Saturday, May 22, 2004

Who will Cry When You Die

Well, This is 3rd of the 3 books bought last weekend. So This weekend shall be spent with these books only..3 Books and Me ;-)

I wonder Did we ever thought "Who will cry When We Die ?"

Baherhaal (Hindi - Anyhow), If the title had been "Who will die When you cry ?", it would have been more fundoo..;-)


  1. Oh!! this week end flow of liquior has come to an end, so the flow of knowledge is what in store!! Great.

    Title "Who will die when you cry" sounds great & touching. But is there really takers!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well Hridesh this comment is not specifically on this one. Just a piece of advice. Try to avoid liquor and cigarettes. It is not necessary that Engineers do have liquor and cigarettes. All my cousins and many of my friends r Engineers who don't smoke at all. So pls. think it over:)

  3. Hi anonymous,

    How do profession related to habit? Enginers are not saints, right? They too can booze, smoke,flirt, make merry.

    Yes , Liquior & Ciggi is not good for all human.

  4. Hi Anamika,

    U r absolutely right in saying "How do profession related to habit???". So this what i say and being a friend always advice them to avoid those. And there r many many other ways to enjoy. Not necessary u need to........

  5. Well, Well, Well...It seems that everybody else cares about me a lot except me... ;-) good to know that...and thanx also for the same...

    But dear the point here is how I wish my life to be...I am not a chain smoker all the days and all the time, and ocassionlly drink...Though I also agree that there are other ways to have fun and et al, But let the life be like that only...

    and frankly speaking...what I believe about this smoking stuff is that that One starts it at point of time in life (not all though) and leave the habit again at some point of time (not all though again)...

    So this is my view....;-)

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  7. Yes being a good friend definately it is good to advice our near & dear one's.

    But here the Question is, Is there a taker?

    Hey Medha, every one knows what's good & bad. Let them live thier life. Why interfere & be a spoil sport?

  8. Hirdu my dear!!!

    See I am getting blame for bieng practical!!

    I am implementing theoritical thought of mine on you.
    Please reduce ur count by one atleast. I know u wont!! ha ha!!

  9. Well, thats the way life is. Its nearly impossible to keep everybody happy all the time and yrself too, thus the best strategy, which I follow is "Let the mind hear what evrybody else says, But live life the way Heart desires". This will ensure everybody happy some of the time and shall keep yrself happy all the time.

  10. Just saw these lines of comment and thought of adding something to it... actually something came to my mind...
    Staying healthy is the slowest way to die!! now who wants to die a slow death?

  11. Bewafa sanam se to cigarette achhi hai,
    Bewafa sanam se to cigarette achhi hai,
    Dil jalati hai, par hoto se to lagti hai.

    Software engineers act;-)Cut Copy Paste from net ha ha!!!!!

    Well said Mr. Vikas
    Who wants to die a slow death!!

  12. No comment on cigarrette smoking atleast and thats the end of discussion from me atleast

  13. Hmm !! Another one bites the dust !! ;-)

  14. I have Die not attitude. I can continue this discussion going on.

    Meri aakri tamanna hai ki muje cigerrete se jalao, ( that was pehele) Ab iraada badal gaya hai. Jalao mat, dafanao;-). For my every action there is a reason.ha! ha!

  15. !! Udi baba !! Ye to khaternaak ho gaya hai....Jalayo ...Dafnaayoo... ;-)

    Arre Nahin dear aisa nahin kehte...Jalna ...duffnana kya...aish karo...Why to worry about dying or care for what shall happen on dying....Enjoy Life...

    Her fikr ko dhuyen mein udata chala gaya...
    Mein Jindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya...

    Ye cigarette sochti hai ki Jalti woh hai or piye mein ja raha hoon....
    Per Is Hasseen ko kya pata ki Yahan Jamane ne, sadiyon tak humko jalaya hai..aur hum uff tak na ki...

    Her shaam yun hi baitha kerta tha mein dariya kinare..
    Haath mein cigarette aur dil mein leker khayal tumhaare...
    Per tu kabhi na aayi, aur mein baitha raha dekhte hue chand sitare...
    Tum kuch bhi kaho, kuch bhi socho, But Hum Hain Tumhaare...

    Yun hi gumgeen hoker jindagi gujarti jaati hai...
    Bus ab yahi to ek cigarette hai jo saath nibhati hai...

    jalti hai woh per dhuyan utha hai mere labon se...
    lagti hai hotho woh, per naam nikalta hai tera mere labon se...

  16. I m a person who never gives up. I cannot ever agree on cigarette smoking (now this does not mean that i m trying to say that this discussion is trying to convince me. no, not at all) just my view point on cigarettes which will never change. it is something that i m deadly against of. balki i will say that smokers r always dependent on cigarettes and ultimately that becomes their weakness. so if u want to be weak and dependent instead of independent then do continue with the discussion.

  17. Come on Medha,

    Who is independent in this world? We all depend on something or the other!!!!

  18. The person who thinks "he is strong " is the most weak person on earth.

  19. !! Oh Lord !! it seems Both of You are engaged in a war like sitution now... !! Before Somebody's EGO is hurt and She starts refraining from coming to this blog, I feel I must suggest both, to calm down...and start thinking what to do on this lovely weekend....and other stuffs....

    Hey Y don't you both post sth on yr blogs so that I can post a comment on it...I assure u that my comments are more refreshing than my postings ;-)

    so any takers...If u donot have anything to post on yr ablog...y don't u write about me ;-) on yr blogs....ppl shall than be interested in me....

  20. phool mile, aur dhaagaa siye to mala banati hai

    jaam mile aur saaki karam farmaaye to mehfil jamati hai

    sirf lafz o kafiya milne se nahi

    tajruba ho kuch, aur kuch jazba bahe tab shayari sajati hai.