Monday, February 06, 2006

!~! Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon !~! - 7th song

Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon,
Doori na rahe koi, aaj itne kareeb aayo,

Saanson ki hararut se tanhai pighal jaaye,
jalte hue hothon ka arman nikal jaye,
Chahat ki ghata bun ker yun mujh per baras jayo,
Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon,

Ye baat na thi ab se pehle kabhi jeene mein,
dil bun ke dhadkte ho, tum he mere seene mein
kabhi saath na chodoge, tum meri kasam khayo,
Mein Tum-mein samaa Jayon, Tum mujh-mein Samaa Jayon,

English translation from home and story behind... :) too....abhi I am too hungary and have to prep dinner too... :)

So folks here is the translation...I am trying my best to bring out the same passion and want which was there in Hindi even if you feel...u know what I am about to say

Let thee be absorbed in my soul, let me be absorbed in thine,
May the distance be zilch, May you come so near today,

May the fever of our breath, melt away the loneliness,
May all the desires & lust of our burning lips is quenched,
Let thee be absorbed in my soul, let me be absorbed in thine,

This sensation was never there in being alive with life,
you are the life of my heart, animating underneath,
I urge you to vow on my life, that thy shall never evade me,

Let thee be absorbed in my soul, let me be absorbed in thine,
May the distance be zilch, May you come so near today,

Translation is done...story on why its here...shall be published tommorow...Today has been a very long day. It's now more than today in Here ....and I am afraid of doing more than 1 gud deed a day. HE rarely calculates it right

The story....

For a continous 18 months, He felt that She is always with him. He spent his mornings, his noons, his evenings all with her. His emotions use to naturally melt before her, he use to freeze before her in awe, he is able to outline his desires before her; She was never so refined in front of anybody else. She was stubborn, but calm before him, She had attitude, yet all ego seems to vaporize whenever he was around, her alerts were down, whenever he smiled.

Every moment in those 18 month was spent blabbering over issues, understanding each other's psyche, moulding each other's emotion, fighting for survival of the fittest in the institute and still arguing over the futality of Natural Selection.

The instincts were naturally fertile for them to realise pretty soon that there is something more, still undefined, sooner or later, it shall suface.

He was sure, but was not sure of her being sure. She was also sure, but donno why her alerts were up this time. He was aware, risk was high, yet he wanna take it.

He open the door to her room. He knows that she knows that he knows the magic of unknown. From this moment onwards there shall be no turning back.

He has make the first move. He is always been the first mover, thats for what he is known across the globe. But then why his hands are shivering, why his voice is about to voilate his tone...He is short of breath as he enters and says "Hi"

She was right there, lying all alone with headphone over her ears, eyes closed... as if waiting for the joy to knock on her doors.

She opens her almond shaped eyes as if awakening from her deep slumber, interestingly there is smile on her face. He is bit puzzled, wondering if she has guessed it...

"Arrey !! still awake, you its 2 O'clock...its saturday already !!" he begins,
"WTF you are doing in these whee hours!!" She replies back

He smiles....this girl shall always be the same...offence is the best defence for her....grrrr !! shall be a tough nut to crack ....Anyhow...

"so I was thinking lately....", he begins again...."Since when you have started thinking", She interrupts with a giggle...

"Grrr !!! be serious at least some of the concerns both of us", he makes a futile attempt to bring in sanity as usual.

"O ! Really !!", She exclaims winking.

'She is gonna screw it up....Grrrr !!!', thought penetrates in him..

"Sneha!! I have been thinking about us lately, I have started getting the feel that there is something more than only friendship, I donno clearly yet...But all these thought process is killing me, I believe I am in love with you....", He says it all without taking another breath. Now he is gaping for breath. This seemed to be the longest sentence he has spoken in his life

He is calm but looks puzzled. Sneha is taken aback it seemed for a second. The silence is too painful to hold for him.

He buzzes, "Sneha say sth, donot sit like a stone !!".

"Ayush, what should I say, you yourself have said it all, Now wh...what do you want to hear from me, confirmation, neg...negation, or reason on what why when where how?", She was stammering for the first time in life.

Ayush misses a heartbeat there.

"Just say Yes!!", Ayush asks.

Don't know why for the first time in last 18 months, She said, "YES" without arguing.

They kissed and stayed hugged for ......

{I know I made you all wait so long...But this is not the story I desired to tell you, In reality whatever was said, was too different. The end in here was the one which Ayush desired, but you know Sneha, She shall never let it happen at least this way.

I donno why for the first time I am not able create verbs, dialogues, and put everything I wanna to say in words in here. As soon as I am able to I shall republish this story the way I wanna tell.}

This post became a hurdle in between of so many posts so....

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