Friday, August 26, 2005

!! Mera Chana hai apni marzi ka !!

"Mera Chana hai apni marzi ka, Marzi ka bhai marzi ka, ye dushmna hai khudgarzi ka, khudgarzi ka" - Manoj kumar - Movie "Kranti"

Since the morning I am echoeing these lines....I don't know why whenever I sing these lines they echo in my soul for a long time...sometimes for week...everytime they shall put in EGO in myself...these will ask me to be self reliant and fill me with the spirit of "Do it Yourself stuff"

For those who donot know the meaning in Hindi here is the translation in English

"Mera Chana hai apni Marzi ka" - "Even the Gram seeds which I eat, are of my Desire"
"Ye dushman hai khudgarzi ka" - "This is the enemy of SELFNESS"

Even the Gram seeds which I eat are of my there coz it's my desire to have them, It's the enemy of SELFNESS.

The details are sth like this "I donot care of the surroundings, the conditions that had been imposed upon me, there is nobody who shall be able to control my SELFLESSNESS, when even the Gram Seeds which I eat, are borne out of my desire".