Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life is long enough :)

Folks just now got this thought....

"Isn't life is Long enough to keep searching and finally achieve the love of life even if none is found suitable till today"

What say?

Keep Walking :)

Shaadi No1, Aksar, Hazaron Khwahishey Aisi & Family

Oh Lord....Every day a new movie.....and all were completely different from each other

I forgot to write about the "Rang de Basanti"...shall write some other time...about that...

well...Shaadi No 1 - ultimate movie - typical David Dhawan style...kya chahiye 3 ghante mein :) 6 gals...4- 5 songs et al and so much fun with those rhymes of Sanjay Dutt :)...well Aayesha Takia is undoubtedly superb....

Aksar is again classical stuff which one can expect from Emraan Hashmi :) Songs were superb ...Jhalak Dikhlaja is really great song ...Udita is somehow loosing the can easily visualise uneven skin in close ups ....

Hazaron Khwahishey Aisi is another super movie seen after a long time...somehow I was able to guess each scene and what ever emotions involved...The immense dialogue delievery made the head a little bit heavy...But ya I liked the character of Vikram...He is charming and know how to move in stride...The Pragmatic.... & Geeta...She is just impossible Gal ....I wud regard her not as rockhead but a dumb head....anyhow......But yaar ye Vikram too much tha...too much involved and senti....the movie is beautiful in the sense like that anyone can picture the emotions with the character Vikram :) Watch it to believe.....One last piece of advice ..."Always be clear to identify foolish friends like Geeta and Siddharth and Stay Damn away from them.."

Finally comes the family....Senti stuff...But ya...

anyhow...this is wat I needed to unwrap myself....this time.....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Whenever Heart beats...

I don't know how many of you know this or felt, but I know its true and felt it.

Dil se dil tak ek wireless connection hota hai and whenever it beats it sends out signals that its alive and beating for somebody alive. A live heart can receive those signals and act upon it.

That is why sometimes even if you are invisible on Yahoo messenger or sth like that, people know you are there :)

Ramji Londonwaley

Ultimate fundoo Movie...One of the reason I liked the movie is coz Ramji is also loves cooking..

Some day I know ...I shall know...and then we all know.... :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kyun Naraz tha Mein

Pata nahin kyun iss baar kuch jayada he naraz tha,
Ghar per sabhi se, Bhai se, Relatives se, Yarron Doston se,
Colleagues se, Managers se, Onsite Janta se, Offshore admin se,
Duniya bher ke fundon se, Iss kaam se, Apne Aap se, jindagi se,
khuda se, khud se, Insaano se, Jaanwaron se, Subeh se, shaam se,

Aaj kuch logon ko iss Narazgi se aazad ker diya hamesha ke liye....

Saanjh dhale Gagan taley ye khayal aaya ki Maate se kyun naaraz hoon bus ....Maate se varta ho gayi....ab dil ko sukoon hai chain hai ....Baaki Duniya se nibat lenge...koi ferk nahin padta kisi aur se...Maate ke alawa...

Coz I have met the ppl "Jinke Maa Nahin Hoti - "Mein Hoon Na" I had this as the most senti dialogue of the Year..."

After a long time

After a long time I heard it again..Yess folks...after around 6 years I heard "Ramayan" again...

Complete Tuldas Ramayan is available for hearing at

Its sung in Devanagri beautifully. The voice and tone for all the chapters is matches superbly to the meaning of the paras, chhands and shaloks.

It might be difficult to understand in the flow for those who are not so well versed with the jargon, but even then it can be heard and if thy can take out the meaning from what is spoken and the music involved...I am sure thy shall like the effort.

Hear the "sunderkand" which is basically about how our Mr. Hanuman goes in Lanka and fire up the place et al :) ...and thy shall understand...the theory....

Anyhow so why was I hearing this...well yesterday, after around 7 years I had this severe Headache for no reason (I think it was coz I attended a pretty long meeting ;) was tearing each cell apart from each other and I was like ...cannot even open my eyes coz of pain....anyhow...came to my seat and desired to hear sth different this time and thus started palying...

Kher ....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jaane kyun thak raha hoon mein

Donno Why am I feeling fatigue...and loosing interest in all the facets suddenly...

I wanna go home & sleep ....

I wanna hear these word form somebody near & dear "Lemme take you far like a Holiday...." or whomsoever says these shall become near and dear...

Its been a long era of slavery.....I wanna break free....lemme recollect and just move out .....

