Tuesday, August 30, 2005

!! Kajraare Kajraare !! - 1

TRIO finally comes out of Hilton towers after buring 4000/- in just 4 pegs of RUM and some beer and some cusines. Night has just begun in Mumbai, its around 11 PM. King said, "Lets move around the shore and click some snaps". Honey was also okay with the idea.

Trio roamed around for sometime and then asked one auto taxi driver to move to any of the dance bar around.

Trio enters the bar with doubts in mind and some fear and some excitation about being together. They all moved on the narrow stairs and enter a room, as soon as the door opens, their retinas starts adjusting to the light and sound show inside.

Trio is standing in room with sofas on the sides, gals are dancing around on famous filmy numbers, Trio sits. HE, king and Honey all are smiling and as soon as they sit, bottles of beer starts pouring in. He finshes first glass in seconds, don't know why He was so thirsty that day. King knows all chemistry and Honey is just following the tradition. King hands over a 500/- note and gets the change. By the time currency arrives, He is on his feet, Trio is smoking some coloured cigarettes from london.

HE matches the eyes with the gal in front and starts dancing. The girl at her back is more vivacious and ravishing. King gets the clue, he starts using all the skill to bring in the senti talk stuff in between. king calls in the girl at the back, song is "Kajrare, kajrare", HE is matching all the jhatkas, and thumkas with the girl with ease and is happy, the exhilliration, the enrgy and the joy involved in just too much. King and Honey are both happy coz HE is happy and HE is happy coz king and honey are today with him having beer and surrounded by beautiful gals.

Every penny spent here is worthed. The sense of togetherness which the TRIO felt was a never before experience. Being present there in high music, with beer and dancing queens all around was a total phenomenon.

In the outside world, it takes a lot to get a ear to hear. Here all is around. King said whatever he ever wanted to say to gal, showering in glamour and aatitude. Honey was all smiling here. and HE, HE was all exhausted. HE was dancing after so many months with ease and joy, without any mask !!!

More to arrive......

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