Thursday, May 12, 2005

!! Finally aa he gaya !!

So folks !! Here it is, the 1st post after gettin a Year Older !!

How am I celebrating ? Resisting Restraining myself this time...Wanna know Why? Coz, There is nobody around with whom I can celebrate.

What I have here ? or rathe Whom I have here?

I have ME, Myself, My Soul, My own Tanhai, My own Goals, My own roles, My Own "FU*K IT", My own Funde, My Own Fatare, My very own "Hi Hui", My SMILE, My "and all that stuff", My very own Glass of Beer, and finally last but not the least My own "Wills Classic Regular".

"For those who are wondering that I said "Quit", Ya, I did, but that to Addiction not to "Smoking".

So folks, Here is my sincere thanx to all those who made there way, to wish me.

Thanx a lot, "Rupa, Harshit, Saurabh, Sudeep, Ankit, Mukul, Rashi, Sandeep, Billore, Sandy JAAT, Addy Murphy, Mom, Dad, Thakur".

There are still few people who are still unable to reach me via Phone, Mail, Blog, IM, Skype...Thanx a lot for being there for me.

Still I am ...with ME....

Last year list was long, and today even in the names above, only few are is all.. huh...

So folks as they say for Sprite....

"Sprite Bujhaye only Pyaas, Baki all bakwas..."
"Dikhawe pe na Jayo, Apni akal lagayo"

My reolution : Kuch hota hai Gyan, Kuch hota hai Vigyan, aur kuch kewal kuch hota hai :)

Rest may Rest....

I know some of you will catch what I meant :) For rest I shall write sometime later for sure.


  1. Come online, we all will celebrate together, give you loads of birthday bumps !
    Have nice big choclate cake from our side and then after you had enough, apply the rest to your face.. thinking everyone did that !


  2. Hirdu , this month is your Birthday special & also our Friendship Aniversary if you have not forgotten.(Dont wanna be too girlish so skipping the date lol )

    In One year Khabhi Khushi, Khabhi Gam, Khabhi hasna, Khabhi Rona.
    Khabhi ded saare baate, Khabhi No baate.
    khabhi Nakra, Khabhi Natak.
    khabhi matured , Khabhi Kiddish.

    I dont know how many times you might have hated might have made fun of me for my non stop nonsense.

    But this is Very true "Many times I looked at you"

    Thanks for bieng there for me.

    My heariest wish "Let this year be a wonderful. happy birthday to u"

  3. was your bud-day!?!

    Happy bud-day to you!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to you,Happy birthday to dear Hirdu..[Singing]

  5. Happy Birthday,Hirdu

    Hope u had a rocking time :)

  6. [Rupa] - :) You have left nothing for me to say.

    [Dinky mind] Thanx a lot !!

    [Debalina] - May I have many more, May I have many more....[Singing]

    [zarine] - No I didn't had the rocking time. It's only me...But I shall have some good time over the weekend. :) Thanx !!