Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Test posting from Windows Live SDK

So Folks here it is a new tool from the our own Microsoft to have a direct postings from the desktop shall be exploring the features...

The one advantage write now is that it looks like a desktop application so one can directly post, without the onlooking manager noticing the blogger page :)

Save the draft when offline and then post it whenever internet connection is there...Thy can even delete the drafts from here :) Moreover the post shall give the look and feel of the published post even when thy are busy typing...

Lets see what Google brings in now...This application seems to stay for a while on my lappy ;)

Lappy se yaad aaya...Got a new Lappy from the company I joined recently...Kuch to Work From HOME (WFH) ka chakker hai yahan :) ab ghar jaker kon kaam karega ....jab se mila hai se ghar per to ye kevel movies dekhne ke kaam aata hai....Kher more on WFH culture later...

You must have by now observed the fonting capabilities of the SDK...

Anyhow this can be downloaded directly from the microsoft site from here

A lot number of posts are being brewed down under and shall be posted before the weekend ...coz weekend per to hum ghommney ja rahein hai ;)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aur isi tereh

Aur isi tereh bichad jaate hain dost,
bichad ker kabhi kabhi bahut yaad aatey hain dost,

Aur isi tereh muskuratey hain dost,
Muskura ker kabhi kabhi bahut rulaatein hain dost,

Aur isi tereh saath chalte hain dost,
chaltey chaltey kabhi kabhi bahut door nikal jaatey hai dost,

Aur isi tereh galey laga lete hain dost,
galey lagatey lagatey kabhi peeth mein khanjar ghop dete hain dost,

Aur isi tereh kuch bhi keh dete hain dost,
kehtey kehtey kabhi kabhi yun he ruk jaatey hai dost,

Aur isi tereh saath jeetein hain dost,
Jeetey Jeetey kabhi kabhi yun he GUJAR jaatey hain dost.

Rewriting a superb thought I read at one of our fellow blogger's blog
"Zindagi ka aakhiri Din bhi gujar jayega dost, Mein bhi mar jaaoonga, Tu bhi Mar jayega dost"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Aaj phir jalta hai badan

Oh Lord !! Aaj phir jalta hai badan....

High Fever:: Cough and Cold...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A for apple

A for apple.
B for bada apple.
C for chhota apple.
D for dusra apple.
E for ek aur apple.
F for fokat ka apple.
G for gol apple.
H for hazar apple
I for itney saarey apple?
J for jaao nahi khaana hai apple
K for kaise nahi khaayengey apple
L for lena padhega tumko apple
M for mujhe nahi chahiye itne apple
N for naa nahi kehtey kyunkey yeh hai apple
O for Oh to tumne khaa daale yeh saare apple
P for peth bhar Ke khaao apple
Q for qismat mein nahi hoti hai sabke, yeh apple
R for roz agar khaao tum apple
S for sehetmand rahoge khaaogey agar tum apple
T for tumko nahi milengey itney achey apple
U for udhaar kii nahi hai yeh apple
V for very tasty hai yeh apple
W for waste na karo time aur khaalo jaldi se apple
X for X'mas mei bhii khane padenge apple
Y for youn na chehra phero dekhkey apple
Z for zaroor dil bhar gaya hoga khake itne apple

Banana Chips

So finally the kitchen started and Lo and behold...what to prepare...The preparation was supposed to be of Banana to be cooked as a vegeatable ...but then the mind's eye dictated....Why the heck go into too much of startup culture and then and there ....the Banana was fried and then sufficient amount of salt pepper was added into it with glimpse of Chaat Masala and Lemon ;) so as to add click into it ...

Here are rest 2 pics of preparation finally done :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Agyatvaas - Leave me alone

Tis been a long time since I desired to write it...I believe almost an year or sth...But never got time to be right here for myself...Too many processess were going in parallel and I was almost on the verge of Burn out...

Anyhow...Finally at last ...switched from the city of chennai last month and now moving ahead with life.

There are now so many personal targets to be reached...professional goals to be achieved...that I have to enter into a Cycle of Agyatvaas - which is very much Leave me alone attitude.

Few of you might be thinking ...what the heck is this...Hirdu is one damn social guy...How can he desire it...Well folks...since this agyatvaas is somehow designed by me so it's altogether different from what the true definition of Agyatvaas indicates.

This means that...I am now not available at will. The priorities have been decided and written in stone. This period is here coz I had been postponing few tasks in my life from so long...few dreams I saw with open eyes and now it's high time that they get realised...the way I desire... :)

Info about me, my whereabouts etc etc shall be available on NEED to TELL (this is I decide !! ) basis.

So folks, if you are my friend, aquaintance, relative or anybody or somebody in my life...I urge you to leave me alone till I make a call onto you. At my call you have all the liberty to deicide whether to continue the relationship or not....But Right HERE and RIGHT NOW I am too busy in handling my life my way....Do not ask for my contact numbers, address, time to meet etc etc...if they are not already with you....Let me settle my life and you go ahead with your life...No interferance ... Any interferance shall only ruin the situation...Go get your own life...

I know "Hum woh nahin jiskey bina kisi ka koi kaam ruk jaaye" but still, I know...that "Hamarey nahin hone se kisi ko ferk padey na padey...hone se zaroor padta hai :) "

I shall try to be in touch via mails :)

For my fellow blogger friends...I shall continue to be on blog forever and there shall be N number of posts and I shall always be there on mails...

So folks wish me luck and all the best to you all too...

Till we meet again, its...Gud morning...Gud Afternoon and Gud nite... (From The Truman show)