Sunday, April 22, 2007

Re-iterating the logics


Again trying to commit to my soul...

1. If you want something to done correct. Do it yourself. - Here the constraint is that if you donot have enough bandwidth to do it all or the task is so huge that you need to distribute the responsibilites then, here is what comes from James bond's movie
  • Always have an escape - which means always have a plan B which should be executed if after 33% execution of task or the 33% of time spent over on plan A whichever is earlier, you visualise that Plan A shall fail. - I normally execute plan B after 27% and force plan C just after 22 % of Plan B just to mitigate the risks. The problem with this is that I spend too much energy in finding the parallel/backup/shadow resources to achieve :)

    2. Live in Realisation and keep dreams for others to roam in.

    Rest Later...

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