Monday, August 29, 2005

!! Reinvented & Rediscovered !!

Re-Invention & Re-Discovery, enchanting words are these, aren't they?

well so what is that...who is being reinvented and rediscovered....wellll...its my blog and I am writing so its' obviously me :)

when, how, by whom....Well I shall name this rediscovery as Pune Convention, when - August 15, whoms involved were KING and HONEY, how is defined by series of discussions we held.

I was discussing the sole cause which renders me lone in the crowd, when all is going right and healthy, I push myself back into the dungeons alone. KING & HONEY collectively helped me to identify the reason and then suggested to combat, to fight with it.

So yesterday was the first day I am implemented.

The suggestion was a single pointer, lot many have said it before but not like KING did. Honey was suggestive on the reasons and it KING who nailed the last nail in coffin.

"Start living for yourself - Be what you really are" - Some might be wondering, even I thought for a moment, when was I not myself....It took me some minutes to realise that it's been a long time...whenever I was myself, I was seriously alone.

Whenever I was with somebody, I had this mask on my face "HIRDU is always happy, content, full of joy..ya no...this is not the way...and all that stuff"

In a simple sentence KING cleared it all forever..."Though everybody thinks he knowns me inside el..."

He said,"Be there just by yourself, donot imitate, coz you know you imitate so well you are in habit of it, it has become yr skin, throw it off, be in your skeleton now. Even if somebody everybody might not have courage to be with yr skeleton, atleast thy shall never be lonely again. thy shall not fear it."

Yesterday evening I was again roaming on the beach, after realising and reinventing, started peeling off the skin. sat there for some time, then a almost stranger came, I started talking to her, then another fella came along, I was real for the first time after such a long time, smiling and laughing for the first time after such a long time.

An hour later we said bye to each other, I am still happy, content and there is no mask now.


KING is also known as D-KHAN to some ppl.

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