Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What if there is no ME ?

It's around 1 AM in the middle of the night and as the night is darkening more, the tussle between the morning and night to engulf each other is sharpening, I am having no clue to answer this thought.

"What if there is no ME?"

Will it make any difference to anybody ? Even if does make, then till when and how much ? Am I dispensible. ?

Does it matter to my manager, my HR or any professional aquaintance ? - Well for them I am just a resource. Inventory or if I be true then just raw material. They identify me, by my skillset. Fairly Dispensible...

How about Friends ? - Well, though not many now qualify for that list...but still... not much even to them...they might start or end their talks with "Hirdu was honorable man....blah blah blah"...just few words and finished...or even this shall be too much to expect...

Relatives ? - Nobody cares Actually... huh ? do they...

How about fellow bloggers ? - Well I am just a page for them...some know me by my senti posts...some have chatted with me...they might post on there blogs on me "Missing in Action"....Some might do google or try to find me on orkut and than slowly & slowly I shall only be referred in cached pages...

How about my immediate family ? - Well they shall be sad for sometime...might even break ...but time is a great healer...

So who shall be effected the most...? As I am delving deep into it...Answer is very clear...crystal clear....Me, Myself and my Lord. ...Why ? Well since I cease to exist in real as per vision of mortal world, my thought process shall be no more. This shall in turn diminish the amount the Free-will granted to humans by the Lord Himself. The tasks assigned to be completed by me in HIS domain shall remain unfinished and thus the reliability of HIM shall cease to exist.

So what I learn from here. - The learning is very clear. The life and liveliness associated with me is important and valid in my and my Lord's domain only and that is somehow true for everybody else also...

Thus live life coz that's your's forever...and as I always say..."Though it might not matter if I am not there, But We all know that it always matters when I am there"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yun he nahin ruk gaya mein

Bus yun he nahin ruk gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin dil he dil mein darr gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin charon or se simat gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin aandhiyon mein chup gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin toofaano ke aage se hut gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin khuda ke aage jhuk gaya mein,
Bus yun he nahin raahon mein bhatak gaya mein,
Kisi ne kabhi kuch bhi nahin kaha tha mujhe,
kisi ne kabhi kahin to toka nahin tha mujhe,
kisi ne muskura kar kabhi nahin jhidka tha mujhe,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi dekhna,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi rukna,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi muskurana,
shaant hoon kyunki chahta hoon mein bhi khojna,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai meri jindagi per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai meri muskaan per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai mere khud ke samay per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai mere khuda per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai tum per,
aakhir mera bhi haq hai tum per....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Raat bher yun he...

kaanptey huey haathon se usney aaj phir pakdaya mujhey chai ka pyala, Na jaaney kiss umeed se woh aaj bhi tukur tukur dekhti rehti hai sadak ke uss paar.

Log kehtey hain, pehley woh aisi na thi, bus do he baras to huey uskey saath woh haadsa huey...

Aaj he ki tereh bheeg raha tha bangalore....aaj he ke tereh Electronic city ki teref jaati hui ye sadak madhosh thi, aaney wali raat ke nashey mein....

Nayi nayi shaadi kerkey abhi kuch he to din huey aayi thi woh iss dhaabey per. Chota sa sansaar tha unka...

Log kehtey hain....Jaise he shaam ke 6 bajtey, logon ka taanta lag jata...Uskey haathon mein jaisey koi jaadoo tha...Subeh subeh logon ki bheed ka aalam kuch doosra he hota...Electronic city Interview ke liye jaatey hue na jaaney kitney ladkey uskey haath ki chai kuch to "Gud Luck" Charm ki tereh peeker nikal jaatey...aur shaam ko wapas aatey huey phir se ...

Us Din baras raha tha aasman, jaise nigal jayega sabko....Achanak kisi ne to sadak ke uss paar se awaz lagayi uske pati (hubby) ko...woh ek haath mein chai aur soorey haath mein 2 Biscuit leker dauda....Divider ko bus paar kara he ....kahin se to achanak woh truck aa gaya...aur cheer ker chala gaya uskey sansaar ko...

Reh gayi to bus woh ...Sadak ke iss paar...Ye sadak leel gayi uska sab kuch....

Mujhey to bus kuch he din huey hain aaye huey....Us haadsey ke baad kisi ne uski aankhon mein na to aansoon dekhey na he chehrey per muskaan...

Aaj na jaaney kyun mere muh aisey he nikal gaya, 'Revati, hum woh gareeb hain, jinkey paas kehney ko hota to sab kuch hai, bus Jindagi nahin hoti'

Usney kaha, "babuji, aur hum woh gareeb hain, jinkey paas jindagi to kya Maut bhi nahin hoti"

Bus tabhi se goonj rahein hai uske ye sabd meri rooh mein....aaj bahut din baad, kisi ne jana ki "Mein Gareeb hoon". aaj bahut din baad kisi aur ne socha hai jindagi ko jindagi se bhi jayada..

pata nahin kab khuda ko khud per bharosa ho jaye

aur woh zannat se uter ker zameen pe jaye,

to shaayad woh jaan jaye,

dozakh mein bhi nahin ab aag utni baaki,

jitni dhadhakti hai aaj insaan ke seenay mein...

{on lighter note: tabhi to kehte hai ..." Bidi jalaye le jigar se piya, jigar maa badi aag hai}