Monday, January 30, 2006

!! Guys & Gals !!

At the college, male & female students were told to individually write a sentence using the words 'sex' and 'love.'

Females wrote : When two mature people are passionately and deeply in love with one another to a high degree and that they respect each other very much, then, it is spiritually and morally acceptable to the society that they both engage themselves in the act of physical sex with one another.

Men wrote : 'I love sex.'

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Na jee bher ke dekha Na kuch baat ki

Well, folks the song is here 9th song

Now the story......

Never in his life he had felt that he can ever be at loss of words, his admired lingo, his jargon, his own intuitive language, his charm shall become his handicap.

It's usual for him to walk to the nearest park during the evening and sit there idle for hours staring at space, initiating the talk with any stranger or aquaintance and then just go back home to settle in sleep.

As usual He sat on his designated bench and started relishing the cool breeze blowing, the birds chirping, the giggle of kids around, the green pasture et al.

"The sights are getting prettier these days", He thought. Somehow he has started compromising on his loneliness by engaging himself to the tasks and pleasures around himself and feeling contect (this sentence is there to divert yr attention, from the real thought which are about ... you know ....why & when says sights are prettier)

Anyhow..."Hey who is She ? She looks like a desi from this far end of the park"....

"Wow !! Yo hu....She is coming towards this end only...hmmmm brisk walking...Oh God !! She is Drop dead Gorgeous !!"

"Shucks Man !! She is coming towards this bench only...." okay guys and gals before I tell you that She comes and sits on the same bench lemme capture and publish all the thoughts which trespassed from the time to time She sat along with him...

More to write ...this office job is killing me...

anyhow current song is .... hear it to enjoy.... - 3rd Song

Chamber of Power

You must have heard of "Power Dressing", you must of heard or seen Seats of Power, but in here I shall talk about a chamber of power.

I was suppose to write this post a week back, but never got time to do so. Anyhow better late than never :)

So folks, Hold your hands together to Congratulate My Very own "Gabber A.K.A Sandy". He is the one who has done it. He is now chairing a Seat, which once belonged to my very first SPM (Senior Product Manager), He is now sitting in the very same chamber, wherein me, he himself, my other collegues use to shiver.

I remember people use to think at least twice or thrice before entering that chamber. That chamber has delivered umpteen product design, twisted innummerable arguments, denied several core-dumps & sengmentation faults and what not.

I still remember, when people use to enter the chamber and then talk, fight, argue, design, storm the intellect out of their brains, stand bare naked (don't think dirty) in terms of there credibility, relibility, dedication, technical expertise and what not.

People use to walk out of the chamber with joy, delight, frustration of not being able to fix, dilemma of "to be or not to be", sorrow brewing in their heart yet plans ignited in their minds and go out of the front gate to catch a breath of fresh air in smoke.

There always use to be sense of respect and security which was associated with that chamber. People use to walk in there with there problems in code and designs, and come out with solution in testtube.

Walking in there was such a graceful phenomenon & now Our own Sandy is chairing that chamber. Hail Sandy Hail !! He is the first guy in our group who is having the leisure of his own chamber. Rest all us though raking millions each year, none is near to it. Just by Chairing the Chamber Sandy has moved ahead of all of us by leaps and bounds.

Whatever others say, But I believe "Sandy Deserved that". He has paved his way to that chamber by bare hands inch by inch, which is what I appreciate.

I wish Him all the luck and believe that he shall maintain the not only the sanctity of the chamber but shall be able to add in few more dimensions to it.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Na jee bher ke dekha Na kuch baat

Na jee bher ke dekha Na Kuch badi aarzoo thi mulaqat ki...

Kuch aur bhi likhna hai iske liye ..... Just wait for few hours...and as soon as I shall be able to sought out few affairs I shall be writing ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If U Think U r fluent in speaking English

Roaming onto Blogworld and found this :) Very cool blog...that was...too many jokes and stuff like this was there.... :) so aaj bahut saari janta got too many forwards :) he he he ...

Try this without a stutter!
Mr. See and Mr. Soar were old friends.
See owned a saw and Soar owned a seesaw.
Now See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw before Soar saw See, which made Soar sore.
Had Soar seen See's saw before See saw Soar's seesaw, then See's saw would not have sawed Soar's seesaw.
But See saw Soar and Soar's seesaw before Soar saw
See's saw, so See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw.
It was a shame to let See see Soar so sore just because See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw !!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Long time back Gurudev Wrote it and I am still searching the place ...

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake ....

!~! Maut ne humko maara hai, Aur hum Jindagi ke sataaye Hue hain !~!

