Tuesday, August 23, 2005

!! Never been Gifted !!

Yesterday, while going round the beach, this thought suddenly flashed through my mind that "Hirdu was never been gifted". Then it kept lingering till today...

Yesterday was something special, I was awake the whole night on sunday coz of the weekend schedule, Friday was fixing some stuff on laptop, so slept late, saturday washed clothes and in the afternoon went "Sathyam" - watched 2 movies (Barsaat & My Wife's Murder), came back late and then again slept late (watching FTV :) ) so sunday whole day I slept till 2 O'Clock in afternoon, afterwhich I failed to get any sleep in the night, so I finished "Gunaho ka Devta" - DharamVir Bharti wrote it in 1952, & I was reading the 41st edition (O lord, so much has been written & published...I am too slow) anyhow so straightaway came to office on monday.

Monday I slept at 8'O Clock in the evening (reaching 30 hours of continuous awakening :( ..My personal record is 38 hours...

Anyhow this is not for which I am posting this...Now a days there is a lot I wanna write and I am just not getting anytime so all these ideas are moving here and there...

so coming back to "Never Been Gifted" - I was saying I started counting on how many times I have been gifted. I was able to remember not a single ocassional gift. There were very few and when I say very few they are less than the fingures I have on any of my hand. This proceeded to the thoughts of Why and Why not?

I started spooling the reasons...only one reason came to me finally, that I have been in several other ways or might be ppl are afraid of gifting anything in material to me :) all other reasons sounded silly...this was there through the day, while I was just drooling in office, Canteen and doing other stuff.

anyhow today morning I was awake early around 6 AM, after a long dreamless sleep which I had after a long time...most of the dreams are nightmares now a days...this is one of curse which people have to bear with if they are living alone...anyhow...after the morning chores (known as Shoon & Shaaan in my lingo) started preparing my lunch, around 7:30 AM I got the wake up from my collegue...there and then I realised the fabric of my life once again.

There had been so many instance where I had been gifted in numerous ways...so instead of thinking about material gifts wrapped in shinning sheets with flowers mounted on the top, I should extend my gratitude towards it. Some ppl say this is Positive thinking phenomenon. But I believe this is "thinking otherwise" phenomenon, so what are those gifts....
  • My collegue wakes me up in morning, so that I can be there for early morning meetings (9:00AM is early for me...believe it or not)
  • In far lands of US of A, my senior ex-collegue and friend invites me and celebrates my Birthday, with his lovely wife and naughty kid and we have full night sessions of talk.
  • In far lands of US of A, when holi arrives, I celebrate it twice, once in Stanford, and then in Seattle, in the midst flowing happiness and fun.
  • I have a collegue in US, who shall roam around the streets of Santa Clara with me, in the middle of the night, and we shall talk about anything under the sky for hours. He shall stay late for me and I shall do the same for me.
  • I shall be received by "Gupta and Gupta" Friend Empire at the Seattle Airport along with my naugtiest Bhabhi.
  • Shall have Evening Omellete prepared specially for my friend and have "tastiest Tea ever" prepared by his wife only for me.
  • Before returning I shall have a farewell dinner prepared specially for me by couple who celebrated my Birthday.
  • At the apartment, we shall host a party for ourselves, and collegues though busy till there neck, shall prepare chilliest Chicken and other cuisines while boozing over gallons of BEER and RUM.
  • Whenever I reach Delhi Airport, a 2-3 member group shall be there to pick me up and host dinner and other luxuries.
  • In the evenings my own "Gabber" shall host a Daroo Party, and we shall have umpteen comics and FTV in front of us.
  • My friend shall arrange all the stuff for Shimla, and I had a lifetime remembrance of the trip and fun I had.
  • While back in Chennai, whenever I arrive, no matter what time of the day or night, my friend will come and pick me up from Airport and shall move along for just for the talk and the sense of togetherness we have in sharing a "Sutta"
  • People will plan and organise all the formalities for the "Coorg trip" for the New year Celebrations.
  • "King and Honey" shall come all the way from Pune to Bombay, so that we trio can have Fun & Frolic in Mumbai nightlife and shall be awake whole night for 3 continuos night to have discussion over all policies of life from adventures to marriage dilemmas, from technical to pondy jokes.
There are numerous other instance gifted to me by the people across the Globe, I appreciate all of them, but still I have enjoy the sense of joy one feels in receiving "wrapped gifts, handwritten letters in envelops, greeting cards on the wall....." (if it brings any)

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