Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Why the heck I smoke ?

A lot of people on a lot of occasions had asked me, "Why do you smoke ?"

I shall answer it here. But first I shall tell why these people ask me why and why they want me to quit.

They ask me coz they are curious. I almost never smoked in College. I started smoking when recession hit Indian shores in 2001, so I am kind of recent smoker, but for the past 4 year I have been smoking regularly.

So all this big crowd, which they assume I have around, wants to know what is there which propels me to light another ?

They want me to quit it ASAP, coz of several reasons. Some care coz they know that I have high cholestrol and hypertension also, so its in best of my health that I quit it, I also understand it, but I have my reasons to continue it. Some others just follow the social responsibility of asking me to quit.

I shall reason a few today.

At this moment while I am writing this blog it March 09, 2005, 5:30 AM here at California. I am still awake. I have only slept for 2 hours in the night from 11 PM to 1 AM, after that there is no sleep in my eyes. Its not that I am not feeling any fatigue, Its just I am not getting any. And now donot tell me that its the sideeffect of smoking...

Anyhow so around 1:30 AM I thought like to talk somebody, wanted to chat first but roomie has occupied my Laptop, talking to his wife as usual, so I called up home, had a quick chat with mom and dad, nothing interesting, thought "shud I call somebdy else ?" answer was immediate, "Whom shall you call ?"

"Fuc* it !! Accept it Hirdu, Though you are surrounded by crowd, often enjoy Celebrity status where ever you are, But accept this hard core real fact that dear you are all alone. People most often are not with you coz they like to be, its just that they have no-where else to go, they do not find a listening ear anywhere so they come and have chitchat with you. Thats it. " "I am the only one loyal to you, Thy can have me when ever you desire, when you are happy, when you are sad, when crowd is with you, when you are alone in crowd, when you lose, when you win, when you walk, when you run, when you sit, when you SHIT, when this world SUCKS, When you SUCK, when all this world stinks, when fragrances are around, when people ask you to leave me, when people join you with me, when people ask for a light. Anywhere, Anytime, Anymood I am loyal and trusted. I burn myself to keep you alive ", This is what is been passionately answered by my Cigarette.

As of today, I believe on my Cigarette much more than I believe on Myself or GOD or anybody else.
Its been there for me, with me, of mine whenever I felt the need of somebody. When ever I wanted to share a moment of delight, pleasure, hatred, love, anger, anguish, disgust, joy or any other emotion and there was nobody around to share the feel with me, I had my own Cigarette and MY OWN LIGHT.

This is the only answer for "WHY THE HECK I SMOKE ?"


  1. well written hirdu..."no body really wants to be with u ..they are there coz' they have no other place to go to" ... "i burn myself to keep u alive" ... yeh sab baatein achchi lagti hain when u read them... there can be lot of other things which can give u company when u are alone and they'll also not adversely affect ur's just the matter of reaching the alternatives ... so come out of this philosophical mode imaginative abt trying something else and be pratical...ok

  2. No dear ! Thats not the case, You might be reading the words which are floating here, I am the one who is living each word written here.

    Its not that I have not looked into alternatives, but they just don't work.

    It is as simple as getting hold of the point that the Tea with Sugar free Sweetner never tastes the same as with Sugar itself.

    Try finding out something else which is practical alternative ?

  3. There can be million arguments for and against smoking and all practical.

    Why bother?

    Just smoke...but accept that with this choice, your life is just enough long as the number of cigratees it takes to burn holes in your lungs put together side by side or in a helixing spiral accelerating to smokers paradise..(or non-smokers hell)

  4. I believe you have Exaggerated the length of life. Life is much shorter then the number of .....