tell but then....

(11:00 AM, Dec 31, 2025) - "Lets go Mom !! It's been enough", He is confronting Mom alone today.

(11:00 AM, January 3, 2026) - He along with "Maa" is resting along the banks of "Ganges" at Haridwar. Both are calm, as if "THEY NEVER LEFT".

(Sometime, Some date, 2037) - Sangini, Prakhar, Piyali, Nisha, Ayush and hundreds of others never heard from Him and "Maa" till date.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

!!Never been loved!!

I know him.
Upfront he is the smiling and full of delight legend appreciated across the globe.

I know him.
He is been seen smiling in toughest of times.

I know him
He is been admired not only for his actions, but also for spirit, he puts in his actions.

I know him
He is looked upon as an example to set things right and come up with quick solutions for all the problems.

I know him
He is been marvelled at as he moves across the chamber of power or the alley of fun thrilled parties alike.

I know him
He is been christened to be able to establish accords of friendliness across the global contacts.

I know him
He is been consulted by the crowd in almost every event of life ranging from making the gal or the guy say "yes", to switching jobs and careers, taking the decision of quitting.

I know him
He is never been loved as loveable, He is always been desired as someone to look for, He is always been admired, or worshipped in certain instances.

I know him
He is referenced like a thick book in Reference Section.

I know him
He is ......

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dware Dware Gyan Sampadaa

द्वारे-द्वारे ज्ञान संपदा

Finally got the collection of few Old Hindi Literature online.

This has collection of around 105 Hindi Novels Written in Devnagri Script.

Was Awake Yesternight till 3 O'Clock to read some of it. The delight and Joy I felt while reading all is immense and beyond words :)

Friday, May 20, 2005

My persoanlity type ? -Is it so

Unaiza Nasim was having this, so moi aussi was curious to know :), like yesterday Debalina made me curious about keys to my heart.

What's Your Personality Type?

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller!

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

The Visionary

You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.
You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.
Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.
You're very clever, but not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

You would make a great entrpreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

The Giver

You strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and usually succeed.
Articulate and enthusiastic, you are good at making personal connections.
Sometimes you idealize relationships too much - and end up being let down.
You find the most energy and comfort in social situations ... where you shine.

You would make a good writer, human resources director, or psychologist.

The Executive

You are a natural leader - with confidence and strength that inspires others.
Driven to succeed, you are always looking for ways to gain, power, knowledge, and expertise.
Sometimes you aren't the most considerate person, especially to those who are a bit slow.
You are not easily intimidated - and you have a commanding, awe-inspiring presence.

You would make a great CEO, entrepreneur, or consultant.

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.

You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Was reading some old Forwarded Mails and found this :) Thought Should post it here !!

ting ting ting tindig tiding...
ting ting ting tindig tiding...
tuu tuu toooo
tuu tuu toooo
ting ting ting tindig tiding...
ting ting ting tindig tiding...
tuu tuu toooo
tuu tuu toooo

Didi ye anek kya hota hai?
Anek... anek yani bahut saare...
suraj ek...
chanda ek...
taare anek...

didi, taaron ko anek kyon kehte hain?????
nahi nahi!!

phir se suno
suraj ek...
chanda ek...
taare anek...

ek gilhari,...
ek aur gilhari...
ek ek ek karke ho gayee ab anek gilhariyaan...
ek titali, anek titaliyaan...

ek chidiya.. ek ek anek chidiyaan...
anek chidiyon ki kahani sunoge...
haan sunao...

ek chidiya anek chidiya...
dana chugne ayee chidiyan...
chorus : didi humen bhi sunao na...

accha lo phir se suno...
ek chidiya, anek chidiyan
dana chugne baith gayee thi...

par haay raam, Wahaan ek byaadh ne jaal bichhaya tha...
byaadh, byaadh kya hota hai didi?
byaadh??... chidiya pakadne wala

to phir kya hua, usne chidiyon ko pakad liya,...
unhe maar diya...

