Thursday, January 12, 2006

!~! Tum he hamari ho Mazil My love !~!

Tum he. hamari. ho mazil My Love,
Ye Awaz deta Hai Dil My Love, - 10th Song

Continuing the unparallel zeal generated by Green Chilly pickle, here is sth which is pulling me up again.

Search, Seek & then Surrender is what is desired utmost now. Life was getting a little slow and cold coz of the climate, but now new potential is thrown in and as I always say, the world stands by to bring in the max possible Kinetics of the potential ever thrown in for harness.

Shadows of the fears were somehow taking over me during last few nights in the form 0f nightmares. Scared was I and on the while I woke up in the middle of the night and started calling up my folks across the globe to know of their well being. All was quiet and calm.

Something that made me smile during those minutes happed sth like this.

Got online and found one of my collegue online.

She asked, "what the heck are you doing in the middle of your night online?
I replied, "Just had a nightmare and I am now scared of sleeping again."
She was hilarious and asked, "What! Did you saw yourself?"

I was taken aback and it took few seconds to capture the joke :) and then there was no fear. I was smiling here knowing that She must be smiling thousands of km away.

There is nothing which can be compared to the feel and delight one enjoys when you know that you have just made somebody smile, thousands of km away from you and somebody in there just been relieved of stress just coz the exchange of few dialogues.

Oh, I just forgot to tell you about the Nightmare - "It's something like that I am the only one alive and there is nobody living around me. Everybody I care about is no more on Globe and I am getting this info as I am visiting their probable place of existence". I have tried to say this in simple sentences. Anyhow all you folks take very gud care of everything around you...

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