Friday, May 14, 2004

I have my cubicle

I had thought about this when recession struck Indian Shores in July 2001. A round of firing happened at our premises also. But I never got time to publish or even write. Here it is now....

Last day at varsity, ppl are happy around me,
I am not, coz I don't have my cubicle.

Day 1 at Job, Met new ppl,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Induction complete, Assigned to Product,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Slogged for continuous 36 hrs, Product delivered,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Late Stays, Pizza treats, icecreams is the jargon
cholesterol rising, becoming diabetic, But
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Girlfriend got married, Life is screwed,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Mom today said "Take care Son", Pop is furious, but
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

I can't remember the day when I relished and felt content to heart, Still
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Forgot to take turns on the way to home,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Girlfriend gave birth to a child, no hopes now, But
I am still happy, coz I have my cubicle.

It's been long since I chatted with BIG BG, I hope he remembers me, Still
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

News is spreading, Recession is on its prowl, Worried am I, Still
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Today it doomed here finally, friends are leaving,
Some are shocked, Some are afraid,
I should be happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Only lonely I felt, deep down something is broken, Someone is hurt
I am trying hard to be happy, But I am not, coz I STILL have my cubicle.

O lord !! Devil is kind than you, I am now at WAR with you
I want to be happy, I don't desire this cubicle


  1. Good one dude!!! Reminds me of the scary days we left behind ;)

  2. good Hirdesh !!!i made it a point to visit this link u fwd...more coz' i was curious to know what this BLOG thing is all about...and sure enough i am not dissappointed... u've written a very genuine and original poem if i may say so...or blog to be better still ..thinking i start BLOGGING as well...chalo hoping to get more from u time to time...

  3. Well, The reccession hauted us all a lot. May this never come back

  4. My Song

    This song of mine will wind its music around you,
    my child, like the fond arms of love.

    The song of mine will touch your forehead
    like a kiss of blessing.

    When you are alone it will sit by your side and
    whisper in your ear, when you are in the crowd
    it will fence you about with aloofness.

    My song will be like a pair of wings to your dreams,
    it will transport your heart to the verge of the unknown.

    It will be like the faithful star overhead
    when dark night is over your road.

    My song will sit in the pupils of your eyes,
    and will carry your sight into the heart of things.

    And when my voice is silenced in death,
    my song will speak in your living heart.

  5. Don't think u are!Know u are!

  6. Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote the poem long long ago, and it still soothes ones heart and soul.

    and as for the Morpheus stuff here is something from The Keymaker: We do only what we're meant to do

  7. The world knows that it had been written by R.N.Tagore,The point was u seems too lonely though it may not seem outrightly.But the content what "My Cubicle" pours makes me feel that amidst all the hoophalla that is going on,u tends to write only when u are disturbed or sad!If this is true then u are not doing justice to yr creativity,using it only when u feel down.Write sth when u r in jovial atmos.It will be good for the community at large.

  8. I have been watching you for some time now Hirdesh, you are kind of witty and cute too.
    I knew i will never have the courage to tell you this upfront so i am putting the same into your blog.
    Just look around you will see me smiling at you.

  9. Hey Annoymous ! You need courage to say such a nice thing to me ! Oh My lord !!

    Annonymous ! Frankly speaking, If you know me, than I must say u got me all wrong. Since last so many years I have been complimented as a guy who is most easy to approach for anybody. So if u know me and have my contact ids, this is time for u to overcome yr fear and communicate whatever u desire to say and certainly it doesn't require too much of courage and incase u do not have one, u can always buzz me on yahoo messenger, id is there in my profile.

    So Speak up !!

    Soon I shall be posting a post dedicated to all Annonymously Annonymous !!

  10. Hey Annonymous ! Further to previous, I looked around a while and I have so many smiling faces around me (Hey this doesn't mean I am a clown ;-)) that it shall be pretty difficult for me, to recognize you, to say thanx, without any hint from yr side.

    You obviously know ppl come to me to add life and laughter in there life ( Ye jayada to nahin ho gaya na !! folks )

  11. I know with so many people around it may be difficult for one to look at *the right one*
    I shall make it easy for you. You know me for like 4 years now. I guess that is a good hint for you to come to me. :) I will pray to God that you recognize me.

  12. Oh My Lord !! I know u for around 4 Years now and I still can't recognize u now, even from yr writing style...That's real pathetic on my part...

    Anyhow u have made it a little easier or shud I say little more difficult. This info cuts the whole probable circle to pretty close one now...But here again I wonder where u belong to....

    I shall be requiring one more hint ...I won't ask about which dimension...but ya little closer one ;-)

    And dear one more thing...Praying to GOD won't help much...coz as all know "I am at WAR with him"..and He is always furious and unreasonable when anything is supposed to be about ME.

  13. Fair deal. We knew each other at school

  14. Well, In that case we are aware of each other since past 9 yrs when I left school. So hint 1 doesn't count.

    and to say sth to a guy from school doesn't require any tint of least that is true for me.

    further, now saying that I knew u since school and from last 4 yrs, we are in touch with each other again puts me in a position wherein I have more than enough gals to zero-in.

    It also implies that u know me fairly well, than u shud directly come up to the surface and speak up !!

  15. There are too many anonymous in this blog now.Some are hiding there identity,for some reason.But some are playing with the Blog writer.Though it may seems to be funny initially but this should not continue so i this is my last comment as anonymous.After this if i will comment then it will be proper otherwise i will refrain for all this stuff.
    Signing off.

  16. "I have my cubicle" was really veryyyyyyyyyyyy........ good. Never knew that such a cool and hilarious person talking with whom really relieves one from the tension for atleast sometime is such a good poet too. Till now i have been posting my comments on ur blog as well as vikas's blog as anonymous. but today thought of signing. i have found this blog really interesting. Well i was reading thru the comments and the conversation between u and anonymous was really interesting. So what happened?? Cud u recognize the anonymous;) and also i agree with u. u r very easily approachable.:) but this did not happen with me. as i have not yet found my cubicle hahahhaha.....

  17. Wow !
    This is something, one can relate to their own life.
    I once used to have my own cubicle.

    But truely, this is really really good.

  18. Cubicles !! Now I have lost them all...Now a days I sit in huge Lab ....which is deprived of cubicles and ppl are assigned to benches and Racks...mine is Number 13