Monday, May 24, 2004

Devdaas - The last Paragraph

Long ago, I read "Devdaas - Sharat Chandra". Here is the last Paragraph from the novel. Its not only the theme of the novel but also the truth of LIFE

Aap log jo kahani padenge humse hi gamgeen honge. To bhi kabhi agar Devdas jaise badnaseeb, Asayanmi (one who has no control over himself ) aur Papi se parichaye ho, to uske liye prarthna (Pray) kijiyega. prarthna kijiyega ki aur chahe jo bhi ho, uske jaisi maut (Death) kisi ki na ho. Marne ka koi gum nahin, lekin koi sneh-sparsh (touch of love) us samay uske lalaat (forehead) tak pahuche-ek bhi karuna-vigalit (compassion), snehmey (lovely) mukhra(face) dekhte hue es jivan ka ant(End) ho. Marte vaqt jisse veh kisi ki aakh mein aansoon ki ek boond dekh ker mur sake.(So that at the time of his death he can see at least a drop of Tear in the eye of someone Dear)

Here is the English Translation of the paragraph

All those who shall read this story shall be in sorrow like us. Even than if you ever get introduced to anybody as unlucky and sinner as Devdaas, than please Pray that no matter what happens, his life should not end and he should not recieve death like Devdaas. There is no grief about dying, but there should be "touch of love" over his forehead, there should be a lovely face dipped in compassion in front of his eyes when he dies. So that at the time of his death, he can see at a drop of tear in the eye of someone Dear.

[This Last line is the only truth for which a human Lives]

[This is what for which he fights his whole life "to have someone who shall Cry, when He Die"]


  1. Every one pity Devdas, No one thinks of Paroo,
    Agar Devdas Ek Maut mara tho, Paroo Chup Chup ke hazaar maut mari hogi,

    Devdas tho nasha ka Das ban gaya tha, Paroo hosh me kitna dard Piyee hogi?

    Chahe muje Devdas ka maut aaye, Paroo ka maut kisiko na aaye.

  2. Here is my view, Why I have my sympathy with devdaas more than Paaro.

    The era in which the story is based, males were considered all powerful and use to drive all the decision making process exclusively. Females on the other hand didn't had that kind of right or liberty.

    Though, I accept that Paaro must also be grief stricken and sorrowful, But the point here is that, She can't help it, and She understands this very well coz of her upbringing, thus out of pressure or whatever, She agrees to marry, has family and to a great extent, Her character in the novel reveals that, though She is in love with Devdaas, but She had started accepting her life and family.

    Now look at Devdaas, Society has enpowered him with might of being a MAN, richness, great education in UK and whatever One could think of be WELL ABLE to mould LIFE the way he wants.

    He has 2 gals loving him to the very core of their Heart, and yet He is denied love of both females.

    Paaro is helpless and She knows that, But Devdaas though he has all the factors favouring him, still he is denied what he wanted the most - the love.

    So with whom I must have my pity and sympathy ?

    Parro who is helpless or Devdaas who has all the might but still He lost the control of his life and dear mind it he didn't lost his control of his life coz he became liquor addict, it happened vice versa.

    Parro in later half of the novel has all the family, luxary and happiness associated with and Devdaas, He lost everything on the day Paaro got married. He was even denied to see a tear in the eye of pear, when he embraces his unlucky demise. The day he died, he only left his body, His soul on the contrary left the day Paaro got married. Since then, He was living without a soul.

    Life without Soul - If anybody has read "Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban", he/she can very well understand the meaning. ;-)

  3. Still I don’t sympathise Devdas. What did he achieve in life? neither he was a great son nor a companion for his loved one’s. He had one life to live, love & let live.

    He was arrogant. He could approached his parents at right time with right attitude.

    Even today females are helpless. They cant voice their feelings. Either for the reason they are shy or nothing much can be done by them.

    If Devdas was helpless then, why did he lit the spark of love in Paroo? By leading such a worst life not only himself he hurt Paroo too. Paroo could at least been happy if he had been normal.

    Modern devdas (sanjay leela bhansaali's devdas) educated in uk. ha ha ha. But Sarat chandra chattarji's devdas graduated from Shantiniketan. He should have done the art of living course Which Nagma has undergone after our Great Cricket captain sourav Ganguly's betrayal.

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