Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Clocking the omen of being Clocked

I don't know how this thought came to my mind, but the thought was smart enough to be tried.

I felt like, the watch in my hand makes a difference on how I spend my day, how I behave and results I achieve thus.

So to confirm, for around a fortnight, I was unclocked, kept my old "Swatch" at home, and started living with any watch in hand...O lord !! what a fortnight it was, all was misaligned, it felt like I have opened the pandora box....things were getting out of hand....

so after that fornight I was forced to start wearing the watch in hand....My Swatch was out of battery and I always wanted to wear my new Eco drive :).

Thus here am I, wearing my very own Gift to on my own birthday...and I should accept, things have really changed a lot...

Though I donot believe in Superstitions, but I do have my own list of omens.

This is recently added...

To Clock all the luck and life, I should always wear a clock....

The Comic Project

The Comic Project

Addy of Murphy fame forwarded the link and its amazing...

These guys are scanning almost all of Indrajal Comics (Phantom, Mandrake, Bahadur and alikes) and publishing on the blog...

!! Hail Blog Community... !! Thy shall live forever... !!

One comment over this blog for the owner was "May you are blessed with the Mark of Phantom" ...I wish the same for them ....Keep it up folks....

That's the Way

We Software Engineers see it every day

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mera Wala Manager

One fine evening I received a call, which started something like this, "MC BC UKP....dost shaher mein aaya hua hai kuch khaber hai ki nahin"

Oh Lord so finally mera wala manager i.e NITYN is here....he came all the way from his Mgmt college to chennai to attend a wedding of his friend and was roaming around at that time, Next day was Onam...Holiday...what a timing....

But Hirdu has to come to office for some time and He also need to finish of his chores in chennai so we decided to meet around 3 PM at barista....

I was there right on time...and there he was....smiling in white kurta and Jeans on a Byke....WTF...this guy is superman or wat....I am in chennai for around 2 months now and He is the one came yesterday and is on byke ....Grrr !!

All about Global Management...he said....How can I forget he was there in chennai for 4 Years and managed eveything...okay so now I donot have wonder where and how to roam around ...

Hop on and zip zap zoom ...there we are....at FabIndia....then a round at spensor...will I ever spell it right...anyhow...doesn't matter...okay 2 more guys there...one still techie...another took salvation in MBA....

Have dinner :) too much of good food is bad for health... :) chalo phir to mahashay raat ka program...abe savere flight hai 6 baje....so what....okayyyy...Only BEER...ya ya ya .....

BEER....in a guest house....techies managers...would be manager....and SHUT THE FU*K UP....

Longest ever discussion to gratify and coin the term "Technical Art"...that is wat satisfy the soul....

Morning 3 Am...still awake...Okay sleep for 1 hour and then ....

Bid Gud Bye around 5:30...Me still a one eye opener :) so shall chat or talk bye C YA...

Later in the day..."Janta Global Marti hai...Humne total Global khela...and this Bottle's design is just an Art...and the taste is wat we call as "technical Art"...and Just shake it up and it shall blow... :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

!! Annoymously Annonymous !!

Title seems too farfetched after reading the post :) lemme see how many can make out "Why" in the title, I shall try the best to implode the effect in post :)

Last weekend watch 2 movies. "Salaam Namaste & James" - Sunday afternoon I went for these. Was waiting for my friends to arrive at the Cinema hall. I was early as usual. Chennai has kicked hard on my puntcuality, without own vehicle in here, I am either too late to arrive or too early.

Anyhow this time I was just 30 min early, thinking what to do now for next 30 min....I entered in to Fabindia showroom nearby. "Kurtas are good, good color, fabric is cotton ofcourse, let me buy one"...270/- okay no probs, and then somehow started exploring...wow !! these bedsheets looks great...Oh these are for Double Bed, I donot have one...No probs, ask that gal over there at the counter..."Hey Do you have similar stuff for single bed.."...Wow!! these ones are better....350/- for single bed sheet...hmmm...okay gimme two....Oh Lord !! So many times it had happened....This impulsive shopping shall kill some day....just to pass 30 min...expenditure is around 1000/-

Don't know why for the first time in my working career, I am afraid of spending money...there is so much to do and money spins everything around...but to spin anything, it needs to be spinned...

Tried for Gas Cylinder for 3 weeks....Grrr !! This city is Pathetic....Getting a Cylinder is tiresome...okay ...login to Rediff shopping...buy this Hot plate...Billed 5100/- oops....

