Tuesday, June 29, 2004

numb nerves and happy soul

Just a little rest and respite from office is all what I desire ? Is it something great I am asking for.

folks, just a little rest and tmm this blog shall start happening again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

College Ke Din !!

After a long long time, I received this forward again from a very good friend. I am posting it here, Dedicated to her.

Cheers !! Swati this is for you.

Yeh Degree bhi lelo, Yeh Naukri bhi lelo,
Bhale mujhse lelo woh US ka Visa,
Magar mujhko lauta do college ka canteen,
Woh TeeKha Samosaa, Woh thanda saaa paani,
Woh Teekha Samosa, Woh thanda saaa paani...
Woh College ki sabse - purani nishaanee,
Woh chai vaalaa jisko - saare kehte the... jaani,
Woh jaani ke hathon - ki 'cutting' chai meethi,
Woh chup-kese journal - mein jo bheji thi chitthi,
Woh padhte hi chitthi - tha uska bhadakna,
Woh chehre ki laali, woh aankhon kaa gussaa ©...
Woh teekha samosa, woh thanda saaa paani.....
Kadi dhoop mein - apni room se nikalnaa,
Woh project ki Khatir - tha dar dar bhataknaa ,
Woh lecture mein doston - ki proxy lagaanaa,
Woh sir ko chidana, aeroplane udaanaa,
Woh submission ki raton - ko jagna jagaanaa,
Woh vivas ke kisse, woh pracs ki kahani....
Woh teekha samosa, woh thanda saaa paani....
Woh dena Bimaari - ka har time bahana,
Woh doosron ka assignment - ko apnaa banana,
Woh seminar ke din - pairon ka chat-patanaa,
Woh workshop mein din bhar - pasinaa bahanaa,
Woh slogans banana - aur Gym me rakhadna,
Phir Exam ke din ko - tha bechain hona,
Woh teekha samosa, woh thanda saaa paani....
College ki thi - woh lambi si raatein,
Woh doston se tapre pe - pyaari si Baatein;
Woh gathering ke din ka - jo ladnaa Jhagadnaa;
Woh kudiyon ka yuhin - hamesha akadnaa;
Bhulaaye nahin bhool sakta hai koi -------
Woh college, woh baatein, woh guzara jamana.
Woh teekha samosa, Woh thanda saaa paani...
Woh teekha samosa, Woh thanda saaa paani..

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Waana Say Few Words to Sbdy !!

Here Are few words which I wanted to say to sbdy not so important in my life...But Ya...Anyhow...Others ignore it !!

Dusht, Paapi, Neech, durachari, Mahachari, Bhrshtachari, Vhabhichari, Say Sorry

Friday, June 18, 2004

World's Shortest love story

He asked "Will you marry me ?"

She replied "No".

HE lived happily ever after.

Friday, June 11, 2004

A thing of beauty !!

A thing of beauty is joy forever

I donot remember exactly when and where I heard this. So while writing this I searched for it on google. Google is such an amazing thing. You know folks now if u search "hirdesh gupta" on google u will get my profile as the first link. This blog thing is really great and its making me so much popular.

Anyhow back to the topic.

So I found out that this quote was said by ouw own John Keats as "A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness."

This gave me thought Do I still remeber the joy I get from a sight of beauty. Yes ! came as an answer, there are innumberable stuff I still remember.

I still remember the twinkle of her eye,
I still remember the dimple on her cheek,
I still remember the dew on her hairs,
I still remember the smile on her face,
I still remember the warmth of her cozyness,
I still remember the shrill of her voice,
I still remember the depth of her thoughts,
I still remember the height of her dreams,
I still remember the aroma of her body,
I still remember the scent of her attire,
I still remember the shine of her earring,
I still remember the glow of her skin,
I still remember the pink of her lips,
I still remember those sensuous curves,
I still remember those seductive swells,
I still remember the attitude in her turns,
I still remember the touch of her hands,
I still remember the angle of her smile,

I remember so much of her, does she still remember my name ?

