Monday, May 31, 2004

Hug Addict

Must be wondering what this title is all about.

This is the liner written on the 1 of the 4 T-Shirts I bought on saturday shopping Spree at Westside (for those who donno Westside - Its a brandname owned by TATA and now a days have sell almost everything made of fabric ;-) )

So what were the other 3 T-Shirts have ;-)

1. I only drink to be Anti-Social
2. Don't Keep the faith, Spread it around.
3. Always be Sincere, whether you serious or not.

I wonder from where this ppl get the liners for T-shirt.

A weekend before, me and vikas were roaming around and had a look at those FCUK - The french Connection branded ones at GK ...They were fundoo..LOUD to the extreames... ;-)

Our unamiously favorite one had

Virgins' - Search and Rescue Team

well the weekend was blasted away with 3 movies.

1. Yuva - (Hindi - Young) - Fundoo movie, nothing less was expected out of Maniratnam.
2. Hum Tum - (Hindi - We and You) - Harry meets Sally types; had a good laugh.
3. Along came Polly - Awesome, Never go on scuba diving on yr honeymoon ;-)

there are again a lot coming up and several are still pending

1. Van Helsing
2. The Day after tommorow.
3. Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban
4. Shrek 2

So many movies and 3 Weddings to attend and a upcoming Release of Service Pack 1...So much to do...What do u ? Am I too busy ? Then ppl claim that I donot have much postings on my blog... ;-)

Indian Bloggers List

Indian Bloggers List

So finally got the list...So guys & gals. u can now have a listing of yr blog over there...and get all the limelight, u ever desired...and if u are of the type "Who th' hell wants limelight ?" then also u can have a look and take yr own call. ;-)

Friday, May 28, 2004

Addy Murphy's Birthday

adnan's Blog

So folks here is Happy wala Bird-Day of our own dear Addy Murphy !!!

So Addy Dear where is party Man ??

Here are my wishes on yr BIRD-DAY

On this B-day

May Thy lord surround u with upmteen SEXY Babes..{But May u can't see them only feel them )

May Thy lord fill in yr fridge yr liters of Wine and Beer ( so that we can RAID it)

May Thy lord fetch u free passes to Raddisson or Ghungroo ( take yr GF there);-) This is surely for u.

May Thy lord let yr Manager sleep for the whole week now so that u can chill out with the gang

May Thy lord fill in extra cash in yr wallet, so that u can take us to TGIF ;-)

May Thy lord succeeds in persuading u, so that u shave yr face ;-) and take a bath and change yr Sock everyday ;-) So this time we won't gift u a set of Deodourent and room freshener.. ;-)

Anyhow...Celebrate like there is no tommmorow....May Lord Shower happiness on u.

So folks !! Post yr Wishes on adnan's blog now...he will be happy to see them...

Thursday, May 27, 2004

BUPA health information - Smoking - Why do you like cigarettes?

BUPA health information - Smoking - Why do you like cigarettes?

Oh My !! So Much discussion on Smoking ...So aabove is link to what professionals say about "Why ppl like Smoking ?"

For Me reason is simple ..Here is one coming up ...Analyze this

Smoke is lighter then air. So When I smoke...It creates a buoyancy, which makes me feel lighter.
Now why Cigarette Community feel happy while lighting a cig for sbdy...Coz there is saying in the community.

Light a cig for somebody and it shall bring light to yr life. ;-)

Finally it rained

So it drizzled finally in noida...The breeze is cool ...and its raining as slow as it can....The environ and the climate around is fanatically romantic..and Here am I, sitting in the Lab...with all soughts of tunnels around me (Hey !! I am talking about VPN tunnels)...

Today I shall leave at 6...No matter what the heck happens...Its been 3 days slogging for so many hrs...

Anyhow folks....Enjoy the whether...and LIVE.

Last temple visited. Its a Buddhist Temple in Bangkok.

Game Zone View

Damned Dam

Greenest Mount I ever Saw

Well, This was the view from my office Window

Tall Buildings in Seattle

Sought of Samender

A Long Road in Seattle

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What it took to create a woman

Sometime back I was reading 'Discovery of India-J.Nehru'.
This is quoted from it

It is a excellent illustration of what it took to create a woman.

F.W. Bain in 'The digits of moon' wrote

In the begining, when Twashtri (The Divine Artificer) came to the creation of woman he found that he exhausted his materials in the making of man and no solid elements were left.