Returning to home...yesterday...walking...alone....A shadow apear almost in front. A poor girl is walking besides her bicycle, there were tears in her eyes...smears around her cheeks, flowing from her big round eyes...the sense of surprise in her eyes....O lord !! Why ?, such beautiful eyes...Weaping ...??

Moved ahead, there's a old man sitting alone on the bench adjacent to his house....lost he seems....as I cross him, He rises...and with shaking legs moves besides me....he seems to be waiting for the Angel of Death....But still ...There is some hope around....

There is nothing much on TV...think about tommorow's meeting....shall go to office...a collegue is returning from US...He shall bring in chocolates tommorow...

Its around midnight...already finished "Suraj ka Saatwan Ghoda"..moving ahead with thick "Yugandhar". What's the use if I clear PMI...its costly...."When in doubt...talk finance"....TV is muted....the room is silent...

Logic says should sleep, but there no sleep in eyes....O Lord...That's not going to happen...I am not insomanic...

The girl's eyes....where have seen similar eyes...not the tears...the eyes....long long back...on the way to Engg college...She boarded from ITO...Crowded....No no...the grace is missing...O ya...Birla Mandir...Vatika...She was sitting opposite..in Pink suit...Long hairs....Me and my friend bunked from Coaching exam... :) Bunking.... :) Where she might be these days ?....

I should marry now...before it's late...but none of the profile is okay it seems... anyhow ... marriages are made in heaven....but I am at WAR...may be its the truce time...

No Never....Let it be...The phenomenon is called Ninnyanve ka pher (The circle of Ninety-Nine), once in you can never escape...so what...

Shut it down..."Yugandher" is almost half way done...okay if I finish it tonight...what shall I read tommorow...

There is so much to be written...One more story....is about to come...No body should die, at least in the story I control...but then its not real...I die everyday....evey single moment one waits for death...then why no body plans for it...

"Looking for working professional why ?" - this is what is asked..."You earn in millions, right ?"...WHOSE LIABILITY IS MY WIFE IF I DIE, YOUNG ?

"Chennai kaahe Pahuch Gaye Lalla? - Why the heck you moved to chennai ?" - JUST TO EARN A LITTLE SPACE TO TURN AROUND.

Chalo let's see ... ??

Friday, September 16, 2005

!! Kerela - God's own Country.!!

God's Own Country - Kerela invited us to visit and attend the wedding of one our collegue.

The beauty of Kerela lies in its greenary around, lush greens, forests, waterfalls and Mountain ranges around. As soon as one enters the kerela, one can feel and smell the fragrance of greens around.

The sights shall be smart and air shall be breezing, smiles shall be felt accross the face as soon as one looks green and greener terrains accross the highway.

As soon as one enters the city, a little chaos you can feel. But all troubles on the road are worthed. Roads connecting highways are excellent. For a guy who has seen pathetic roads in UP and NO Roads in Bangalore, the kerela shall be heaven.

The sights one can have while travelling long hours in Bus, or CAB finally delights one's soul to the extent that he is exhillirated all the time.

I have been to several hill-stations and seen waterfalls accoss India and few in US (barring the Nigeria Falls) :) The Athripally Waterfall was a real eye opener. After 3 hours of Drive on Clean roads we reached and wow !! I didn't believed my eyes. It was wonderful.

Kerela food was tasty, they use number of Chutneys and Payesum (Kheer) to enhance the taste.

More I was going into interiors of Kerela, more I was getting envious of the people who roam in these greens. Anyhow 3 days and nights were well travelled and well spent, less slept and more enjoyed.

People travelling along with me were also fine travellors so had a pretty nice time with them. Played rummy and Ace-donkey with cards while travelling back to chennai.

After a pretty long time aroung 4 year visited the Temple by my own will. "The Guruvayu Temple". Imagine Hirdu going to temple in "Dhoti - known as Veshti" without Shirt. Bare torso...Oh lord !!

Any how... Since the day I have arrived in India, I am roaming a lot. Till date places touched are, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Rishikesh, haridwar, Shimla, Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Guruvayu, Coimbatore, Trisshur...Now the places next in line are Hyderabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kota, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Panipat and Delhi Again.

One of my friend has shifted to Shilong, lets see when can I make plans to be there.

So much more to do before I leave again to......

Friday, September 09, 2005

Clouds are dark so is the

Today its about to rain in chennai again. Clouds outside the window are dark as hell, I know it shall rain heavy, very heavy.

after a post like "devoid of soul"...I wanna rest sometime before I start posting again. I am leaving for kerala today and shall be back on tuesday.

