Wednesday, August 13, 2014


हुज़ूर ने सोचा, कि शायद उनके रुख से हम सहम जायेंगे,
हुज़ूर ने ये भी सोचा, कि उनकी खिदमत में हम रुक जायेंगे,
पर हुज़ूर, किसी के रुख की परवाह कब किसी तूफ़ान ने की है,
सहमा हो चाहे, कभी वो कुछ देर,
पर क्या उसने कभी रुकने की हिमाकत की है,

एक शेर बाकी है अभी...- २२/०२/२०१०
आज - १३/०८/२०१४ २:५० सुबह

हुज़ूर, सोचिये अब कुछ और, क्यूंकि हम बढ़ते आयेंगे,
हुज़ूर, अकेले  हम अब नहीं है, जो थक कर रुक जायेंगे,
साथ हमारे कुछ ऐसे किरदार हैं,
जो बने हैं तूफानों में, जिनका नाम दिलदार है

Middle of Night !!!

It's middle of night, and I am up again. This is happening since last couple of days, Damn !!!! Is it stress, Am I worried or just a coincidence ???

Well, actually this is 'coz #1 I retired to bed early around 9 PM, #2 - actual reason is severe cold - and damn !!!! it blocks, clogs and congests both of my nasal passages...grrr!!!!

Tonight I woke up at 1:30 AM, and I already completed to do list to get my nose decongested (is this a proper word ?) 

The nasal sprays, the menthol stuffs, tablets, steam, heated Ajwain (carom) and what not has already been tried. Folks !!! nothing works. I do not even happen to remember how I landed into this severe condition, 

Initially I thought it's allergy, took couple of anti-allergens, didn't worked then finally I am using homeopathy treatment - yes the cute little sugar coated spheres :) which everybody loved in their childhood. I was delighted to see my kids gleam with joy when I visited doctor. 

Anyways, this medical condition is full of benefits in disguise - I now have access to unimaginable number of hours of awake-ment which I intend to use for blogging solely. I had been missing the silence, the serene and calmness around me which in reality is the trigger for all the thoughts I get and write.

and I know, once the habit to blog re-inits, it continues and keeps gaining pace....