In this dilemma, after profound meditation he did as follows;

He took the rotundity of moon, and the curves ofthe creepers,
and the clinging of tendrils, and the trembling of grass,
and the slenderness of the reed, and the bloom of flowers,
and the lightness of leaves, and the tapering of elephant's trunk,
and the glances of deer, and the clustering of rows of bees,
and the joyous gaiety of sunbeams, and the weeping of clouds,
and the fickleness of the winds, and the timidity of the hare,
and the vanity of peacock, and the softness of parrot's bosoms,
and the hardness of adamant, and sweetness of honey,
and the cruelity of tiger, and the warm glow of fire,
and the coldness of snow, and the chattering of jays,
and cooing of kokila, hypocracy of crane,
and fidelity of chakravaka, and than compounded all these together,
he made woman and gave it to man.

not a easy recepie for God even !!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Devdaas - The last Paragraph

Long ago, I read "Devdaas - Sharat Chandra". Here is the last Paragraph from the novel. Its not only the theme of the novel but also the truth of LIFE

Aap log jo kahani padenge humse hi gamgeen honge. To bhi kabhi agar Devdas jaise badnaseeb, Asayanmi (one who has no control over himself ) aur Papi se parichaye ho, to uske liye prarthna (Pray) kijiyega. prarthna kijiyega ki aur chahe jo bhi ho, uske jaisi maut (Death) kisi ki na ho. Marne ka koi gum nahin, lekin koi sneh-sparsh (touch of love) us samay uske lalaat (forehead) tak pahuche-ek bhi karuna-vigalit (compassion), snehmey (lovely) mukhra(face) dekhte hue es jivan ka ant(End) ho. Marte vaqt jisse veh kisi ki aakh mein aansoon ki ek boond dekh ker mur sake.(So that at the time of his death he can see at least a drop of Tear in the eye of someone Dear)

Here is the English Translation of the paragraph

All those who shall read this story shall be in sorrow like us. Even than if you ever get introduced to anybody as unlucky and sinner as Devdaas, than please Pray that no matter what happens, his life should not end and he should not recieve death like Devdaas. There is no grief about dying, but there should be "touch of love" over his forehead, there should be a lovely face dipped in compassion in front of his eyes when he dies. So that at the time of his death, he can see at a drop of tear in the eye of someone Dear.

[This Last line is the only truth for which a human Lives]

[This is what for which he fights his whole life "to have someone who shall Cry, when He Die"]

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Who will Cry When You Die

Well, This is 3rd of the 3 books bought last weekend. So This weekend shall be spent with these books only..3 Books and Me ;-)

I wonder Did we ever thought "Who will cry When We Die ?"

Baherhaal (Hindi - Anyhow), If the title had been "Who will die When you cry ?", it would have been more fundoo..;-)

!! I desire !!

Being at war has its own pros and cons. And Being at WAR with GOD, I sometimes feel is a real cruicial and herculean task at Hand.

But over the years I felt that GOD is equally a good Enemy as HE is a friend.

Like every war we also have pact between us which says, "Whatever GOD shall ask from me not for himself, I shall grant him that & whatever I shall ask HIM not for myself, He shall grant me that."

Here is what I desire now. (I feel HE also read my blog. Though I don't expect a comment from HIM ;-))

"2 of my friends are in urgent need of happiness. Grant them". 1 requires a handsome job and another one needs guts to marry the girl of his choice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sunsigns & Kisses

This was pretty interesting...Though its just a speculative view, but still it offers some insight in Why ;-)

Your kisses are quick and passionate fits of lustful pleasure that are there and then gone.

Your kisses linger; they are deliberate, heartfelt and they can go on and on and on.

Your kisses are interrupted by spasms of giggles, smiles and funny observations.

Your kisses are warm and tender, and you never want to let them go.

Your kisses are wild and uninhibited, biting and clawing; you expect applause for your performance.

Your kisses are so subtle and tidy, your lover only notices them once you've finished.

Your kisses are passionate and would be given only when you are seriously involved.

You skip the kiss and get straight to whatever comes next for you.

Your kisses are surprising, spontaneous affairs that leave the kissed wanting more.

Your kisses are intense moments of sublime relief from the stress of your day.

Your kisses are wet and messy, and you tend to keep your eyes open.

