Tuesday, August 02, 2005

!! Cooked or Crooked !!

I doubted my own efficiency to cut and cook this vegetable (Hindi : Gwar ki Phali).

Yesterday started early from office around 8:00 PM, bought all the stuff and started the The Great Indian Cooking stuff around 9:00 PM.

This phali stuff took around 90 min to cut, and then boiled it and fried it. By 11:20 PM, the curry was ready. The taste was wonderful, almost matching to the taste which Mom's cooking has.

I thought, if I start preparing chapatis now, then it shall be midnight, before i can even taste the first Chapati with this tasty curry...so the call of the hour is to eat it not with Roti but with Double Roti :) i.e the The Bread.

This is how a Bachelor has to compromise with his dinner, even when he has full furnished kitchen, but is alone.

Anyhow, Today Morning I prepared Paranthas in Butter with Azwaayun seeds and salt and brought the lunch to office.

You will have to taste this curry with Parantha to believe how wonderful it tastes.


  1. Yummy ! Hirdu when are we,fellow bloggers will have the honor to taste what you cook

  2. Hey its my fav veggie too. 90 min to cut gwar is ridiculous.:0

    Simple way to cut this is wash the vegetable thoroughly. take a bundle of gwar consisting 15 to 20 sticks or more, keep on a chopping board cut simultaneously. U get a chopping board attached with knife, it is faster to cut the vegetable.:)

  3. [Debalina] - You tell me, when do you want it...Should I blog a cusine here :)

    [BnB] - Well, Chopping board is the thing I am always afraid of...Still need to learn how to handle it...I was taking a bunch but that was of 5-7 sticks so it took too much time, but the taste was worth all the trouble.

    Also came to know that it is known as Kurtvanga in Tamil

  4. No chopping board is cool one with some amount of cautious practice.

    BTW I am not Tamilian ha ha.

    I am Karnatikean, Kannadiga.