Thursday, June 03, 2004

Is this natural !!

Summers are hot and my body is warm. Temperature today reached 102 degree F in the afternoon today.

Ppl around me find it amazing that Hirdu is ill and is at home. ;-) Wow !!

I don't know if ppl missed me or the postings at the blog.

Anyhow, I have started missing the routine...So shall be there in office tommorow, coz it feels like hell sitting idle at home, and watching damn TV...

So folks !! Do tell me how was yr day, without me...

I missed few ppl today... :-(

Chalo folks signing off early with this small posting, coz have to take medicine and catch up some sleep...and Hey leave me alone in not bug me in my dreams ;-)


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  2. hi hirdu
    today i read ur blog for the first time i love the simplicity in it , happy blogging .... sriniwas

  3. take proper rest and don't be in a hurry to go to the office. office kahin bhaga nahi ja raha. rem health is evrything. no one can set idle at home. it happens with everyone. GET WELL SOON AND ENJOY UR ROUTINE

  4. hirdu dont be too proud of ur count getting increased. I think am the most frequent visitor of ur blog. i think u shd reset that counter, I feel so embarrased. Its ok u can record the name too. I have no hassle. It wont make me stop visiting ha!ha!Ha! Shameless me;-)

  5. Hirdu ,Why no posting today ? Is that because I am visiting ur blog;-).