Your kisses are starry-eyed, amorous and long-lasting.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Guts! - Companies that Blow the Doors off Business-as-usual.

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

2nd of the 3 books bought yesterday. This one talks about guts !! Which we all think we have But Do u really have ?

After I complete reading it I shall publish my review. Till than Guys and Gals take my word, Buy borrow or steal, but have a look at it.

Its worthed !! ;-)

3 - Julie Hilden

Julie Hilden

This book I bought yesterday. The front cover was different but was equally tempting.

Talks about threesome nights and thus the flow of human relationships.

Now, I can respite

So Finnally, My B-Day Celebration came to an end. This was the most hectic B-day I ever had...Had to give continues parties since wednesday and be in smiling and happy mood all the time.

Watched "Mein Hoon Na" Twice, first at priya on friday night and then at Waves Noida on Satuday afternoon.

BEER, cocktails, and whiskey flowed everyday to keep the Throat wet and spirits high. Friday was definately TGIF, Saturday was at Ruby's Tuesday and Sunday was at PVR and then at Twister, GK.

A lot we all chatted and a lot we all remembered together....

So folks this B-day life was both FUN and Funny together.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Extended B-Day

So folks B-day Still continues and thus todays Blog shall appear tommorrow... Going to Waves Noida and Shall watch 50 first dates today....

Friday, May 14, 2004


So folks, its TGIF time. Leaving for Priya at 1800 hrs

I have my cubicle

I had thought about this when recession struck Indian Shores in July 2001. A round of firing happened at our premises also. But I never got time to publish or even write. Here it is now....

Last day at varsity, ppl are happy around me,
I am not, coz I don't have my cubicle.

Day 1 at Job, Met new ppl,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Induction complete, Assigned to Product,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Slogged for continuous 36 hrs, Product delivered,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Late Stays, Pizza treats, icecreams is the jargon
cholesterol rising, becoming diabetic, But
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Girlfriend got married, Life is screwed,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Mom today said "Take care Son", Pop is furious, but
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

I can't remember the day when I relished and felt content to heart, Still
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Forgot to take turns on the way to home,
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Girlfriend gave birth to a child, no hopes now, But
I am still happy, coz I have my cubicle.

It's been long since I chatted with BIG BG, I hope he remembers me, Still
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

News is spreading, Recession is on its prowl, Worried am I, Still
I am happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Today it doomed here finally, friends are leaving,
Some are shocked, Some are afraid,
I should be happy, coz I have my cubicle.

Only lonely I felt, deep down something is broken, Someone is hurt
I am trying hard to be happy, But I am not, coz I STILL have my cubicle.

O lord !! Devil is kind than you, I am now at WAR with you
I want to be happy, I don't desire this cubicle

A Weekend before I was on the way to White Water Rafting at Rishikesh. These Purples I met on the way.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Blog this again

Wow !! Kya Baat hai !!

Ye blog this to fundoo hai re....Just click karo link per pop up open karo and its done...

amazing thing....

But ye Pic waghera kaise ad karte hain iss per


This tunnelling philosphy is killing me.....

Just a day before got a yr older and this cruel world has engaged me to create so many tunnels across the firewalllsss....

anyhow part of the game...

So continuing with blog spirit.....Waiting for the Party I shall have on coming saturday....

Waves - Saturday, Barista, Ruby's Tuesday....what not is there....

Almost finished "The Partner" ....

Hey Bought a new Book "The last song of Dusk" ...anybody read it before....From the backpage it seems to be a good stuff to read lets see how it turns out

Blog this

Finally got easiest way to blog.....

Now u all guys and gals !!! Pray to yr lord !! Hirdu blogs are here to stay

Older Once again

Once again the Happy wala bday arrived yesterday....Received around 60 mails 27 SMS and 28 Personal calls wishing me Happy Birthday....For Me the day started at 0000 hrs midnight and still continuing.

I donno if all these calls i am getting is coz of large circle of friends or what...but anyhow part of the game...ppl ay one shud enjoy whatever comes to there way ..but even yesterday I felt so lonely I donno why...but ya today I am bit happy ....still donno y.....

there are umpteen things I donnno why they happens to me....

addy forwarded a perfect link to me on birthday....thanx addy....

Lets Go

So Folks, Here I begin....

Last yr at the same time I began writing on xanga....But some how never got use to the interface....This seems little colorful....Lets hope I remain here for a while.