Himmat se jo jute rahe to bada kaam bhi hove bhaiya...
bada kaam bhi hove bhaiya...
1...2...3... furrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Chaturrr cidiyaan sayaani chidiyaan,
miljul kar, jaal le kar...
Bhaagi chidiyaan...

door ek gaaon mein chidiyon ke dost chuhe rahte the...
(teeeo ooo (whistle)
unhone unka jaal kaat diya...

dekha ekta mein kitni taaqat hoti hai...
didi agar hum ek ho jaayen to kya koi bhi kaam kar
sakte hain?
haan haan kyon nahi...
to kya is ped ke aam bhi tod sakte hain???
haan magar iske liye jugat lagani hogi...
* *
* * *
* * * *

achchha ye jugat... wah bada mazaa aayega...
hind desh ke niwasi sabhi jana ek hain, -2
rang-roop vesh-bhaasha chahe anek hain -2

---- repeat...
bela gulab juhi champa chameli... -2
phool hain anek kintu mala phir ek hai...-2
ek-anek-ek anek

suraj ek, chanda ek, taare anek,
ek gilhari , anek gilhariyaan,
ek titli, anek titaliyaan,
ek chidiyaa , anek chidiyaan...

are bela gulab juhi champa chameli... -2
phool hain anek kintu mala phir ek hain...2


I am Missing my books

Finally I have started missing my books :(

The books which I am missing most are the ones, which I have read page to page severeal times.....But then some of these are simply too much for me to miss...and worse some of them I cannot find them Here
  • MahaSamar - Narendra Kohli (this is Mahabharat in 8 Volumes, written according to contemparary timelines and GOD like phenomenon)
  • Abhyuday - Narendra Kohli (Ramayan in 2 Volumes)
  • Harry Potter - All five Volumes - Mostly the 5th one.
  • Papa Jab Bacche The -When Father was a kid - This is a Russian book translated in Hindi and English.
  • My Comic Collection :( - Sets of Nagraj and Dhruv and finally Calvin.
Here is one I want to read again. Its been a long time since I read it

Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand. - I wanna ask again "Who is John Galt?"

!! Even then, Why I say, HE did a thankless Job !!

Sometimes I feel, I am rather too much unjust for not Thanking HIM, for all the settled affairs around me. Then, I wonder, if HE ever feels the same for me. I know there are affairs and phenomenon, when HE was real UNJUST towards me. HE left me in high tides, without any life jacket, no signs about the shore, not even said, "See ya". Shayad (May be), HE might have believed, I shall survive somehow.

Anyhow, so where had been, HE is JUST towards me. There is one bare ground where HE has always showered happiness and Joy around me. So Even though, WE are at WAR, I shall thank him today for all that affair. This one bare ground is identified by unknown territories.

Across the years, I have observed, that I have never been deserted or left alone on any unknown territory. There had always been someone or the other to be with me. Though sometime, even than I feel alone...but then thats the way of life I suppose.

Just have a look at the territories I have been and HOW logically HE managed it around ME.

  • I arrive at Seattle alone, and found out that I 've 2 Schoolmates residing near to Company furnished apartment.
  • I arrive in Chennai, and My Senior from College is there to help me out for initial days to settle.
  • When that friend moves out of Chennai, another Ex-Collegue of mine joins me and I am with my gang again.
  • I went to Mumbai for a MBA Interview with SP Jain, a close schoolmate and friend is there to receive me and roam around with.
  • I arrive in Santa Clara, there are hordes of Ex-Collegues (Friends) in San Jose, Sacromanto, San Diego.
  • I get bored some of the time, and one of Fundooest Chatterbox Ex-Collegue and Friend arrives in Burlingame, and my weekends are now spent in Paradise.
  • There was nobody around on my Bird-day this year to celebrate with, But then the Friend in San Jose, arrives with his Wife and young kid to pick me up, so that I can cut the cake and enjoy.
  • I was feeling that this Bird-day shall go without a Peg of Alcohol, and my Teeto-toller Friend in Burlingame says, that he shall join me for a Peg of RUM.
  • New Year 2005 arrives, and I was haveing the feel that I shall not be able to celebrate, but Friends in Bangalore, chills it off, I fly from Chennai to Bangalore on 31st December to chill out at Coorg and around.
  • Dussera 2004(festival Before Diwali), I though I shall be alone in Chennai, But then, a friend and his naughty wife, in Bangalore pulls me out to join them over the festival.
  • Chennai initially had impression of boring city, but then after landing there in Oct 2004, Dandiya Nights started happening just in Front of our apartment.
  • I wanted to visit ISB, and a friend who is an Alumni. calls me out for "Solstice" - Annual Alumni Meet at ISB Hyderabad, and I have chill out time with "Euphoria" rocking in front of me, Enough Beer and Whiskey around.
  • I went back to Delhi on Diwali 2004, Flight lands around 2200 Hrs, 3 Very Near Schoolmates are there to receive me and we all roam around Gurgaon Malls to have fun together all night.
  • Joined a New company in 2003, was wondering over the unknown challenges and HE sends a person who is than personified to be a very near friend of mine.
These all events are those which recently happened, there are hundreds others, which happened in past, I cannot even recall.