The writing has been casted...Destiny is written...I shall just be following it....More ppl shall be lost on the way...Some new ppl shall join...and there shall be a Future perfect...coz Present has participled forever now ;)

What the heck am I writing...well folks ...these are the loose thoughts which are roaming in the Mind's I shall wander here for some time and as soon as I shall collect my smile...I shall be back on track...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Special: Happy Valentine

Happy wala Valentine to you all folks !!!

May this Valentine shower all the joy and delight & May you all find Love (this is only for those who have not found yet!! For rest others stick to the one you found...) and we all enjoy the sense of togetherness and pious phenomenon of love.

I heard lately that in India People are celebrating today like a Holi-day :) and log jhappi (Hugs & Kisses...oopps!!!) pa ke wishes exchange ker rahein hai.....

Janta Confirm it ....

Valentine Special : It's taking me all over

I planned that this Valentine, there shall be no sentiyapa and it shall be smiles and joy all the way. I planned it really very well, all the pranks and everything were put in place, with a support system from the blog world to keep away the sentiyaps away from me. I planned that I shall keep on posting the senti stuff onto the blog and it shall then keep me away from it.

I can keep on smiling as the day shall pass, and bring in comedy all around me...

Per ye ho na saka....But folks it seems that it shall not be the case and as the day is progressing and I am continuing with the blog post to write in the stories (there are 3 in midway), the thoughts, the emotions are taking all over me and as far as I know myself...this shall again .....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Special : Hum Un Dino Ameer the, Jab tum kareeb the.

Came across these lines at Nishita's blog Stopping by life's moments.

Tumse Mila Tha Pyar Kuch Achche Naseeb The
Hum Un Dino Ameer The Jab Tum Kareeb The
- May be coz lady luck smiled, you showered love on me,
I was rich in those days dear, when thy were very near.

Well Nishita, I have got the lines to base my upcoming post for this Valentine Special...

Folks, Cannot promise if it shall be a senti one...I have to spin a whole web around it :) Lemme sleep now and a new story shall be here in the morning.

Here is the story...

It is just like any other evening and He is sitting in the park as usual. But today is something different. Today He is dumped deep down the thought process.

He knows the reasons and I also. I had seen him so many times in the park with his wife. I remember the day when I met them first time. I was all shattered that day, came to the park, sat on the bench, thinking about whatever has happend during the day and they came walking.

He interuppted my thought process by simple "Hi" ...continuing "Would you mind if we join you here?"
Though I didn't wanted to be interuppted and feeling like to sit all alone but I said,"Ya Uncle, no probs"
They sat besides me and got engaged in there talk, I was overhearing all.

They were a couple mid aged, He must be around 40 and his wife somewhere around 35. Within few moments I realised that they have more life as compared to mine. The sense of togetherness is immense and the joy coz of that is superb.

"So Son, you look all gloomy, its such a beautiful evening", he started the talks...
"Ya Uncle, Life is really a puzzle and it seems too difficult to be lived", I retorted back.

"No Son, Do not feel that way, its not like", His wife answered.
I was not in mood and I again said in disgust, "You shall not understand, you don't know what it is like being in love and fighting with all".

Suddenly there were smiles on there faces as if they know all the answers and we three talked at length on hows and whys involved in the phenomenon. Then I came to know, about there love story, the fight, the sorrow and passion involved within.

Valentine Special : Tagged Untagged : She unfolded

Zarine is right when she says "One great thing about Blogosphere is Tags :)). When u dunno wht to blog abt,here comes a tag to ur rescue :D."

So Zarine
here I am untagging myself only half way :)

So what's this tag is about. "eight characteristics of my dream lover" :) here goes the half of it :) arrey abhi dinner banana hai .... rest after that....

1. Being SHE : She should definately be She. Now what is so special about being definately She...Well, I must tell you all, that most of the "She", though are She in Biology, but when it comes to Chemistry or Pshycology or Geography ( Guys know what I am talking about here, Gals now don't poke me for this :) ), only few "She" qualifies. Yessssss....folks I am talking in here about the asset value ( Common term used in Colleges is either Asset Value or simple 'its all about B & As) ;). Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG is the term is here), Curves, Curls, Mounts all perfectly aligned, Almond Shaped eyes, Dimples in cheeks is desirable but not mandatory.

2. Senses of Humour : EGG_JACK_TLY, Senses of humour is wat makes the package complete. Being a DDG is not enough, its the naughtiness, the life beneath the skin, the sudden wink of the eye and those smiling rosy red lips, makes all the difference from being JUST ANOTHER GORGE to the DESIRED BABE.