Today was the day with Sonu Nigam and songs which had been my favourites for a long time...Still I can listen them forever in loop....But then the prob is it makes my day senti and I have to wander and stare at empty space for long...

Incase you guys and gals (I feel gals should not hear these, they might be offended ! Reason: They are the damn reason for these songs and all the sentiyapa associated there in) are searching for sth to hear... to get senti then here is the link.

Song 2 - Achha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka
Song 6 -
Ishq Mein Hum Tumhein kya Batayein
Song 12 - Ye Dhoke Pyar Ke Dhoke

Listen to them continuously in a loop for around an hour and I assure you the loads of sentiyaapa shall than drive down the deepest corners of the heart.

Thy mind shall than wander in solitude and the heart shall miss the beats,
- Dimaag mein dodega ek Bawander or ye dil bhool jayega dhadakna

The corners of the eyes shall trickle tears,
- Ashq bahenge aankhon ke kinaron se

Thy soul shall desire to run to hide somewhere, wherein even the LORD shall fear to evade thy loneliness,

- Ye Rooh daodegi, chhup jaane ke liye kahin aisi jegeh, janha na dhoond sake khud ki khudai mein mashgool khuda bhi

With each breath thy shall than inhale, shall curse each moment treasured with Infidelity of thy beloved,

- Her saans ke saath, nikelegi ek buddua us Bewafa ke liye...

The wine shall than be bitter than acrid venom,
- Sharab bhi ho jayegi Zeher

and Each drop of blood that flows in thy veins shall be ignited lava and shall burn the nerves thread by thread...thread by thread.
- Aur her nason mein daudta hua khoon ka her katra, bun jayega pighalta Lava, aur phoonk daalega her nason ko katra katra kerke, katra katra kerke..

and Shayad phir kissi se milne per tum bhi kaho,

!~! Maut ne humko maara hai Aur hum. Jindagi ke sataaye Hue hain !~!
!~!It was Death who might have killed me, But its the life who has tortured me !~!

Friday, January 13, 2006

!~! Gals Gals Gals !~!

I believe almost everybody shall agree with me, that it takes immense effort to get a point down to psyche of Gals.

I believe it's been written with there souls not to agree or show agreement to the facts, which are already established... they always say persistence can take you anywhere...Even if you jump down the shall reach some higher strata ( :) Obvious enough to understand )

So I was talking to a old friend of mine, who was famous to use specs (Hindi mein Chashma kehte hain) and being nutty in college. I saw her latest pic and simply commented, "thodi moti ho gayi ho!" (Guys I am telling you these are magical words, you say them to any gal any time and she shall continuously lend her ears and other senses for next 1 hour on how and whys)

Anyhow that was easy, but it was so difficult to make her feel that she should get rid of those thick specs...Its been 6 years out of College and still She seems to adore them still.

Oh Man!! It took me complete 1 hour to make her accept the fact that before she involves into kiddy affair, She should get rid of those...Why ? Arre simply becoz...

"In Jheel si aankhon mein doob jaane ko dil chahta hai,
But kya karein ye chashma beech mein aa jata hai"

So Hum nahin chahte ki aisa kabhi koi kahein :) and when tech is so strong why not go for it....

anyhow...Folks.....Finally She agrees...But still needs to see when she moves ahead with that...

O gori mujhe nadiya ke paar milna

Heard the Remixed version of old Hindi Folk lore... 8th song (Outro)

It goes something like this. You might not get the feel in hear it :)

Jab Chai mein Sukur nahin to Chai ka maza nahin, jab nadiya mein ladki nahin, to pahurne ka maza nahin....

O gori mujhe nadiya ke paar milna, O gori mujhe ke paar milna,
O radha mujhe nadiya ke paar milna, O Reshma mujhe Nadiya ke, O jaanu mujhe Nadiya ke paar milna...

Nadiya kinare mori sooni jhopadiya, kab se dekhon gori tori dagariya
O gori mujhe nadiya ke paar milna, O gori mujhe ke paar milna,
O radha mujhe nadiya ke paar milna, O Reshma mujhe Nadiya ke, O jaanu mujhe Nadiya ke paar milna...

Paani baherein, paani bharein, Paani Bharein,
Ye kon-e-baliya yahan paani bhare
O gori mujhe nadiya ke paar milna, O gori mujhe ke paar milna,
O radha mujhe nadiya ke paar milna, O Reshma mujhe Nadiya ke, O jaanu mujhe Nadiya ke paar milna...

Enjoy :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

!~! Tum he hamari ho Mazil My love !~!

Tum he. hamari. ho mazil My Love,
Ye Awaz deta Hai Dil My Love, - 10th Song

Continuing the unparallel zeal generated by Green Chilly pickle, here is sth which is pulling me up again.