Still, I don't know why I find so hard to say "Thanks" to HIM.

I believe, we TWO have a lot to settle in between us, WHEN WE MEET.

Aapki Nazron ne samjha -

Bally Saagoo Remixed the song, in a real melodious tune. Listened it today continously, repeatedly for around 3 hours. The instrumental of the song was again very beautiful, very soothing to ears, and even though I have nobody right now to whisper this song, I was full of content and thankful to all those to whom I owe Something or the other.

!! Keys to My Heart !! - Is it so ?

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to obedience and warmth.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is 100%. You are not suited for a monogamous relationship.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

As If I Care....!!: When will I love Me?

When will I love Me?

The Art Of Detachment

After a long time somebody said it right....

Almost poora din laga gaya

It took me almost whole day to get a smile on my face today.

I came to office, there was loads of work, all aliens around me, no help in sight.

Slowly and slowly I moved, picking single stone at a time,

Afternoon...still not a single smile....some of the tasks done...still smile is too far...started listening to songs....oh GOD...even Remix and Pop is not helping....

Suddenly, Fire Alarm Test started in our building, No evacuation required...kher, somehow the memories about the Uphaar Tragedy came to my mind....More Sorrow.....

Again things not working, What the Heck...If this continues another Hour I have to go for Smoke...Grrr !!!

Looked across the Test-Racks, Female Foreign Collegue..okay lets go and chitchat for a while...maybe...after that I can achieve....

Went to her...talked about Slingshots, School, Sports, Movies, Chalk throwing activity in School...refreshed....

Started again..Chatted again with few gals on Yahoo ...okay lets do....

Okay there is bally saagoo on music india online....The hit song...."Botlan Sharab Diyan" !! Wow !!

Lets listen and complete...

Done Dona Done Done..

I am happy...finally the smile...

Bally Sagoo's album is great Bally Sagoo on Screen...

Listen and be happy :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Once upon a time on Xanga

Before I started blogging on blogspot, I was blogging on Xanga, But soon left it, coz it had not so bubbly interface and I somehow didn;t liked the idea of blogging in those days.

Anyhow ...there were 2 posting which I wrote with sorrow and passion in my heart...I am pasting those below.

"Friday, September 26, 2003

Ishq Hota nahin sabhi ke liye, Ye Bana hai Ye Bana hai kissi kissi ke liye - How true this statement is - confirmed again while watching jogger's park at priya.

Priya is nice place to hang around...Since I landed in here, I had been so regular there, that I have started doubting myslef being a localite there.

When the GANG went for Rules- Pyar ka superhit formula, I had one the most fundo day over there. Movie was such refreshing that it made me forget the night out I had in office.

Rules - How many times I imganied my self knowing them at last, but never ever I was near to them. Play by the rules- doesn;t it sound boring. But after the movie I felt its neither boring nor difficle to play using them. and they become indispensible when u know the other gender(female ) is using them a lot to create all the hype around them."
anyhow, we shall continue this disscussion in future posting, as of now the sound track was amazing, and the song "Gori tore Nain, khole bhed ye saare (i.e O Beauty !! Thy eyes are enough to open all secrets of thy heart !!) true pretty true.

What else a male look for !! Eyes in itself are the most wanted and cherished thing happened to humans ever.

Shud thank God for that or may be the devil who floated in them the naugtiness that enchants to impress upon all the happiness one can ever desire to relish.

shall keep u posted ....But dearies Donot watch BOOM, its a pathetic movie. The soundtrack was amazing, but u shall find no songs in the movie. When I heard the sound track the beats in itself invoked such desires in me which are beyond mentioning in words.

and here I am with only words !! its all I have.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt - What do think is it true !!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

JOB - what a critical parameter it is to identify a persons efficiency, his credibilty and his presence in this futile world.

U all can find guys and gals around urself who are having this greater sense of being just by clearing some damn interview process and u shall also find others who are though intellect enough but are unable to please the interviewer and are cornered as good for nothing guys.

this all phenomenon involves too much of prejudice.

I see around people coming to office day after day to perform formal jobs loosing interest day by day even in living life to its brim.

The enthu is lost so so hue and cry to fetch a job and settle fast.

Why r we in this rat race.

Dont u find this as true axiom " Even if U win the RAT RACE, U r still a RAT."