3. Street Smartness : So what is street smartness...well, it proves that She is not a Dumb A**, but at the same time She is not Shrewd, but still She is clever. The difference between "Kutil & Chalaak", if you know both these hindi words, than you know it all. This shall bring in the additives required to go along with me. It shall not only keep my tempers down, but shall also keep my alerts on :) which is know.. :)

4. Voice & Fragrance : Lemme take the Fragrance phenomenon first. Very few, when I say few, I mean it...Out of innumerable gals I know, or I meet daily, there are very few of them who smell great. I donno why most of the gals come out their homes just like that, or with very feeble common fragrance of Talc. So gals here is free tip, "Guys do care for looks, but its the feel that makes all the difference", and the feel is something that no matter what, Always Smell Great :) My personal favourites are the gals who aromate of young Jasmine Flower.

Now the voice, you can never look down to gal who has a Sensous sweet voice. No kiddie in here...Gals sounding like a kid are pathetic...The tone should be deep, velocity should be slow, and the audability should be gud enough. No excuses for low quality audability. Thats a total turn-off. She must be expert in knowing When, what, how, & where to whisper ;)

to be Continued after Dinner :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Purple : Valentine Special : Her kisi ko nahin Milta yahan Pyar jindagi mein - 2nd angle

So folks after the last post was read...a friend of mine scolded me for writing senti stuff all the time...and suggested a different ending which is too much fictious, but it had all elements of comedy so I am bound to wirte it...

It goes something like this ...enjoy :)

So Reshmi faints and wakes up on a lush green pasture, with music around, pleasant fragrance in the air...As her eyes gets accustomed to the bright light around, a face starts forming in front of her eyes.

"Oh lord !! What the heck, am I dreaming or what? How come he is here? ", her mind is almost numb.

"Oh Reshmi, I donno how to say too are here...", He smiled.
"Bu..but...where am I and what was that in the newspaper?, and why am I in weird clothes", She is all questions. (some said I should replace weird with no ;)

"Oh Reshmi, My Love, all of that is true and I never knew you loved me so much....,Oh honey.... you are in paradise with me my dear!!!"

"Wat !!!! Am I dead?", She asks..Her almond shaped eyes full of expresions of joy, love, awe & wonder all at the same time. He always wondered how can a pair of eyes express so much.

"Yes Dear !!! As I always said, 'where there is will, there is a way, and Where there is WILLS, there are WAYS', You were there with me all the time, and this passive smoking, pollution made your iternal biology to be converted to all chemistry and then that sudden shock sent ripples accross your CNS (Central Nervous System) and your brain suddenly lost control and so my dear... my love here you are !!! You are here with me coz of My WILLS Classic Regular"

"Oh Dear, Wow, whomsoever said Smoking is injurious to health might be right but for us, its precious....It made both of us to be reunited as if "WE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER, this meeting is more sweet than all the HONEY DEW combined", She is delighted to hear that now no body can seperate them till eternity....

"Ahhh....Lets go dear...Lets go under that tree and now since we both know that we are in love ...lets make and shower more love and smoke the ORIGINAL SIN."

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Purple : Valentine Special : Her kisi ko nahin Milta yahan Pyar jindagi mein

The song is here - 2nd Song

1st post of the Valentine Special -

So wat say folks, Is it really true that Not everybody is blessed with love in life? or is it sth else. I have somehow started believing now that Though Everybody is blessed with love in life, Everybody is not so fortunate to identify & appreciate it in time.

Koi yun he khuli kitaab nahin hota,
Koi yun he Zakhm Harey nahin rakhta,
Kabhi to khuda ne khudki khudayi ke nashe mein fanah kiya hoga usse,
Nahin koi khuda se itna khafa nahin hota.

She always believed that she is the twinkle of his eye, but he never confirmed. She believed that She always felt the warmth of his caring, but he never confirmed that too.

Today she is sitting under the same usual spot under tree. As usual he came with a lighted cig & sat besides her.

They exchanged there "Hi Hui" in the eyes.
She had her as usual question in her eyes, "Why, Why the heck you smoke so much?"

But today the answer was not as usual in his eyes.

Today he made a jesture to free his tied hairs, made an effort to make them flow in air, took a deep breath, sucked the cig harder, blowed the smoke out of his mouth and nose, smiled and then with eyes penetrating her twinkling eyes replied, "Reshmi, Her kisi ko nahin milta yahan pyar jindagi mein !!!".

He stands, and in the as usual way twists, detachs the filter from the burning desire, throws the butt on the ground and walks away....

