Thursday, January 05, 2006

Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hectic, Bluff Master & Garam Masala

So much has already happend since the new year has dawn on this Globe.
So many resolutions have already been vowed upon and broken much have been blogged already.....
New year came with lot of surprises for me, about me, around me and whereever me is associated.....anyhow I shall talk about it some other day, some other way...

So as usual....New Year was about to bestow its novelity and it's more than Customary for "Hirdu" to have a Hectic affair (Not the one of Thomas Crown fame )...
We started to have a look at the one of the largest empty Hole on this Globe "The Grand Canyon"

Oh Man !! What a HOLE it is!! I wonder why don't these ppl use it for Landfill or fill it with something...anyhow it's been a long time since I enjoy the ruins or mere dead stones lying here and there...The wind was freezing and I was roaming in t-shirt and crumpled trousers ;)

The highs and lows of the holes, the depths & the colors involved.
The temperature was around freezing point, butwho the heck cares ?

Skies are high,
Canyon is Low,
I still donot have clue,
Why the heck this heart still beats for you :)

Arre marro mat yaar,itni sardi mein isse acchee poetry nahin bun sakti :)

Anyhow booted ourselves in the evening to reach Las d Vegas...The SINCITY ;) .... I was knowing life shall be turning as soon as we shall reach there ;) Every moment spent there was worthed.
Enroute there lies famous "Hoover Dam" over which "Van Damn" of Unversal Soildiers fames roams up and down :) casted as his favourite dam to walk upon ;)

"The water was still, the night was dark,
Here I sat, to recall the moments with you,
Do not know why you smiled and Never said Gud Bye"

Anyhow ...Finally the New Year and Viva d Las Vegas stood there for us.. The Karol Bagh, Delhi Style Driving, the Confusing Crowd, Amazing Food, Gorgeous Gals, Casinos and Loss of few $$ made us all overwhelmed... Nights were cold, its the sense of Friendship that kept us all alive.

Too Hectic to manage and Chill out...Came back finally and finally was bored by Bluff Master and Entertained by Garam Masala....Had a fight with Colleague in the New year :)

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