So dear become human and look beyond

!! kya kool hai hum !! Kya kya kya !!

Kya kool hain hum !! kya kya kya kool hain hum !!

This was the song of the day and desire this weekend....The tunes and music is fundoo and fast....

Can make anybody start tapping feet and go on to the dance floor with full zeal and enthu...

thy all can hear it at raaga

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

"Friday the Thirteenth" is here for all of us.

I donot know for myself, if I believe in this kinda stuff. People say it superstitions and blindfaith. But there are some procedures and protocol I still follow.

And I believe its pretty natural, I am a human, and its natural to have some belief and procedures to follow so that one lives a life of human not being some rock...

Here is the list of kinda a stuff I still believe or say make note of.
  • If somebody sneezes around me, "Bless you" comes out of my mouth.
  • We never light 3 Cigarettes at a time, with a single Matchstick.
  • I shall always say, "See ya" instead of "Good Bye"
  • There shall never be 3 Chapati, Roti, Bread, Parantha, Curry in Katori in single Thali.
  • We shall never keep Aachar (Pickle) just next to "Dahi" (Curd) in Thali.
  • Shall never have full meal, sitting on bare floor.
  • Though I am at War with HIM, But I shall always "Salute" & "never fold hands" when I pass across his ABODE (Temple or any such architecture).
When I was a kid there were more like this, but not so refined. Some were from my "Naani" (Maternal Grand-Mother). I still recall those stuff and some "Wise Saying's of Naani" to "Maate" sometimes. Maate shall just smile, when she hears me say, "Agar Naani hoti, woh ye kehti, ya karti, ya nahin karne deti."

There is one statement that my Naani made, which I still remember. Its was something like this.

"Ek samay tha, Jab log Sone-Chandi ki thali mein kahte the, tab sabke dil sone chandi jaise hote the, phir logon ne steel ke bartano mein khana shuroo kiya aur sabke dil lohe ke ho gaye, ab log chinimitti ke plate mein khate hain to sabke dil sheeshe jaise ho gaye, jara kuch hua aur toot ker bikhar gaye"

"There was a time, when people use to eat in utensils of Gold & Silver and had "Hearts of Gold", than they started eating in Utensils of Steel and there heart became of being of "Iron", Now people eat in Chinaware and have "Hearts of Glass", which shatters at simple & small onslaught of anything."

Anyhow everybosy has his own set of belief and verdicts in Wisdom, which we learn over the period of Years and that's when people say "Dhoop mein baal safed nahin kiye hain" - "Haven't coloured these hairs white in bare Sun".

Here are some verdicts which I often recite
  • Whenever in doubt, talk finance.
  • Thy can win any argument, if its economics is in favour of you.
  • Aisa Hai, Sabse bada Paisa hai - Though I donot beleive much in this, but this has the punch.
  • Never boil the EGG in Oven.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

!! Finally aa he gaya !!

So folks !! Here it is, the 1st post after gettin a Year Older !!

How am I celebrating ? Resisting Restraining myself this time...Wanna know Why? Coz, There is nobody around with whom I can celebrate.

What I have here ? or rathe Whom I have here?

I have ME, Myself, My Soul, My own Tanhai, My own Goals, My own roles, My Own "FU*K IT", My own Funde, My Own Fatare, My very own "Hi Hui", My SMILE, My "and all that stuff", My very own Glass of Beer, and finally last but not the least My own "Wills Classic Regular".

"For those who are wondering that I said "Quit", Ya, I did, but that to Addiction not to "Smoking".

So folks, Here is my sincere thanx to all those who made there way, to wish me.

Thanx a lot, "Rupa, Harshit, Saurabh, Sudeep, Ankit, Mukul, Rashi, Sandeep, Billore, Sandy JAAT, Addy Murphy, Mom, Dad, Thakur".

There are still few people who are still unable to reach me via Phone, Mail, Blog, IM, Skype...Thanx a lot for being there for me.

Still I am ...with ME....

Last year list was long, and today even in the names above, only few are is all.. huh...

So folks as they say for Sprite....

"Sprite Bujhaye only Pyaas, Baki all bakwas..."
"Dikhawe pe na Jayo, Apni akal lagayo"

My reolution : Kuch hota hai Gyan, Kuch hota hai Vigyan, aur kuch kewal kuch hota hai :)

Rest may Rest....

I know some of you will catch what I meant :) For rest I shall write sometime later for sure.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On public Demand

I was going through lot of blogs and recently I was asked by Zarine to add in the shoutbox...So fist I added the blogrolling which I was planning to do from a long time and then finally the shout box....