She was stunned and wept as she glances him walk away.

With a heavy heart she walks to the library, and her eyes catches the headline.

"Young teenager killed in Accident under the bridge Yesterday" -

The newspaper slips from her hands as she faints.

It was HIM in the photograph of the accident scene. The Roses next to his hand clearly echoed the name "Reshmi".

Purple : Valentine Special

Valentine is here again; and this time Purple shall be publishing "Valentine Special".

So what the heck is this Valentine Special. Well folks starting from today till the midnight of Valentine I shall be posting everyday which shall be soaked in emotions. The effort in here is dedicated to FOSLA - Fellow of One sided lovers association. I shall be trying my best to bring out the churning emotions buried deep inside the souls to make reader be emotional, senti, feel hatred, disgust, pride, joy, delight, lust, dejection, salvation and all such phenomenon associated with the pious phenomenon of "Love"

The stories, the incidents, the anecdotes shall be all real and no fiction (Some shall be though:) to handle writer's block)) . They all have happened in lives of people known to me. (Though I cannot clearly distinguish which in whose :)

So folks wish me all the best.

Friday, February 10, 2006

and then we proved she wanna smoke

This happened today.

I was having chin-wag with one of my colleague and another of his colleague :) I mean we were 3 colleagues having this talk in the cubicle. So there are 3 participants.

Me, He, and She :) She is ofcourse His Colleague, and He is ofcourse my colleague and Me is ofcourse Me.

Me intruding in the cubicle, tearing off the usual :)

Me: Hey, whats up how is everything going on...Man it's almost 6 O'clock..Where is the lighter ?
He: Here !! Catch !!
She: Show me, Show does this one works...

Me: Grrrr !!! WTH...It's all the same ....
She: So how do you light it...
He: Dumbo !!! See this way...

He shows her how to light?

She: Cute !!!
Me (smiling): I think we should show her the different ones, one which are electrifying et al...Hey you know we were thinking that Mobiles should have the facility to light the Cigs...
He (acting smart) : Ya it should have everything, a nailcutter, a knife, scissors, key chain, MP3 etc etc...

She: Ya it shall be fun...but ppl already have alternates...right....
He: Arrey For you gals we shall put a mirror at the it shall be pretty useful...
She (giggling): Ya Ya !!! then I can think of buying one :)

He (without missing anything, perfectly timed) to ME: See !!! What I told you, She wanna Smoke :) that is why planning to buy the mobile with the lighter :)

And then She gazed at us with smile on her face and false anger in her eyes...and we both (Me and He) ran away to the elevator.....

!~!Humne sanam ko khat likha !~!

Humne bhi sanam ko khat likha....I mean email likhi....but kuch to funde ho gaye....These gals are themselves a Pythagorus theorum....

Shall explain from home....

Monday, February 06, 2006

!~! Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon !~! - 7th song

Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon,
Doori na rahe koi, aaj itne kareeb aayo,

Saanson ki hararut se tanhai pighal jaaye,
jalte hue hothon ka arman nikal jaye,
Chahat ki ghata bun ker yun mujh per baras jayo,
Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon,

Ye baat na thi ab se pehle kabhi jeene mein,
dil bun ke dhadkte ho, tum he mere seene mein
kabhi saath na chodoge, tum meri kasam khayo,
Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon,

English translation from home and story behind... :) too....abhi I am too hungary and have to prep dinner too... :)

So folks here is the translation...I am trying my best to bring out the same passion and want which was there in Hindi even if you feel...u know what I am about to say

Let thee be absorbed in my soul, let me be absorbed in thine,
May the distance be zilch, May you come so near today,

May the fever of our breath, melt away the loneliness,
May all the desires & lust of our burning lips is quenched,
Let thee be absorbed in my soul, let me be absorbed in thine,

This sensation was never there in being alive with life,
you are the life of my heart, animating underneath,
I urge you to vow on my life, that thy shall never evade me,

Let thee be absorbed in my soul, let me be absorbed in thine,
May the distance be zilch, May you come so near today,

Translation is done...story on why its here...shall be published tommorow...Today has been a very long day. It's now more than today in Here ....and I am afraid of doing more than 1 gud deed a day. HE rarely calculates it right

The story....

For a continous 18 months, He felt that She is always with him. He spent his mornings, his noons, his evenings all with her. His emotions use to naturally melt before her, he use to freeze before her in awe, he is able to outline his desires before her; She was never so refined in front of anybody else. She was stubborn, but calm before him, She had attitude, yet all ego seems to vaporize whenever he was around, her alerts were down, whenever he smiled.