Search, Seek & then Surrender is what is desired utmost now. Life was getting a little slow and cold coz of the climate, but now new potential is thrown in and as I always say, the world stands by to bring in the max possible Kinetics of the potential ever thrown in for harness.

Shadows of the fears were somehow taking over me during last few nights in the form 0f nightmares. Scared was I and on the while I woke up in the middle of the night and started calling up my folks across the globe to know of their well being. All was quiet and calm.

Something that made me smile during those minutes happed sth like this.

Got online and found one of my collegue online.

She asked, "what the heck are you doing in the middle of your night online?
I replied, "Just had a nightmare and I am now scared of sleeping again."
She was hilarious and asked, "What! Did you saw yourself?"

I was taken aback and it took few seconds to capture the joke :) and then there was no fear. I was smiling here knowing that She must be smiling thousands of km away.

There is nothing which can be compared to the feel and delight one enjoys when you know that you have just made somebody smile, thousands of km away from you and somebody in there just been relieved of stress just coz the exchange of few dialogues.

Oh, I just forgot to tell you about the Nightmare - "It's something like that I am the only one alive and there is nobody living around me. Everybody I care about is no more on Globe and I am getting this info as I am visiting their probable place of existence". I have tried to say this in simple sentences. Anyhow all you folks take very gud care of everything around you...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Missing something, Try this ...

Well, After such a long time and so many experiments, I finally zeroed in to what I was missing in my Life...Yes folks !! Now the life seems overwhelmed with zeal and enthu...

It's such a pleasure to revitalize yourself back...

So What was it ? It was my own "Mother's recipe - Green Chilly Pickle". Ye folks, it was neither a call back home, or to friends or some desire to reach a goal, to a long time await for sth...It was simple "Mother's Recipe Green Chilly Pickle". I bought it yesternight from a India Store...The bottle which costs just Rs 50 in India was like $1.99 in here...just double the price...

But how does that price matters...It's all the same...My Life, My Way and Wow!! what effect it can create in lunch...It has already done wonders to my attitude and desire...

I, now have Fire in the belly, Brain is just running faster and even fresh water tastes sweet to me...It's been like 3 hours since I had my lunch and yet still, the enthu, the zeal to be here is still alive..

So folks ...try it out...Try out the Pickle ...It's superb with Daal Chawal or with simple polite Khichdi...It really can do wonders for you :) I know it...

The taste is amazing, The sourness along with hot Chilly factor and Green Color soothing to the eyes, it melts in the mouth bit by bit in every byte and as it travels through the alimentary canal, they can feel how it's unraveling the secrets in the belly. The bile just boils down a bit, and nervous system starts responding to thy desire and feels alike...

Well Ayurved also claims - Black Pepper is gud for eyes (Do not dare put them in Eyes - Meant to be taken by mouth in small quantities :)) and Green Chilly can do wonders with one's enthu and Zeal. It's meant to do that...Bring life to the surface of thy eyes and punch the sleeping thoughts enough to wake thy soul :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Breathless Revisited

Sometime back during my last visit, I wrote this to a blogger Friend Unaiza upon her request...Today I found it again on PC, and felt its worth posting to here it is... :)

Ab jo mere din aur ab jo meri raatein hai,
Unme sirf Aansoon hain, Unme sirf dard ki ranz ki baatein hai,
aur fariyaadein hain,

Mera ab koi nahin, Mein hoon aur khoye hue pyar ki yaadein hain,
Doob gaya hai dil gum ke andhere mein, Meri saari duniya hai dard ke ghere mein,

Mere Saare geet dhale aanhon mein, Bunke deewana ab yahan wahan firta hoon,
thokarein khaata hoon un raahon mein,

Janha usse dekha tha, Jahan usse chaha tha,
Jahan mein hasa tha, aur baad mein roya tha,
Janha usse paya tha,paake khoya tha,
Janha kabhi phoolon ki kaliyon ke saaye the,

