Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aur isi tereh

Aur isi tereh bichad jaate hain dost,
bichad ker kabhi kabhi bahut yaad aatey hain dost,

Aur isi tereh muskuratey hain dost,
Muskura ker kabhi kabhi bahut rulaatein hain dost,

Aur isi tereh saath chalte hain dost,
chaltey chaltey kabhi kabhi bahut door nikal jaatey hai dost,

Aur isi tereh galey laga lete hain dost,
galey lagatey lagatey kabhi peeth mein khanjar ghop dete hain dost,

Aur isi tereh kuch bhi keh dete hain dost,
kehtey kehtey kabhi kabhi yun he ruk jaatey hai dost,

Aur isi tereh saath jeetein hain dost,
Jeetey Jeetey kabhi kabhi yun he GUJAR jaatey hain dost.

Rewriting a superb thought I read at one of our fellow blogger's blog
"Zindagi ka aakhiri Din bhi gujar jayega dost, Mein bhi mar jaaoonga, Tu bhi Mar jayega dost"


  1. yeh dost koe bande hai kya :))
    aek bechara devadas

  2. hey man !!!

    whats this ??? I dont think that this shows your negative attitude .. This may be showing the reality but man reality is to be understood and then learnt from that and moving ahead. This is not for thinking and thinking and thinking .. Too much thinking makes a person in a loop and I believe this is not the right thing... have known ya a bit and i know that this is not what Hirdu wants or his heart wants .. it may be that this is what ur mind thinks at this moment... I will also say that u shud know what is the reality and then move ahead.. and yes just remember there are few people whom u dont even know but they are thinking for u and will be there in ur lows more than in your highs...

    have fun and take a chill pill

  3. yaar..dont remind me of friends....away from india...thats one thing u miss the most:-(