Every moment in those 18 month was spent blabbering over issues, understanding each other's psyche, moulding each other's emotion, fighting for survival of the fittest in the institute and still arguing over the futality of Natural Selection.

The instincts were naturally fertile for them to realise pretty soon that there is something more, still undefined, sooner or later, it shall suface.

He was sure, but was not sure of her being sure. She was also sure, but donno why her alerts were up this time. He was aware, risk was high, yet he wanna take it.

He open the door to her room. He knows that she knows that he knows the magic of unknown. From this moment onwards there shall be no turning back.

He has make the first move. He is always been the first mover, thats for what he is known across the globe. But then why his hands are shivering, why his voice is about to voilate his tone...He is short of breath as he enters and says "Hi"

She was right there, lying all alone with headphone over her ears, eyes closed... as if waiting for the joy to knock on her doors.

She opens her almond shaped eyes as if awakening from her deep slumber, interestingly there is smile on her face. He is bit puzzled, wondering if she has guessed it...

"Arrey !! still awake, you its 2 O'clock...its saturday already !!" he begins,
"WTF you are doing in these whee hours!!" She replies back

He smiles....this girl shall always be the same...offence is the best defence for her....grrrr !! shall be a tough nut to crack ....Anyhow...

"so I was thinking lately....", he begins again...."Since when you have started thinking", She interrupts with a giggle...

"Grrr !!! be serious at least some of the concerns both of us", he makes a futile attempt to bring in sanity as usual.

"O ! Really !!", She exclaims winking.

'She is gonna screw it up....Grrrr !!!', thought penetrates in him..

"Sneha!! I have been thinking about us lately, I have started getting the feel that there is something more than only friendship, I donno clearly yet...But all these thought process is killing me, I believe I am in love with you....", He says it all without taking another breath. Now he is gaping for breath. This seemed to be the longest sentence he has spoken in his life

He is calm but looks puzzled. Sneha is taken aback it seemed for a second. The silence is too painful to hold for him.

He buzzes, "Sneha say sth, donot sit like a stone !!".

"Ayush, what should I say, you yourself have said it all, Now wh...what do you want to hear from me, confirmation, neg...negation, or reason on what why when where how?", She was stammering for the first time in life.

Ayush misses a heartbeat there.

"Just say Yes!!", Ayush asks.

Don't know why for the first time in last 18 months, She said, "YES" without arguing.

They kissed and stayed hugged for ......

{I know I made you all wait so long...But this is not the story I desired to tell you, In reality whatever was said, was too different. The end in here was the one which Ayush desired, but you know Sneha, She shall never let it happen at least this way.

I donno why for the first time I am not able create verbs, dialogues, and put everything I wanna to say in words in here. As soon as I am able to I shall republish this story the way I wanna tell.}

This post became a hurdle in between of so many posts so....

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Got this Forward today : Our hero talking to a heronie on Chat

Both are s/w engrs by the way and both work for real big MNC.

Hey...GM (Good Morning)... How's u doing today?

: VGM...Day is going good and it got better having found u on chat

Hero: honored, u know what, my day starts only when I find you On Chat

Heroine: too feel the same...Brb (be right back) I'll get some Coffee.

Hero: OK

(Hero waits impatiently. Meanwhile, his manager comes to his seat.)

Manager : Hey, I need some help from you

Hero : [**** This guy always comes at wrong time] Yeah tell me

Manager : Could u write a program for me which generates nth prime number, Given value of n. Would you give this by today evening?

Hero : I would do that, but I think it's quite hard, is it ok with you, ifI Give it by tomorrow evening.

Manager: Yeah, that would be fine. Thank you [Leaves the place] (Our hero sighs and stares at his monitor waiting impatiently for heroin to Arrive.

All of a sudden smiles on his face. Over to chat window...)

Heroine : Hey, am back

Hero: cool, you know what my manager does, he's kinda..... keeps asking stupid Things,tries to give me stupid work

Heroine: Yeah, it's the same everywhere. Real sick ppl these managers are!!

Hero: Yep, u rite!!

Heroine: Hey, can u do me a favor

Hero: *smiles* sure, why not.

Heroine: Hey, I want you to write me a program to print nth prime Number, given N. Would you give that to me by tomorrow evening? Plzzz. You know it's real urgent for me to work this out

Hero: hey, that's a one-hour's work. Sure check Ur mail in an hour from now.ok?


YOUR 1 HOUR TIME STARTS NOW!!!................