Sunday, April 08, 2007

!! Raat lambi ho teri bhi itni, ki fir subeh na ho !!

Don't ask me why I wrote this, I was feeling uneasy from so long...I desire to write something different, but much has happened in last 2 months that only the following came to the post...

काश कि अब सुबेह ना हो, काश कि अब मुझे नींद ना आये,

काश कि अब बारिश ना हो, काश कि अब मुझे याद ना आये
काश कि अब खुदा खुद को भूल जाये, काश कि अब मौत आ जाये
और काश कि अबसे तू भी ना सोये, रात लंबी हो तेरी भी इतनी, कि फिर कभी सुबेह ना हो

For those who know hindi, but cannot read the script...

Kaash ki ab subeh na ho, Kaash ki ab mujhe neend na aaye,
Kaash ki ab baarish na ho, kaash ki ab mujhe yaad na aaye,
kaash ki ab khuda khud ko bhool jaye, kaash ki ab maut aa jaye,
Aur kaash ki absey tu bhi na soye, Raat lambhi ho teri bhi itni, ki fir kabhi subeh na ho.

For those who donot know hindi, here is the translation

May the morning never happens now, May I don't sleep any more now,
May the rain never happens now, May I never remember you now,
May the Lord Loses himself now, May the death comes now,
And May from now on you also do not sleep, Your night should also become so long, that the morning never happens from now on...


  1. its been a while!

    i m trying to see through the words in this post -- forgive me for doing seems there is some serious speculation about life going on. whatever be it, keep the spirits high!

  2. [sandeep] lets see, how much you can peep thru :)....there are no walls, only fog is too much

  3. Loved the last line .."Aur kaash ki absey tu bhi na soye, Raat lambhi ho teri bhi itni, ki fir kabhi subeh na ho..."..:)

  4. daba daba ehasaas...kisi ko khone ke baad ka dard!
    daad kabool farmayein


  5. I really dont know what to write but i am sure hirdu, u dont have right kind of persons around u.

  6. [dimple] - thanx....this line is written just to bring the other side also feel the same emotions

    [dawn] - dhanyavad - but ye kisi ko khoney ke baad ka nahin...kisi ko iss jindagi na paaney ka ehsaas hai

    [Always Happy] - I have blocked having people around me :) now people surround me :)....