Wednesday, August 31, 2005

!! Kajraare Kajraare !! - 2

TRIO is now about to leave these gals, music was still loud, King is delivering final statements and huge list of compliments to the gal with whom, TRIO has enjoyed a lot. They all had a wonderful talk sessions about their likings and dislikes w.r.t to gals, nobody was saying any polished sentences which TRIO normally use to.

TRIO shook hands with everybody, few hands were too "Silky" :). HE is feeling as if HE is departing from his very near friends, in those few hours, immense joy was pumped within him.

As soon as they came down, again a CAB is called, and TRIO started moving to another similar destination, again in search of happiness. This time they also need to fillin there pockets with some cash.

On the way, they discovered one deserted ATM, Honey and HE jumped out of the cab, but LO & Behold, the gate was closed, Honey displayed his age old TARZAN skills and jumped over the wall and finally they all again are ready with Cash :).

TRIO reaches another loney road in Mumbai.

Rest over the weekend :)

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