Wednesday, August 10, 2005

!! Arre Bade dino ke baad milegi re Daarooo !!

"I'll be drinking "Daaroo" after a very long time" - this is what the title means. so Why am I claiming this?

To know this one must know and feel the difference between having a Daaroo session and the Drinking Session.

Daroo is a peg one drinks with his friends, and a Drink is simple a peg which one has with anybody.

So folks akhir kab hai ye daroo session. This is scheduled to happen over the coming long weekend. Yesss...Hirdu is holidaying from friday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon.

I shall be flying to Mumbai on Friday afternoon flight, where I shall be received by 2 of my good friends "Shastri" & "Honey" from pune.

We TRIO has planned to spend rest of Friday in Mumbai and better half of Saturday too and then we all shall dash off to Pune.

I shall then spend the rest of Saturnday, Sunday and Monday (Independence day) in Pune and shall return to Chennai via Mumbai on 16th ...straight back to office :)

Ye to hui Itenary...what all fun and frolic is on cards...well nothing is planned...we even havenot planned on our place to stay in Mumbai...this shall be done on the fly.

The only thing over which we all have agreed is "Daaroo", 4 day and 4 nights of being total TULLEE :). Its shall be almost 2 years since I had "Daaroo"

There are hundreds of aquaintances and umpteen groups of friends but the ones with whom I enjoy "Daroo" are less than the number of fingures I have.


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  1. Hahahaha,Have a wonderful Daroo sessions and do let us know how the fun was all with friends,never plan things with friends:) just do it,i still remember how me and my two other friends landed in Pune at 2am in the night and then started hunting for accomodation:) Thats the real fun