Shall be adding content to the template soon...

I think its high time for me to start learning some basic html.... :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Don't know how come we all have grown up ?

Na Jaane Kaise aur kab hum sab yaar dost achanak se he bade ho gaye.

Ek samay tha, jab kissi ko ek simple pointer assignment mein thodi si bhi fight hoti thi, to log ek doosre ko kheech ker apni seat per le aate the aur bitha ker, funde dete hue kaam karwate the.

Aaj apne doston ki, Manager se fight ho jati hai, woh Manager ke muh per "FUCK-OFF" keh ker chale aate hai, naukri ko laat maar ker, aur kisi ko kano kaan khaber nahin hoti. kyun ? kyunki ab hum sab bade ho gaye hain.

Ek samay tha, jab kisi ko agar 2 gali chhod ker interview bhi dena hota tha, to poore group ko pata hota tha, ki aaj apne ek yaar ka interview hai.

Aaj apne dost achanak se Fly kerke, Vatan (US) aa rahe hote hain, aur doosron ke muh se pata chalta hai. Kyun ? Kyunki ab hum sab bade ho gaye hain

Ek samay tha, jab agar kisi ko CP form bhi lene jana hai, to pura weekend dilli mein masti mein plan ker liya jata tha.

Ab apne dost, vatan aa jate hain, wapas bhi chalte jaate hain, phir bhi kissi ko pata nahin chalta, kabhi weekend per ghar jayo to aise he muh se nikal jata hai. Kyun ? Kyunki ab hum sab bade ho gaye hain.

Ek samay tha, jab log IIT ki tayari karne ke liye Birla Mandir test de ke liye, saath saath jate the.

Ab log naukri chhod dete hain, apna kaam shuroo ker dete hain aur phir bhi logon ko khaber nahin hoti.

Ek samay tha, jab kisi ki kissi bandi se "Hi Hui" bhi ho jaati thi, to poore group mein ek nayi gossip industry khul jaati thi.

Ab logon ki sagai ho jati hai, aur phir bus Shaadi se 10 din pehle khaber aati hai ki bandhu ke vivah mein aap saader aamantrit hain. Kyun ? Kyunki ab hum sab bade ho gaye hain.

Ek samay tha, jab log saath saath baith ker ghar ke ander daaroo peete the, Cigarette phookte the, Bina Shlokon (Abuses rhymed) ke varta shuroo nahin kerte the.

Ab logon ko apni kitchen mein paani na gir jaye, iska khayal rehta hai, log bahut jor jor se nahin haste. kyun ? Kyunki ab hum sab bade ho gaye hain.

Ek samay tha, jab woh college se ghar aata tha, aur agar udaas hota tha, to sab kuch bol deta tha.

Ab woh saare weekends per bhi office jata hai, raat raat bher kaam kerta hai, aur mail bhi yada kada he karta hai. Kyun ? Kyunki ab hum sab bade ho gaye hain.

Ek Samay tha, jab woh school mein mere baraber mein baithta tha, darwaaze ke kinare, aur hum saath saath ladkiyan tadte the.

Ab woh bandiyan pata leta hai, phir shaadi bhi ho jati hai, and saat samander paar chala jaata hai, phir kabhi kabhi khaber aa he jaati hai. Kyun ? Kyunki ab hum sab bade ho gaye hain

Hum sab itne bade kyun ho gaye hain ?

English Translation of the above, actually Blackempress visited the blog and commented, so I am translating in in english.

Don't know how and when we all friends have suddenly grown up?

Once upon a time, if somebody needed to perform a simple Pointer assignment, he shall pull the other guy out of his seat, and then ask him to do it, along with passing on fundas gracefully.

Now friends indulge in a fight with Manager, they will yell "Fuck off" on his straight face, shall kick away the job, and nobody in town shall have a word about it. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Once upon a time, if somebody is appearing for an interview, just after 2 alley, the whole group shall be knowing, that one of us is getting interviewed.

Now One of them is flying to Country (US) and somebody else will pour in the news of his travel. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Once upon a time, if somebody has to go to CP to buy a form, the whole weekend shall be planned up for round of Fun and Frolic.

Now Friends arrive in the Nation (US), return back to Home, nobody never gets a clue, and if sometime you arrive at there home over the weekend, then the trip shall be casually mentioned. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Once upon a time, when to prepare for IIT people use to go to Birla Mandir as a group.

