Thursday, November 04, 2004

!! Let the bell ring !!

Let the bell ring and make me shiver with the memory of thy voice,

Let me shed my soul in the blanket of sorrow, coz HE shall realise the loss of my innocense.

Let HIM mention my name with DISGRACE, coz I never acknowledged his authority.

Let the sniffing angel unbolt, and let me hold his needle while he joyfully stiches my heart.

Let HIM make the Sun shine and shower the holy fire to burn the bare skin,

deep till it reaches and enlightens the soul,

to libreate the holy subject identified as HIM,

leaving me to rest and smile at HIS mercy.

!! Hope to Hope !!

Hope to hope some day, He shall hope my arrival to HIS premise, hoping I shall conform to him, but I hope to deny the hope in a hope to sleep again with smile on my face, before I fulfill his hope, when I enter his chambers, with a hope that He shall keep his words and we shall shake hands.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

!! Let me HOLD !!

Let me hold these threads of life,

Let me hear the song of soul,

Let me color the canvas of passion,

Let me inhale the aroma of desire,

Let me feel the touch of lust,

Let me vibrate the voice of control,

Let me desire the limits of freedom,

Let me sorround the margins of time,

Let me qualify the surrender of GOD,

Let me declare the victory of Devil,

Let me shower the flakes of snow,

Let me gift the gift of smile

Let me RUN MY LIFE !!.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

!! Let me Sleep now !!

You said "Hold" & I am holding onto this dead life since then.

You said "I will be back" & I have never closed the doors since then.

You said "We will eat it together" & I have not bought Pizza since then.

You said "I shall call you back" & I haven't called you since then.

You said "Keep smiling" & I haven't wept since then.

You said "Have faith" & I haven't asked anything from LORD since then.

You said "I am engaged !!" & I haven't slept since then.

You said "Why didn't you proposed ?" & I am dead since then.