Friday, September 09, 2005

Clouds are dark so is the

Today its about to rain in chennai again. Clouds outside the window are dark as hell, I know it shall rain heavy, very heavy.

after a post like "devoid of soul"...I wanna rest sometime before I start posting again. I am leaving for kerala today and shall be back on tuesday.

Some ppl say it's God's own country...lemme also see how he welcomes me there....though we are at war, but we still follow rules of courtesy.

Before I leave for vacation, just spend some thought over How & Why in the life of the characters of "Devoid of soul"


  1. you know what, over here in karachi, the weather got better in the afternoon... we expected rain, but it didn't rain in our rained in other parts of the city....heck, why is this city so big????


  2. Raining here too:) You sure are going to gods own country,have fun:)

  3. yeah here tooo it rained cats nd dogs:)
    nd after that we became cats nd dogs:> heheh

  4. [dinky mind] - hmmmm....

    [gulnaz] - today I realised ...that too much fun is pain in legs :)

    [akruti] - Fun was immense.

  5. It rained crazy in karachi 2 days ago, now i feel as if im sitting in an oven..its damn hot!!

  6. [Marium] - :) Rain Rain all in vain, let the clouds go in train,

    [BnB] - Whenever I get this twist from you, only one sentence come to my mind, its from old Adv, "Chintu Saxena tum baaz nahin ayoge"