Friday, June 11, 2004

A thing of beauty !!

A thing of beauty is joy forever

I donot remember exactly when and where I heard this. So while writing this I searched for it on google. Google is such an amazing thing. You know folks now if u search "hirdesh gupta" on google u will get my profile as the first link. This blog thing is really great and its making me so much popular.

Anyhow back to the topic.

So I found out that this quote was said by ouw own John Keats as "A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness."

This gave me thought Do I still remeber the joy I get from a sight of beauty. Yes ! came as an answer, there are innumberable stuff I still remember.

I still remember the twinkle of her eye,
I still remember the dimple on her cheek,
I still remember the dew on her hairs,
I still remember the smile on her face,
I still remember the warmth of her cozyness,
I still remember the shrill of her voice,
I still remember the depth of her thoughts,
I still remember the height of her dreams,
I still remember the aroma of her body,
I still remember the scent of her attire,
I still remember the shine of her earring,
I still remember the glow of her skin,
I still remember the pink of her lips,
I still remember those sensuous curves,
I still remember those seductive swells,
I still remember the attitude in her turns,
I still remember the touch of her hands,
I still remember the angle of her smile,

I remember so much of her, does she still remember my name ?


  1. Depends on her database (Admirer list) & also her memory capacity, & priority.

    Koi bhi kitna yaad rakh sakta hai. Ek baar baath kaatm CTRL +ALt+DELETE with unsaved file ha! ha! ha!. Counter har time reset karna padta hai.

  2. thats what the prob is with getting along with gals...if u r a techie than she says u are a geek....if u r not techie with her than she says u r dumb...

  3. Hirdhu tho bura maan gaya.

    U know Hirdhu Ram jap, people write Sri ram jai ram millions of times.

    Wo bhi Hirdhu Jap likh rahi hogi. :-)).


    ha! ha! ha!

  4. hahahhahahahhaha.....u r impossible anamika

  5. agar woh ye naam jap ek baar mujhe likh ke bhej deti to life kuch aur hi hoti :-((

  6. anamika cud u understand the deep meaning in hirdu's comment:) good

  7. Asha !! just login to and on the right hand pane there is "Edit yr Profile" link.