Some ppl say it's God's own country...lemme also see how he welcomes me there....though we are at war, but we still follow rules of courtesy.

Before I leave for vacation, just spend some thought over How & Why in the life of the characters of "Devoid of soul"

Thursday, September 08, 2005

!! Devoid of Soul !!

February 10, 2005 : He is so happy today. He was supposed to return in July, but today he is boarding flight back to India. He has to attend his friend's wedding on Feb 14, 2005.

February 14, 2005: Today His friend "Anand" is getting married to "Reshmi". No Hiccups, nothing. A simple Marriage Function it is. Arranged marriage it is. Today is the first day He saw "Reshmi". Cute, confident, charming She is. Jovial, juvenile & just she is. There is always smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes, and dimple on her cheeks is just amazing. Anand's happiness is beyond words. Anand is a normal, well settled, foky guy.

February 17, 2005 : He is flying back to US to finish his pending assignment.

March 2nd, 2005: Anand & Reshmi hath sent pics of there Honeymoon to him. Today He has made his mind to get married as soon as possible. He is now planning all the affairs.

April 11, 2005: Anand and Reshmi are shifting to Chennai. He is so happy to have a couple Anand and Reshmi in Chennai

May 12, 2005: Today is His Birthday. He called up Reshmi, but her mobile was down, He calls up Anand. Anand tells him, "Reshmi is ill, She is in ICU at Apollo." He is shocked. Reshmi caught some infection in her liver and now facing severe jaundice.

July 12, 2005: He is back in India today. He went to Reshmi's home to meet her. Reshmi is still jovial. She is bed ridden since May. She has Lost all the glow from her eyes. Doctors have lost hope. They are unable to find the remedy for her continous fever and other ailments. He is puzzled. Anand seems all lost. It's not even 6 months.

Rest days in July : Every Evening He visits Reshmi. She loves Roses and Jasmine, He shall make sure that he carries at least one of them every day to her. Anand has taken without pay leaves from office. He is totally shattered. They shall spend nights talking to each other. His instincts are telling him, that Reshmi doesnot have much time left. He felt, She is waiting for somebody from so long. There seems a Vacuole in her life. She seems to be loosing grip on life but her smile is still there.

Early August : He is now afraid of his instincts. He and Anand shall cook dinner together for Reshmi everyday. Both are trying so hard to keep Reshmi happy. But sometime her eyes will simply pierce him down his heart and whenever that happens He is bound to skip a heartbeat.

August 19, 2005: Rakhsha Bandhan - Today He decided not to go to meet Reshmi and Anand. He has always been un-happy about this day and never wanted anybody to see his tears.

August 20, 2005 - He met Reshmi again, She is smiling today, all of a sudden there was glow on her face today. They all went to Barista after such a long time together. Anand as usual took "Cafe Latte". Reshmi and He both took sips from bitter "Espresso Italiano". He knows they share some feel together. It's his instincts and it's her body thats decaying.

September 3, 2005 - Anand & Reshmi today visited His apartment. Reshmi was coming for the first time and He has promised that he shall not hide anything in the apartment. She wanted to see his aparment in RAW. There were posters on the wall, butts here and there, books lying in shelfs, on floor, in kitchen even in shower. A shelf full of show pieces. Reshmi kept on smiling. The glow of Barista was back again. But today his instincts, his sense were predicting otherwise. He dared not to speack anything about it.

September 3rd, 2005 11PM: Reshmi took the Cigarette for the first time, Anand was a chain smoker like him, but left. But today Reshmi asked Him to light one for everybody, with the thought "May it Brings light to our life", they kept exchanging the cig.

September 4th, 2005, 1:00 AM: Reshmi's eyes are about to betray her. She is shivering with cold. Anand is calling for Apollo Emergency. He is holding her hand. She wanted to say something, her voice is low, he pulls himself near to her face. She kisses him on his cheek and said, "Good Bye, May you find LOVE !!". Her Voice is breaking, He wanted to know, "How and Why".

Anand is still on phone, Reshmi is no more and He is again devoid of Soul

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

!! Being a Taurus !!

Found this on Boldnbeautiful , so thought of posting mine also...Not so wonderful though but ya postable ...lemme see how much is matching

I am a Taurus. (Also known as "Bull")

My Horroscope starts like this:

" Petty, annoying and a whiny pain in the neck, a Taurus loves to brown-nose and is often a snitch to boot. In life and work, always blows with the wind, and runs to answer to his supperiors' smallest whim.