Now People leave there jobs, start their own venture, and even then nobody knows. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Once upon a time, when even a simple "Hi Hui" with a female is taken as a seed for the New Gossip Chain.

Now People get engaged, and just before 10 days of wedding, you are invited for the auspicious ocassion. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Once upon a time, inside the chambers of Holy Home, People use to Smoke, Drink and start there talks with all the Verses (in abuses).

Now guys are worried of the spilled water in the kitchen, Nobody laughs his heart out. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Once upon a time, when he use to come from college and if he is sad, he shall spit everything out.

Now he is frying is butts out in office over all weekends, staying long nights and there is not even a mention in mails. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Once upon a time, we use to sit next to the door with each other in school and use to oogle Gals together,

Now he stupefies the females, gets married and vanishes himself across seven oceans. We now exchange dialect seldom. Why ? Coz we all have grown up.

Why we all have grown up ?

Aika Dajiba

Music India OnLine - Aika Dajiba

This song was an instant hit at "Eena Meena Dika" - Cry Foundation Function at University of Washington. I was there when I was in Seattle.

Didn't had any clue what "Aika Dajiba" means...but music was great...even the singer didn't had any clue about it.

So folks tell em what this Aika Dajiba is....

Friday, May 06, 2005

Man Doley - Neha Nagpal

Listened this song long time back on MTV etc...and today again several times, the thing I liked about was the voice of the Singer, the added lyrics in English and the fusion music.

What I am wondering about is that even after listening to it so many times, I am still not able to figure out the exact lyrics of English invloved...Something is wrong with my comprehension....or I have very bad english vocab and compre skills

So folks I wanna you too help me out....Listen to the Song and post in the English involved.

You might be having the album with you, incase you dont then here is the link to listen online.

Song is Man Doley - Title song (7th in the list)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Citizen EcoDrive - Blue Angels - Model JR3090-58L

This is the Birthday Gift, I bought for myself. Happy wala B'day to arrive on May 12, 2005.

Last year there was so much that happened on my B'Day, I celebrated it for whole week, there was something or the other each day. Last Year all parties etc (NO GIFT :( costed around Rs. 16,000/-

This time this watch costed around $ 475 :) Smart na :)

Bahut ersa ho gaya sune hue

Bahut lamba ersa (time) ho gaya Nimnlikhit (following) shabdon ko sune hue.

Nalayak (Good for nothing), Baherhaal , Kher (Anyhow), Rukhsat, Shabba-kher, Kintu, Paruntu, Santu, Uddeyshaya (Motto), Varan, Varishth, Sanskaar, Neech, Dusht, Moorakh, Zaleel, Vyagra, Chap-laa, Chappal, Feeta, Akhbaar (Newspaper), Naari, Sukhad, Nuksaan, Pichattar (75), Raakh, Angithi, Salwatein, Khwaish, Vazib, Mehfooz.

Nimnlikhit hain kuch Sambodhan (Ways to Address), jinhe bahut samay se nahin suna.

Janaab, Mahashay, Mahoday, Kibla, Moh-tarma, Huzoor

There are lot more...shall write them some other time...abhi to itne he yaad aaye....

!! Mein kyun dukhi hua !!

Jaane kyun Friday April 29, 2005 se May 3, 2005 tak beech beech mein, main aise he dukhi hota raha, Kuch khaas events nahin the ki jin per dukhi hua jaye, but pata nahin kyun....

kher kuch kuch funde bhi hote

Friday - My 2 GB USB Stick went blank, I tried all techie stuff I could google on but still its dead - Loss of around $ 125

Saturday Sunday kuch theek gaya Seattle mein, but wahan bhi beech beech senti hota raha,

Kher Monday aaya, Savere Savere Flight pakadni thi, Airport per mera Naya Zippo Collector Lighter le liya Security walon ne :( 40 $ yahan gaye .....

Din mein USB stick ke chakker mein R & D Center khol liya, koi fayada nahin hua :( and Shaam ko Gobhi (Cabbage) kaatne gaye dinner ke liye and left hand ki Middle fingure mein "Strike of the Killer Knife" ho gaya :(.

By God !! Kya jor jor dard ho raha tha, jhat se ungli muh mein daali...phir Savlon, thanda paani, Bandaid....Grrr !! Uper wale ko khoob saari gaaliya...and then jo kuch bhi banaya....kha liya....

Tuesday Night dinner ke liye Bread garam kerne gaye tave per, and instead Jal gayi Left hand ki index fingure....hey bhagwan....phir se fight ...thanda paani....too much of thanda paani....kher ....
Is baar Medical aid mein Burnol lana bhool gaya....kher chalta hain....

