Saturday, January 14, 2006

!~! Maut ne humko maara hai, Aur hum Jindagi ke sataaye Hue hain !~!

Today was the day with Sonu Nigam and songs which had been my favourites for a long time...Still I can listen them forever in loop....But then the prob is it makes my day senti and I have to wander and stare at empty space for long...

Incase you guys and gals (I feel gals should not hear these, they might be offended ! Reason: They are the damn reason for these songs and all the sentiyapa associated there in) are searching for sth to hear... to get senti then here is the link.

Song 2 - Achha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka
Song 6 -
Ishq Mein Hum Tumhein kya Batayein
Song 12 - Ye Dhoke Pyar Ke Dhoke

Listen to them continuously in a loop for around an hour and I assure you the loads of sentiyaapa shall than drive down the deepest corners of the heart.

Thy mind shall than wander in solitude and the heart shall miss the beats,
- Dimaag mein dodega ek Bawander or ye dil bhool jayega dhadakna

The corners of the eyes shall trickle tears,
- Ashq bahenge aankhon ke kinaron se

Thy soul shall desire to run to hide somewhere, wherein even the LORD shall fear to evade thy loneliness,

- Ye Rooh daodegi, chhup jaane ke liye kahin aisi jegeh, janha na dhoond sake khud ki khudai mein mashgool khuda bhi

With each breath thy shall than inhale, shall curse each moment treasured with Infidelity of thy beloved,

- Her saans ke saath, nikelegi ek buddua us Bewafa ke liye...

The wine shall than be bitter than acrid venom,
- Sharab bhi ho jayegi Zeher

and Each drop of blood that flows in thy veins shall be ignited lava and shall burn the nerves thread by thread...thread by thread.
- Aur her nason mein daudta hua khoon ka her katra, bun jayega pighalta Lava, aur phoonk daalega her nason ko katra katra kerke, katra katra kerke..

and Shayad phir kissi se milne per tum bhi kaho,

!~! Maut ne humko maara hai Aur hum. Jindagi ke sataaye Hue hain !~!
!~!It was Death who might have killed me, But its the life who has tortured me !~!


  1. aray kia sun rahey ho yeh sab:X
    achay ganay sunno!
    listen to nusrat fateh alikhans...
    yeh jo halka halka saroor hay!

  2. :) Oh Lord! What to say now...

    How come you know thr current status of my yahoo ?