Thursday, August 26, 2004

!! Play your own game !!

Sometime back I said "Use your instincts before you become Extinct", Today I add an addendum to it, "Play your own Game".

Actually these phrases are guidelines for me to identify my future behavioral pattern in life. Then you might be wondering that why am I publishing such great words of wisdom onto the public domain, when they outline my strategies.

Shouldn't I keep my strategies secret and keep moving on with letting anybody know what shall be my next step in life.

Well folks !! You might be right, coz I firmly consider this life as WAR waged against the Unreasonable, but don't you believe that it shall bring in much more fun and enthusiasm, if everybody knows your strategy before hand and yet nobody is able to stop you from achieving, what you desire.

At least I believe so and have felt the same.

There had been numerous instances wherein I have told all that I shall move ahead like this and like that, if you do this I shall do that, and all that blah blah blah...and then I achieved following the same route as I declared and folks you can never imagine how much FUN it was, "watching those damn buggers (Jean Claude VAN DAMN BUGGERS) so helpless around me".

Anyhow here I am stating the 49th RULE of Power, You might ask where are the 1st 48, Well for that you shall have to refer "48 laws of Power - Robert Greene".

So here is the rule "Keep your strategies completely secret, never let information flow without being encrypted or mangled, incase you cannot maintain absolute secrecy, then pump in so much of information in front, so as to create huge chaos".

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

!! Blocking the View !!

I hold her here so near, not to let her ignore me, when I reach to achieve, what I desired the most.

Who is She ?

Why I wanna hold her ?

Why can't I let her simply ignore me ?

What's there in the devil's name I want to achieve ?

She is smile.

I wanna hold her coz all around me is sorrow and despair and I know it shall be tough to be 'living' without her.

I care so much about, How can I let her ignore me.

Now this is typical, What I desire to achieve ? Ppl call it Success - I call it happiness, the delight and content in my heart, the handshake of my heart and soul. I wanna achieve Dreamless Sleep, I wanna to sleep, without any worry about next day.

This is what is blocking my VIEW !!

Why don't you smile, Happiness ?

Why the heck I am asking happiness to smile, aren't these two phenomenons synonyms to each other, or is it something else.

Does being happy itself means that you can have smile on yr face or if you are smiling, does that mean that you are happy too...aren't these 2 jestures all together different from each other...

Yes, My dear pals,

Being Happy and Smiling are not synonymous, they are altogether different things..But, I do agree to the fact that If someone can achieve both phenonmenons at the same moment, then at that very moment nobody is more lucky then him/her.

I don't remember, when was the last time, I was happy...But everybody who knows me, or have seen me, or have met me , or have read me, has always seen,read or felt that I am smiling...I keep smiling, Ppl say that I speak less and laugh more...there shall always be a sense of laughter & naughtyness, when I am around. They say that they find unusual hope in my eyes or in my talks, but is it so really...

I am introspecting this since last 2 days, and I think I didn't even required that...Its written all over my face, all over my soul that I am Searching....I am on the Hunt....I have spent so much of myself to reach HER and SHE is still so far...




I don't know folks ! Ya its true that I don't know ! there are thing in this world that I don't know !!

What I know is that I am on constant vigil, i am on constant lookout for HER...Since for so many Years I am searching for her...Its not been a matter of days or months folks, Now its been years since I have felt HER.

Now here is something I desire from you folks...If you ever found out Where She Is ?, for whom I am looking, since past so many years, Inform me. I shall ask HIM ( ya ya ya He is the same Guy, I am at WAR for same reasons, you ppl call him GOD ) to let Smile and be happy at the same time.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

!! You say I am Greedy !!

You say I am Greedy, But I only desire few moments with you,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to see you smile when I meet you,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to see you reciprocate, what I feel, when I depart,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to walk on the side of road with you,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to earn little more, to buy a home before I marry you,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to sharpen my skill-set, so as to combat the fear of not being with you,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to achieve the deadline a little early, coz I wish spend evening with you,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to sleep a little early, coz I wish to talk to you more in my dreams,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to hold you so close that I can hear your heart rhythm with mine,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to weep a little longer,
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to bring laughter to your soul,

You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to love you till I die,

You say I am Greedy, But I only desire you to read this and come back to me.
You say I am Greedy, But I only desire to be FREE to desire you FOREVER.

You might be right, I may be Greedy, But You now know that I only desire to be with you a little longer.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Where am I ?

Where the heck is Hirdu ?
What in devils name is he doing ?
Why has he vanished all of a sudden from this blog world ?
Who knows about him more than HE himself ?
When shall the visitor on his blog shall see another of his finest posting ?

How will he again manage to get crowd again to his blog ?
Is he conspiring something ?
How can he be so cruel and insensitive towards his beloved readers ?



Wednesday, August 04, 2004

!! Punch Me, I Bleed !!

When I heard it, I was almost shocked, Who wrote this Dialogue to be spoken by our Peter Parker aka Spiderman.

Spiderman is supposed to be a Superhero and superhero never say these kind of words. He is supoosed to be "Man of Steel".

Even James Bond never shows that he "Bleeds". Why Spiderman ?

Is it just that he is more human, or is it something else the creator of the Spiderman wanna to convey.

Anyways think about it....Why Spiderman being a Superhero said this ? ...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

1000th Visitor

So Who Was the 1000th Visitor to my blog !!!

Well, I tried That I shouldn't be the one...But failed to do so...and accidently became the 1000th.

Please donot pelt stones on me for this... My visits should also count...and this was the unique one tooo....

So Guys and Gals Thanx for visiting the blog and causing the ticker to reach it....

I am now seriously thinking to stop adding my own visits to the counter..but have figure How to do it ?....

anyhow I shall do that fast and haan there shall be many continous postings soon coming onto the blog starting from tonight....Be assured for that. ;-)

I was wondering from where all ppl come to this blog....

Top was India ofcourse, then was UK, US, Singapore, Sweden, Malaysia, Canada, and sbdy did it from Pakistan too...Wow !!