Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Clocking the omen of being Clocked

I don't know how this thought came to my mind, but the thought was smart enough to be tried.

I felt like, the watch in my hand makes a difference on how I spend my day, how I behave and results I achieve thus.

So to confirm, for around a fortnight, I was unclocked, kept my old "Swatch" at home, and started living with any watch in hand...O lord !! what a fortnight it was, all was misaligned, it felt like I have opened the pandora box....things were getting out of hand....

so after that fornight I was forced to start wearing the watch in hand....My Swatch was out of battery and I always wanted to wear my new Eco drive :).

Thus here am I, wearing my very own Gift to on my own birthday...and I should accept, things have really changed a lot...

Though I donot believe in Superstitions, but I do have my own list of omens.

This is recently added...

To Clock all the luck and life, I should always wear a clock....


  1. Aaah, what an omen, but good one :)

    And a very good gift you gave yourself :)


  2. good ...now u knoe the value oftime ...
    besides uve time in ur hand;)
    aah..i mean around ur wrist!