A chronic poser (will pass himself for an altruist, or in the case of a woman - a tortured soul), while harboring contempt for those around him, and in his mind fancying himself the center of the universe.

A Taurus loves wealth, and will greedily collect it in secret for most of his life. He is willing to sacrifice the last bit of wealth for a good cause - as long as it's someone else's.

Ego-centric, with a sadistic streak, he will terrorise his family from childhood until his old age, all the while managing to project the appearance of love and kindness.

Tauruses love preferential treatment, and will usurp such privileges whenever possible.

This is all I Suppose

!! Kerela !! God's Own Country !!

Hirdu's Weekends are always planned - Most ppl believe that...though I have spent several unplanned weekends, but then...there are exceptions...

anyhow..this weekend going to attend a collegue's wedding in Kerela near GuruVayu Temple...

All is planned and decided...shall mover from chennai to coimbatore and then the CAB affair..and then spend 2 days in Kerela and return from Trichur...

I don't know how the things shall be done though...all is taken care by friends ..Its the first trip down to south...lets see what it brings for me...

My instincts are making me aware that, something or other is planned in there for me...lets see.

Though still on war with LORD but lets see how is he in the Temple and his own country (Kerela)....

More imp things are also happening in life now a days, barely getting anytime to hold my breath in content...

have to write more about Kajraare part 3...

!! Kya khoob lagti ho, badi sundar dikhti ho !!

What a fundoo song it is... listened it yesterday on Zee music, the remixed version...lyrics are simply awesome and music is jus great....
Kya khoob lagti ho, badi sundar dikhti ho - 2
Phir se kaho, kehte raho, achchha lagta hai
Jeevan ka har sapna ab sachcha lagta hai
Kya khoob lagti ho, badi sundar dikhti ho - 2
Taareef karoge kab tak, bolo kab tak
Mere seene mein saans rahegi jab tak
Kab tak main rahoongi mann mein, haan mann mein
Sooraj hoga jab tak neele gagan mein
Phir se kaho, kehte raho, achchha lagta hai
Jeevan ka har sapna ab sachcha lagta hai
O, kya khoob lagti ho, badi sundar dikhti ho
Tum pyaar se pyaari ho, tum jaan hamaari ho
Oh oh
Oh oh
Khush ho na mujhe tum paakar, mujhe paakar
Pyaase dil ko aaj mila hai saagar
Kya dil mein hai aur tamanna, hai tamanna
Har jeevan mein tum meri hi balma
Phir se kaho, kehti raho, achchha lagta hai
Jeevan ka har sapna ab sachcha lagta hai
O, kya khoob lagti ho, badi sundar dikhti ho
Tum pyaar se pyaare ho
Tum jaan hamaari ho
Tum pyaar se pyaare ho
Tum jaan hamaari ho

Rise & Fall of Pony

So finally on September 3rd 2005, I lost my pony. I am still wondering whether to be happy about having a real new face or be sad for the loss.

My last haircut was on July 1, 2003, before I left for US, the very first time and since then for 2 years there was no haicut. This pony was recongnizable after a year. Around July 2004, I started keeping my hairs tied in rubber band, and flaunting them some of the times with grace :)

Long hairs had there own pros and cons....These were one the topics, I used to start my chit-chat with gals...there is lot one can talk about. How you manage your hairs, what shampoo, what oil, how many time to wash....et al.

Ppl started to recognize me with my broad smile and Pony tail. When I was in US, I was one the most popular and recognizable face in office becoz of that. Some gals shall come and ask "Why are you lengthening your hairs? Did somebody sometime asked you to make them longer, Anyhow they look good...and all that stuff".. I simple use to smile and take over the talk from there.

The pony was there with me in the time love, hate, anger, despair and lot many emotions it shared. Sometime it was the cause of emotions for me...

It saw my financial rise, emotional fallback, loss and gain of confidence in me and myself, changing values and priorities. But I always felt a sense of strength from it. Some how I use to feel a bit different.

Now when I lost it, it feels as if I lost a part of me. When on Monday I came to office, I don't know why some ppl said, that I look more human now, they now feel that now with short hairs I am mortal. Some how the long hairs and that broad smile induced in me a sense of Immortality in me..I don't know the reason for that.

I remember whenever I met some elderly person, I got the praise for keeping the longer hairs, they somehow use to match it with Olden days tradition. Long hair it seems are more acceptable some of the times...

anyhow now all is done...

Hirdu has now lost his pony and is more MORTAL and a bit SAD.