Friday, January 13, 2006

!~! Gals Gals Gals !~!

I believe almost everybody shall agree with me, that it takes immense effort to get a point down to psyche of Gals.

I believe it's been written with there souls not to agree or show agreement to the facts, which are already established... they always say persistence can take you anywhere...Even if you jump down the shall reach some higher strata ( :) Obvious enough to understand )

So I was talking to a old friend of mine, who was famous to use specs (Hindi mein Chashma kehte hain) and being nutty in college. I saw her latest pic and simply commented, "thodi moti ho gayi ho!" (Guys I am telling you these are magical words, you say them to any gal any time and she shall continuously lend her ears and other senses for next 1 hour on how and whys)

Anyhow that was easy, but it was so difficult to make her feel that she should get rid of those thick specs...Its been 6 years out of College and still She seems to adore them still.

Oh Man!! It took me complete 1 hour to make her accept the fact that before she involves into kiddy affair, She should get rid of those...Why ? Arre simply becoz...

"In Jheel si aankhon mein doob jaane ko dil chahta hai,
But kya karein ye chashma beech mein aa jata hai"

So Hum nahin chahte ki aisa kabhi koi kahein :) and when tech is so strong why not go for it....

anyhow...Folks.....Finally She agrees...But still needs to see when she moves ahead with that...

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