Rangeen rangeen mehki rut ne her ek kadam pe raas rachaye the,
gulshan gulshan din mein ujale the,
jagmag jagmag noor tha raaton mein,

jhilmil jhilmil janha meine khwabon ki dekhi thi manzil,
janha meri kashti ne paya tha saahil,
janha meine payi thipalkon ki chanv,
janha meri banhon mein kal thi kisi ki marmari bahein,

janha ik chehre se hat-ti nahin thi meri nigaahein,
janha kal narmi he narmi thi, pyar he pyar tha baaton mein, haath the haathon mein,
Janha kal gaye the Prem taraane, janha kal dekhei the sapne suhaane,
kisi ko sunaye the dil ke fasaane,

janha kal khayi thi jeene ki marne ki kasme,todi thi duniya ki saari vo rasme,
janha kal barsa tha preet ka badal, janha meine thaama tha koi aanchal,
Janha pehli baar hua tha mein pagal,

ab un raahon mein koi nahin hai,
Ab hain vo raahein veeran veeran,
dil bhi hai jaise hairaan hairaan,
jaane kanha gaya mere sapno ka mela,

aise he khayalon mein khoya khoya, ghoom raha tha mein kab se akela,chamka sitaara,
jaise koi gagan mein goonji sadaa koi man aangan mein kisi ne pukaara mujhe

mudke jo dekha meine, mill gaya khoya hua dil ka sahara mujhe,

jise maine chaha tha, jise maine pooja tha, laut ke aaya hai,
thoda sharminda hai, thoda ghabraya hai, julf pareshan hai, kaanpte hoth aur bheegi hui aankhein hai,

dekh raha hai mujhe gumsum gumsum,
uski nazar jaise pooch rahi ho, itna bata do kahin khafa to nahin tum,
pyar jo dekha fir meri nigahon mein, agle he pal vo meri in baahon mein,
bhool gaya mera dil jaise her gum, badal gaya jaise duniya ka mausam,
jhoome nazaare aur jhoomi fizayein aur jhoome chaman aur jhoomi hawaiyein,
jaise fir gaane lagi saari deeshayein,

Kitni haseen hai, kitni suhaani,
Hum dono ki prem kahani, Hum dono ki prem kahani, Hum dono ki prem kahani

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hectic, Bluff Master & Garam Masala

So much has already happend since the new year has dawn on this Globe.
So many resolutions have already been vowed upon and broken much have been blogged already.....
New year came with lot of surprises for me, about me, around me and whereever me is associated.....anyhow I shall talk about it some other day, some other way...

So as usual....New Year was about to bestow its novelity and it's more than Customary for "Hirdu" to have a Hectic affair (Not the one of Thomas Crown fame )...
We started to have a look at the one of the largest empty Hole on this Globe "The Grand Canyon"

Oh Man !! What a HOLE it is!! I wonder why don't these ppl use it for Landfill or fill it with something...anyhow it's been a long time since I enjoy the ruins or mere dead stones lying here and there...The wind was freezing and I was roaming in t-shirt and crumpled trousers ;)

The highs and lows of the holes, the depths & the colors involved.
The temperature was around freezing point, butwho the heck cares ?

Skies are high,
Canyon is Low,
I still donot have clue,
Why the heck this heart still beats for you :)

Arre marro mat yaar,itni sardi mein isse acchee poetry nahin bun sakti :)

Anyhow booted ourselves in the evening to reach Las d Vegas...The SINCITY ;) .... I was knowing life shall be turning as soon as we shall reach there ;) Every moment spent there was worthed.
Enroute there lies famous "Hoover Dam" over which "Van Damn" of Unversal Soildiers fames roams up and down :) casted as his favourite dam to walk upon ;)

"The water was still, the night was dark,
Here I sat, to recall the moments with you,
Do not know why you smiled and Never said Gud Bye"

Anyhow ...Finally the New Year and Viva d Las Vegas stood there for us.. The Karol Bagh, Delhi Style Driving, the Confusing Crowd, Amazing Food, Gorgeous Gals, Casinos and Loss of few $$ made us all overwhelmed... Nights were cold, its the sense of Friendship that kept us all alive.

Too Hectic to manage and Chill out...Came back finally and finally was bored by Bluff Master and Entertained by Garam Masala....Had a fight with Colleague in the New year :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

They say, "Your life is a Party!"

They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I celebrate New Year in Vegas ALONE with the crowd of three hundred thousand.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I am onshore ALONE, raking $$, with aliens around.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I learn to smile, when sorrow is high at heart & disgust is the taste of soul.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I still wear crumpled trouser & t-shirt to face chilling wind at Grand Canyon to freaze whatever dares to flow in veins.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I now do not care for annual appraisals, only to prove futility of the process.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I still have glow in my eyes for chocolate pastries, though I no longer feel the burden of hunger.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I still have my own light to light one more cig anytime anywhere.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I know LORD is so near that I have stopped believing in HIM.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I no longer cry, when I am hurt, feel used & kicked in belly for benefits of the large.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I MISS myself more than anybody else misses me.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I can now never let my voice echo my heart.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I no longer frown over mundane tasks.
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I now have the vision to forsee the futility of Killer instinct.

They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I AM NO LONGER ME !!
They say, "Your life is a Party!", coz I shall NOW Never PARTY !!