Friday, June 29, 2007

Home away from Home

I was trying to write about this since a long time, but somehow got busy in not so imp tasks and it got pending...

So Home away from Home begins here...

I always use to believe that there is no place like your own home in whole of this globe, but as I moved on with my life, I discovered that at least for me there are places on this globe that exists just like my home.

The comfort, the ease and the air is exactly the same as my own home. "How these were achieved is out of scope" but certainly the credit goes to the people who own those places. I shall list them one by one.

Let's start from India own Delhi....

1. The Delhi Delight - The home exists in the heart of my own Delhi. My Friend "Adnan & his naughty wife Sahba" owns it. Now what differs this home, from all of rest houses in the whole apartment complex or say from all other homes I shall be listing down is "the scope" which resides within the home. The air is calm, the energy is high, ideas just flow. Temptation to open the fridge is immense. The freedom to roam, to talk, and shout is unparallel.

It's a 3 BHK home, completely full of all the stuff you ever need in a home. The semi-tranparent cotton drapes on the windows are simply superb, they keep the home lighted with spirits all the time.

Guests or I think I should say Friends just keep coming in to this home all the time or anytime...they just walk in and are welcomed always with smile on the face & incredible cusines on dining table. Then there are always naughty scoldings from Sahba and amused Addy waiting all the time for a Bear Hug :)

Addy is fond of Calvin and most of the times I feel, he thinks and talks like Calvin :) and Sahba - I don-no what She is fond of !!...But She loves life around her :)

2. Spectrum in San Jose, California : You might be thinking - Why this home is named as Spectrum ? Well Simple Question, Simple Answer - Spectrum is first word that comes to my mind whenever I remember. This lovely home is owned by "'Prashant', his intelligent wife 'Arundhati' and the 3 year old naugtiest kid with twinkling eyes 'Aarav'".

This home is categorised by immense thought-process that prevails, the classic climate of California makes the surroundings even more enjoyable. The quick and witted queries from Arundhati and parallel intelligent responses from Aarav can keep anybody busy.

I can never forget, it's only other home away from my own home, where I have celebrated my Birthday with cake, funtastic dinner and delight.

The echoes, the fragrance in kitchen ruled by Arundhati, giggles of Aarav, the corners, the convertible Sofa, the single night read of "five point someone", the simple and lazy Saturday mornings, the breakfast, amazing Pasta shall always keep me senti about this home and I believe, I shall always be welcomed in Spectrum :)

Now they have shifted the house but I still know that lively soul of home is there in New House.

Prashant is fond of shopping, Aarav loves to play around and Arundhati is fond of Talks ;) - I know She is gonna kick me for this.

3. Sweet Seattle, Washington : Well, there had been times, when I felt fear to be in here, coz this home is too Sweet. This is owned by "Mukul, his curious wife Rashi and cutie kid Aashray".

The home is just amazing, you can run inside the home, even play cricket inside the hall. The energy is just immense, you name the event or desire and it shall be done.

The amazing Omellete at 4 PM, the quiet sunshine around the home, the island in between the kitchen, fridge loaded with Juices and Coke :)...whatever you desire is simply taken care.

This is the home where one loves to celebrate Holi, Diwali...have get-togethers. Run arround the home, make the entrance dirty and then :) get scolded by Rashi.

Rashi and Mukul - they provide amazing equivalence to each other, Rashi is naughty, She get angry, She fight with you and then prepares one of the finest Pakodas and Tea, on the contrary Mukul tries to understand and you are done :)

Anyhow...In here too people just walkin the home and settle around the hall, help themselves on there own from the fridge and just keep talking even middle of the night.

Rashi use to be fond of Chocolates, Mukul of Omellete and Cartoons, and Though I have not yet met Aashray - but I still know he shall be fond of gals ;)

Let's Start

Couple of Posts pending....

Let's begin them all... :) The thoughts shall be mixed, coz they incubated for a while...longer than usual this time....might not be in sequence ...but who cares as long as they are readable :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Finally at last

So folks, finally at last I am back. Right now :) I am again back to Windows live writer :) why...coz my Internet connection is damn slow and thus I need something so that I can write the blog offline.

Life is damn damn busy and I am not able to understand why ? a days most of the stuff happens automatically :) in office, in the project, at home, around the corner everywhere :) I donno how and I donno why ?

At home, I get Clothes ironed automatically, dinner ready :) at office setups are automatically down :) problems are automatically created...

Oh man...Mind of a married man...I mean life of married man :) is too typical

More posts coming up tomorrow :)