Anyhow....dekhte hain aaj Wednesday kya gul khilata hai....

waise I have been observing for few years that my Luck flows in a period of 15 days...sth associated with the cycles of the moon....
for 15 days it shall rise to glory and then start falling and then rise again....anyhow....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

!! Pehle to Kabhi Kabhi Gum Tha !!

Listened this umpteen times yesterday....

Best of Altaaf Raja -

Last paragraph is incredible...There is loss for everything for the protagnist of the song and the female alaap in between the song is enough to tear the heart....Just think of the gal who was in love with this guy and had to marry somebody else.....and then listen to the song again....

"Pyar maohabbat ke kisse bekar hue, jab dekha to dil ke tukde hazar hue

Pehle to kabhi kabhi gum tha, Ab to her pal he teri yaad satati hai,
Ab to her pal he teri yaad satati hai,
Pehle to kabhi kabhi gum tha, Ab to her pal he teri yaad rulati hai, Ab to her pal he teri yaad Rulati hai,

Pehle to kabhi kabhi gum tha, Magar ye dard ye judai hai her ghadi ab...
Pehle to kabhi kabhi gum tha, Magar ye daag ye judai hai her ghadi ab...

Mein tujhse kaise kahon ye bata, ke teri yaad ke sahare jee raha hoon
Mein tujhse kaise kahon ye bata, ke gum ke aasonon ko khud he pe raha hoon
Mein tujhse kaise kahon ye bata, Na maar dale teri ye bewafai Mujhko...
Mein tujhse kaise kahon ye bata, Na maar dale teri ye judai mujhko

Bata de mujhko bawafa ye, mein teri yaad kab tak khada rahoonga
Bata de mujhko bawafa ye , tere dar per yun kab tak pada rahoonga
Bata de mujhko bawafa ye, tu mujhko kab talak aise he rulayega
Bata de mujhko bawafa ye, tu kab talak apna na banayega

Ae pagli tu kyun ro rahi hai, ke gum to mujhko uthana hai judai ka, ke gum to mujhko uthana hai judai ka
Ae pagli tu kyun ro rahi hai, tere liye to saman hai ye sehnai ka, tere liye to saman hai ye sehnai ka
Ae pagli tu kyun ro rahi hai, Ganv chhodna hai mere muqaddar mein, Ganv chhodna hai mere muqaddar mein
Ae pagli tu kyun ro rahi hai, umr gujregi ab meri ye safar mein, umr gujregi ab meri ye safar mein"

!! Aur Is tereh Mein thodi thodi jindagi jee gaya !!

Akhir kaise pahucha mein Jindagi jeete hue yahan.....

Phir se nostalgic wali post likh raha hoon....I have been seen as a happy go lucky guy across the globe and ppl unanimously conform to the fact that they find in me a very natural, alive and true guy.

  • Kya mein vastav mein aisa he hoon ?
  • Kya sachi muchi "Hirdu" utna he khush hota hain, jitna ki woh muskurata hua dikhta hain?
  • Is Life really Beautiful?
Aakhir kanha kanha batore maine sukh ke pal and kahan kahan raha gumgeen?

Chalo phir kuch kuch bata he deta hoon...All thoughts are random w.r.t the Time Frame.

Life was Never Beautiful ! It use to take a real effort to have a honest smile in a day. I use to expect so much from myself, from my friend circle, from all the people around me, from parents, from the LORD himself.

Slowly and slowly over the period of year I carved out myself, stopped expecting anything from anybody and Lo !! & Behold !! I was happy.

