Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rise & Fall of Pony

So finally on September 3rd 2005, I lost my pony. I am still wondering whether to be happy about having a real new face or be sad for the loss.

My last haircut was on July 1, 2003, before I left for US, the very first time and since then for 2 years there was no haicut. This pony was recongnizable after a year. Around July 2004, I started keeping my hairs tied in rubber band, and flaunting them some of the times with grace :)

Long hairs had there own pros and cons....These were one the topics, I used to start my chit-chat with gals...there is lot one can talk about. How you manage your hairs, what shampoo, what oil, how many time to wash....et al.

Ppl started to recognize me with my broad smile and Pony tail. When I was in US, I was one the most popular and recognizable face in office becoz of that. Some gals shall come and ask "Why are you lengthening your hairs? Did somebody sometime asked you to make them longer, Anyhow they look good...and all that stuff".. I simple use to smile and take over the talk from there.

The pony was there with me in the time love, hate, anger, despair and lot many emotions it shared. Sometime it was the cause of emotions for me...

It saw my financial rise, emotional fallback, loss and gain of confidence in me and myself, changing values and priorities. But I always felt a sense of strength from it. Some how I use to feel a bit different.

Now when I lost it, it feels as if I lost a part of me. When on Monday I came to office, I don't know why some ppl said, that I look more human now, they now feel that now with short hairs I am mortal. Some how the long hairs and that broad smile induced in me a sense of Immortality in me..I don't know the reason for that.

I remember whenever I met some elderly person, I got the praise for keeping the longer hairs, they somehow use to match it with Olden days tradition. Long hair it seems are more acceptable some of the times...

anyhow now all is done...

Hirdu has now lost his pony and is more MORTAL and a bit SAD.


  1. ole ole mera bachcha l(r)ona math, lona math..

    You have written this post as if the "rise & Fall of some Dynasty"

    Hirdu why dont you give me the chance to view both the rise of the pony & the fall of the poly PIC.

    i have a query Why did you cut it? U were looking cutie Cutie in pony :( Ciao catch later

  2. Ya I know !! don't know what struck me saturday morning and I felt like getting it cut...so I went to this designer hair dresser and within moment, Pony was no where there.

  3. Wow just beautiful music, Lyrics..

    Phir se Suno, Sunte raho, achchha lagta hai
    Jeevan ka har sapna ab sachcha lagta hai

    **** lolzz Hirdu I can always predict your next post on blog ;).. promo's are always in yahoo status he he he

  4. So now u must have kept spikes as new look .. abey send your new pic with spikes .. we are waiting to have some good laugh. :-)