Friday, May 28, 2004

Addy Murphy's Birthday

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So folks here is Happy wala Bird-Day of our own dear Addy Murphy !!!

So Addy Dear where is party Man ??

Here are my wishes on yr BIRD-DAY

On this B-day

May Thy lord surround u with upmteen SEXY Babes..{But May u can't see them only feel them )

May Thy lord fill in yr fridge yr liters of Wine and Beer ( so that we can RAID it)

May Thy lord fetch u free passes to Raddisson or Ghungroo ( take yr GF there);-) This is surely for u.

May Thy lord let yr Manager sleep for the whole week now so that u can chill out with the gang

May Thy lord fill in extra cash in yr wallet, so that u can take us to TGIF ;-)

May Thy lord succeeds in persuading u, so that u shave yr face ;-) and take a bath and change yr Sock everyday ;-) So this time we won't gift u a set of Deodourent and room freshener.. ;-)

Anyhow...Celebrate like there is no tommmorow....May Lord Shower happiness on u.

So folks !! Post yr Wishes on adnan's blog now...he will be happy to see them...

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