The moments I remember are :
  • Organising a School Reunion after 6 long years of attending Farewell at School named "Sparsh." - It took us only a minute to conceive the idea at a local Dhaba in Ghaziabad and then around 4 months of Planning and Organising. Around 300 Mails of length of 100 words to 1000 words were exchanged. Ppl Got Senti when they attended, I Cried coz of too much of Euphoria. I was elated coz of sheer joy and sense of togetherness involved.
  • Celebrating Onset of New Year with the Gang at Gurgaon - The days were doomed, and nights use to loom around in those horror years of Recession. One of my best friend was in Combat with his destiny. Me along with another friend of mine rode on Byke from Ghaziabad to Gurgaon. When I entered the room I was knowing only 4 Guys in that big hall on 1st floor of his rented house, after 30 min, around 15 guys were sharing there life story with me and I was with them. After around 8 pegs of Whisky & Rum comine and 2 glasses of Beer, I was knocked out. One Guy "Samrat" sang ultimate fundoo songs. He Started with "Salaame Ishq" and continued to "Chithi Aayi hai". When he reached "Chithi Aayi hai, there were tears in most of the eyes and we hard rock guys moved till we can rest our back & head to the wall and close our eyes, coz nobody wanted to see anybody else's eyes filled with tears.
  • Dhabe per Chai and Patties with Omlette on return from Office - Those were the days when recession was about to leave and I switched. When I use to return from Office along with my schoolmate, we use to sit for at least half an hour for our daily dose of Chai, in front of RaamLeela Ground, kavinagar, Ghaziabad. This was the time we both use to turn down the socket connections associated with the Office and Protocols and become human.
  • Treats at TGIF Vasant Kunj Delhi, Ruby's Tuesday CenterStege Mall Noida, Geoffry's at CenterStege Mall Noida, Ceaser at Sector 18 Noida, Movies at Priya VasantKunj Delhi, Wave Theatre at Centerstege Mall Noida, PVR Anupam Saket Delhi.
  • Too much baker-baker all the time - Getting myself christened as NONO - Nonstop NonSense.
Kuch aur logon ne bhi afsaane likhe honge,
Kuch aur logon ne bhi kahi hongi Kahaniya,
Kuch aur log bhi aaye honge tere darwaze,

Per kya kabhi koi aaya tha, haathon mein apna jigar leker,
Per kya kabhi kissi ne kahi thi kahani muskurahaton ki, jab sisuk rahi thi Chandni nabh mein,
Per kya kabhi kissi ne likhe the afsaane, nakhoon se dil ko kured ker.

To be continued......there are more ....

Mein tanha tha, magar itna nahin tha...

Seattle se wapasi ki flight mein reh reh ker kuch aisa he feel ho raha tha.

I was coming after a full blown up weekend with my friends and there newly wedded wives. Fun, Frolic, Joy, Enthu et all was the name of the game since friday night to Sunday Midnight - when I departed all of them to sleep.

I had to catch early morning flight to get back directly to work :(

During the flight I was thinking about the fun I had with all of them...I was smiling, laughing, eating a lot, Jabbering, chatting all at the same time...and suddenly with the onset of Monday I had to leave all and depart to join office again on monday.

Let me List Down what all I ate and Enjoyed,

  • Friday Night :
  • Rajma prepared as Dal Makhani.
  • Kashmiri Alloo
  • Pulav
  • Naan (Butter, Stuffed)
  • Palak Paneer (Only a bit)
  • Saturday Morning:
  • Bread Omlette (My expert Friend Mukul Prepared it :)
  • 2 Cups of Chai (With Lots of Ginger, clove & Ilaichi)
  • 1 full glass of Cold Coffee
  • Saturday Afternoon
  • Navratan Korma
  • Alloo Parantha
  • Lots of Chai
  • Aachar
  • Hari Mirch
  • Mix Veg
  • Pulav
  • Saturday Evening
  • Juice
  • Rajma Chawal
  • Sunday Morning
  • Azwayan ki Poori
  • Allo ki Sabji,
  • Chai
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Cigar :) - I have said a quit to addiction not to Cigar :)
  • Beer
  • Sunday Evening
  • Bread Sandwich - Filled with Allo
  • Chai
and then at night
  • Mango Jelly - Lots and lots of it... :) Another New Friend's wife made it....
Anyhow so much for eating....One of the phenomenon I love about being living is - One who is alive can eat.... :) This is how I differentiate between living and dead..though there are other difference also...But only few are as important as this.

After I came back to office, I started feeling the loss of being surrounded and being in the elated took me a whole session of "I-Robot" and "Bourne Identity" during the night and full length of 8 hours of sleep to get over the hangover....

But still the fact is true.... "Mein Tanha tha, Magar Itna Nahin Tha" - Kuch jayada he tanhayi feel ho rahi hai....

It seems that except for me ...all the world roams round the SUN in Pairs...Its only me who roams round it, Only Lonely.....Thats is why I was not quitting ...but nobody looks from my eye...anyhow....once I have proven that I have quit the addiction....I shall be smoking again....till there is somebody to roam around :)

Hamara kya hai, Hum to tanha chale the, tanha he chalte rahe, aur tanha he chale jayenge,
Soch to tu khud-he ke baare, Tu to kabhi tanha nahin tha, phir kyun aaj us kinare, banh pasare khada hai.