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I don't know

I don't know Why U smiled and then waved me Bye that day,
I don't know Why U called me up and then bought cold coffee that day,
I don't know Why U sat there with me and said nothing that day,
I don't know Why U wore Royal Blue that day,
I don't know Why U asked me to drop u home and then u left without even turning yr eyes that day,
I don't know Why U exchanged yr notebook with me and then returned it later that day,
I don't know Why U wrote me a mail after 3 long years and then didn't even replied that day,
I don't know Why U collapsed on staircase and fell into my arms that day,
I don't know Why U demanded for Chocolate, though yr favorite was vanilla, that day,
I don't know Why U sipped Coke from my bottle that day,
I don't know Why U didn't let me eat Pizza that day,
I don't know Why U snatched cig from my mouth that day,
I don't know Why U had 3 shots of Tequilla with me that day,
I don't know Why U roamed around with hand in hand and cautious look on yr face that day,
I don't know Why U Kissed me that way that day,
I don't know Why U had those rosy cheeks all evening that day,
I don't know Why U use to listen to me even at midnight,
I don't know Why U said "Yes" to marry that guy that day,

I don't know Why U never Said "I Love U" that day.
I don't know Why I NEVER SAID "I LOVE U" THAT DAY.

This sounded too much familiar !! What do u say folks !!

Monday, June 07, 2004

"Then you say Why No Blog Today ?

You Load me with all the assignments to be completed on time,
You Load me with the task of finding job for friends,
You Load me with the task of intuitively answering gals who ask, "Hey whats up !!",
You Load me with the task of telling the stranger on road the way to his destination,
You Load me with the task of taking team out to lunch,
You Load me with the task of motivating team to stay back and meet the shortened deadline,
You Load me with the task of bringing bread and butter to home when I return,
You Load me with the task of having at least 5 cigs a day
You Load me with the task of performing rituals after waking up
You Load me with the task of mailing the yahoogroups to keep them alive
You Load me with the task of waving "hi" and pass smile to the gals I meet,,
You Load me with the task of bringing joy to the life of ppl I know,
You Load me with the task of Living and have the smile on my face though my heart wanna cry,
You Load me with the task of finishing at least 100 pages of the book each day from my own library,
You Load me with the task of commenting on yr blog
You Load me with the task of enriching the day-to-day experience,
You Load me with the task of waging a WAR with GOD for him being unreasonable to me

You Load me enough and Then u say "WHY NO BLOG TODAY"


Thursday, June 03, 2004

Is this natural !!

Summers are hot and my body is warm. Temperature today reached 102 degree F in the afternoon today.

Ppl around me find it amazing that Hirdu is ill and is at home. ;-) Wow !!

I don't know if ppl missed me or the postings at the blog.

Anyhow, I have started missing the routine...So shall be there in office tommorow, coz it feels like hell sitting idle at home, and watching damn TV...

So folks !! Do tell me how was yr day, without me...

I missed few ppl today... :-(

Chalo folks signing off early with this small posting, coz have to take medicine and catch up some sleep...and Hey leave me alone in Sleep...do not bug me in my dreams ;-)

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Summer and Cold

Its Summer in Here, Ppl get mangoes to sun strokes, and here is me...what luck ...I caught COLD..Sneezing heavily since yester morning.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Till there' s space, I 'll stare at it

What fun it is doing nothing, sitting idle and staring at the empty space. I was amazed at the calm, sooth and peace it rendered to me yesternight.

It was around midnight, that I woke up, donno why ? I even cannot remember whether I was having a dream or a nightmare, when I woke. So I went to the roof, lit the 2nd last cig (There are always few cigs at secret places hidden at home ;-)), and sat resting my back onto the wall.

I rose my head & started oogling a distant star. Thought machine (TM) invoked itself. "What the heck Are you doing ?", "Its middle of the night, don't You have anything to ponder upon",

I said, "Don't feel like !!"

TM said, "You have one of the finest collection of books in yr wardrobe, Several of them are unfinished, Why don't you finish anyone of it ?"

I said, "How much will it matter, If I finish one more, I know what the author must have talked about in the climax"

TM continued, "You can call sbdy and talk to him or her, at least don't sit idle, its not like you"

I was now furious, "Will you ever let me sit in peace ?"

TM was not bothered, "You have gone insane, Think dear !! Think about future, Think about fetching new Job, think about the gal to whom u winked today, think about being the Howard..."

Disgusted I felt and thus interrupted, "Go to hell, and take all these worries with you only. Lemme sit here and Stare at the empty space and leave me alone"

TM smiled, there was mockery and sarcasm, but no joy.

I ignored him now and sat and sat there....staring ...finishing the cig and kindled another and continued staring....


Now there is only SPACE and EYES staring at it.