Thursday, September 08, 2005

!! Devoid of Soul !!

February 10, 2005 : He is so happy today. He was supposed to return in July, but today he is boarding flight back to India. He has to attend his friend's wedding on Feb 14, 2005.

February 14, 2005: Today His friend "Anand" is getting married to "Reshmi". No Hiccups, nothing. A simple Marriage Function it is. Arranged marriage it is. Today is the first day He saw "Reshmi". Cute, confident, charming She is. Jovial, juvenile & just she is. There is always smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes, and dimple on her cheeks is just amazing. Anand's happiness is beyond words. Anand is a normal, well settled, foky guy.

February 17, 2005 : He is flying back to US to finish his pending assignment.

March 2nd, 2005: Anand & Reshmi hath sent pics of there Honeymoon to him. Today He has made his mind to get married as soon as possible. He is now planning all the affairs.

April 11, 2005: Anand and Reshmi are shifting to Chennai. He is so happy to have a couple Anand and Reshmi in Chennai

May 12, 2005: Today is His Birthday. He called up Reshmi, but her mobile was down, He calls up Anand. Anand tells him, "Reshmi is ill, She is in ICU at Apollo." He is shocked. Reshmi caught some infection in her liver and now facing severe jaundice.

July 12, 2005: He is back in India today. He went to Reshmi's home to meet her. Reshmi is still jovial. She is bed ridden since May. She has Lost all the glow from her eyes. Doctors have lost hope. They are unable to find the remedy for her continous fever and other ailments. He is puzzled. Anand seems all lost. It's not even 6 months.

Rest days in July : Every Evening He visits Reshmi. She loves Roses and Jasmine, He shall make sure that he carries at least one of them every day to her. Anand has taken without pay leaves from office. He is totally shattered. They shall spend nights talking to each other. His instincts are telling him, that Reshmi doesnot have much time left. He felt, She is waiting for somebody from so long. There seems a Vacuole in her life. She seems to be loosing grip on life but her smile is still there.

Early August : He is now afraid of his instincts. He and Anand shall cook dinner together for Reshmi everyday. Both are trying so hard to keep Reshmi happy. But sometime her eyes will simply pierce him down his heart and whenever that happens He is bound to skip a heartbeat.

August 19, 2005: Rakhsha Bandhan - Today He decided not to go to meet Reshmi and Anand. He has always been un-happy about this day and never wanted anybody to see his tears.

August 20, 2005 - He met Reshmi again, She is smiling today, all of a sudden there was glow on her face today. They all went to Barista after such a long time together. Anand as usual took "Cafe Latte". Reshmi and He both took sips from bitter "Espresso Italiano". He knows they share some feel together. It's his instincts and it's her body thats decaying.

September 3, 2005 - Anand & Reshmi today visited His apartment. Reshmi was coming for the first time and He has promised that he shall not hide anything in the apartment. She wanted to see his aparment in RAW. There were posters on the wall, butts here and there, books lying in shelfs, on floor, in kitchen even in shower. A shelf full of show pieces. Reshmi kept on smiling. The glow of Barista was back again. But today his instincts, his sense were predicting otherwise. He dared not to speack anything about it.

September 3rd, 2005 11PM: Reshmi took the Cigarette for the first time, Anand was a chain smoker like him, but left. But today Reshmi asked Him to light one for everybody, with the thought "May it Brings light to our life", they kept exchanging the cig.

September 4th, 2005, 1:00 AM: Reshmi's eyes are about to betray her. She is shivering with cold. Anand is calling for Apollo Emergency. He is holding her hand. She wanted to say something, her voice is low, he pulls himself near to her face. She kisses him on his cheek and said, "Good Bye, May you find LOVE !!". Her Voice is breaking, He wanted to know, "How and Why".

Anand is still on phone, Reshmi is no more and He is again devoid of Soul


  1. Is this the real story of someone you know.

    It is real sad.

  2. [Marium] - I know

    [BnB] - All events are real though they happned in several ppls life. The only thing I did was combined all the events in one thread and posted it here.

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  4. *sob * *sob*

    but tumne last me cigarrette ko kyu the hero bana diya.