Friday, September 17, 2004

!! Another ME to be HANGED !!

Another Week end,
Another Party to organise,
Another crowd of People to Meet,
Another Friend to cheer up,
Another interview to appear,
Another peg to be drunk,
Another evening to be settle,
Another smile to hold,
Another laugh to laugh,
Another tear to be dropped,
Another flower to relish,
Another bug to be logged,
Another chat friend to be trusted,
Another drive to move on,
Another shop to be shopped or robbed,
Another trust to be build,
Another promise to be broken,
Another shoulder to be found to cry upon,
Another desire to be satisfied,
Another thirst to be quenched,
Another Friday to get freaked,
Another Glass of BEER to be gulped,
Another GPL ;-)
Another Song to be sung,
Another excuse to eliminated,

Another gal to be hugged,
Another lips to be kissed, Another soul to be touched,

Another dream to be realised,

Another ME to be discovered, Another ME to be identified,
Another ME to be cornered ,

Another ME to be SUNKED,

Another Me to be IGNORED,

Another ME to be delighted,

Another ME to be SENTENCED,

Another ME to be HANGED,



  1. "HANGED " All rights are reserved by Anamika. It is my MSN nick. Ha ha ha.

    Another IP to be traced
    Another Telephone Number to be identified.

    Hirdu learn to trust friends as long as u are not concerned with any personal deals, it wont affect u.


  2. Oh Lord !! Dear Tracing IP comes naturally to me and to trace Telepone numbers, I donot have proper tools though I trace to a level.

    And as for the trusting People goes, "The phenomenon is mutual". I can give you same trust which you give me ;-)

    Anyhow...Life is like that ;-)