Saturday, February 11, 2006

Purple : Valentine Special : Her kisi ko nahin Milta yahan Pyar jindagi mein

The song is here - 2nd Song

1st post of the Valentine Special -

So wat say folks, Is it really true that Not everybody is blessed with love in life? or is it sth else. I have somehow started believing now that Though Everybody is blessed with love in life, Everybody is not so fortunate to identify & appreciate it in time.

Koi yun he khuli kitaab nahin hota,
Koi yun he Zakhm Harey nahin rakhta,
Kabhi to khuda ne khudki khudayi ke nashe mein fanah kiya hoga usse,
Nahin koi khuda se itna khafa nahin hota.

She always believed that she is the twinkle of his eye, but he never confirmed. She believed that She always felt the warmth of his caring, but he never confirmed that too.

Today she is sitting under the same usual spot under tree. As usual he came with a lighted cig & sat besides her.

They exchanged there "Hi Hui" in the eyes.
She had her as usual question in her eyes, "Why, Why the heck you smoke so much?"

But today the answer was not as usual in his eyes.

Today he made a jesture to free his tied hairs, made an effort to make them flow in air, took a deep breath, sucked the cig harder, blowed the smoke out of his mouth and nose, smiled and then with eyes penetrating her twinkling eyes replied, "Reshmi, Her kisi ko nahin milta yahan pyar jindagi mein !!!".

He stands, and in the as usual way twists, detachs the filter from the burning desire, throws the butt on the ground and walks away....

She was stunned and wept as she glances him walk away.

With a heavy heart she walks to the library, and her eyes catches the headline.

"Young teenager killed in Accident under the bridge Yesterday" -

The newspaper slips from her hands as she faints.

It was HIM in the photograph of the accident scene. The Roses next to his hand clearly echoed the name "Reshmi".


  1. A story like this shouldn't be true. Its sad but beautifully narrated.

  2. Main imam leta huun keh everyone has Allah's love, and that is all that needed. In terms of love between a man and a woman, I believe that each person in their life has been loved, but like you think, they just ain't know it. Good story also. Keep blogging.
    Khuda Hafiz

  3. Romantic misaaj, janaab!! :)

    Tagged ya...!! :D