Friday, April 29, 2005

Which are the correct sentences ?

  • I do not trust nobody !
  • I trust nobody !
  • I do not trust anybody !
  • I trust somebody !
  • I trust everybody !
  • I trust anybody !
  • I am trusted by everybody !
  • I am not trusted by anybody !
  • I shall never trust anybody !
  • I shall never trust everybody !
  • I can never trust anybody !

To trust or not to trust, that is the Question?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Absolute Lee : MAY HE BE WITH HER

Absolute Lee

Although me and HIM (Whom people accross the globe refer as GOD) are at war, But coz we have a pact in beginning that if we need something not for ourselves and its in others domain, than if asked it shall be granted without question, I hereby thus invoke the same ruling and ask HIM to relieve her from PAIN and SICKNESS.

Preeti has lot to do, she thus need to be okay ASAP.

Folks thy can spare a prayer for her.

Thanx Neelima for posting a link on your blog.

!! Fighting Addiction Not Quitting !!

So folks, some time back I posted about me thinking of quitting to smoke :) Here are some clarifications about it, coz few ppl then raised concerns about my being leaving the club, asking me a lot questions on what, why, where, how...and how-many :)

so here are all the answers

  • I am Fighting the addiction to Cigarettes.
  • I am not quitting smoking Cigarattes.
  • I still relish Beer, Whisky (Jonny Walker esp...), Wine (Red), Vodka, Gin, Martini :), Rum (Old Monk esp...).
  • I shall refrain from daily smoking and shall only smoke with friends occasionally at TGIF, Ruby's Tuesday, Geoffry's, some other pubs and bars around the globe.
  • I shall continue to smoke & drink with MY DEAR "SYED SHASTRI" & "Sandy" :) - I have a no limit pact with both of them for the lifetime. The Cigs smoked with them shall never be counted.
  • I still reserve the right to smoke for Pleasure when I am very happy or too much tensed or SAD.
  • Smoke or not to smoke at any point of time shall be my discretion forever.
I feel ki Duniya mein kissi ko isse koi fight nahin chahiye....Kissi ko hai to abhi bol do.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

!! Dilli se aaya mera dost !!

So folks hamara ek priye mitr (Niti - Digitally yours) dilli se aaya bahut he nikat aa gaya hai :)

So this weekend was all funthrilled....lot of stuff was done....ultimate fundoo lunch dinner was prepared and roaming goes without say :)

kafi varshon baad (bole to almost one year) hum dono saath the ....

So on friday got into VTA (local train system - light rail) and then boarded Caltrain to reach him...1 hr journey for approx 29 miles....and lo and behold there was my friend coming to pc me up station.

We prepared Roti (Desi Ghee ke saath), baigan (Brinjal) ki sabji on friday evening and then on saturday Aloo ke !! What a lovely weeend it was....

Oogled hundreds of gorgeous females during the day at different malls :) After a long time we two were doing several stuff together....
  • talked a lot about girls,
  • bitched about bosses,
  • what should be there in my would be wife,
  • on what parameters should I shortlist her,
  • what all questions should I prepare (I shall be posting about it in next post :) ),
  • how to tackle current challenges in job,
  • which common aquaintance has done what wrong deeds and how shall be get equal with them,
  • family affairs
  • etc...etc...etc.......

Then at length we talk about Addy and Sandy. We imagined for several if these 2 guys had been here with us - incrdble fun it would have been...

Half of our talks started with "How is...." and ended with "Those were the Days...."

Now my weekends shall be celebrated as weekends and enthu shall flow upto the brim of soul and life shall be fun.....

Coming weekend shall again be going to Seattle to celebrate a Happy Birthday there.... :)

Again a funfilled happy wala weekend......

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Live Life in Month - Itenary"

Here is the "Live Life in Month" Itenary, which I shall follow once I return to India in July.

I shall try my best to accomodate as many friends and aquaintances in the schedule, but shall also expect them to reciprocate for my effort.

First 15 days shall be with the family, which I am missing a lot now a days, and then with all Yaari Dosti.

As soon as I land in Chennai, I shall apply for Leave for a Month and then shall go ahead.

  • Day 0: Evening Flight: Go back to home in Remotes of UP, 2 hr. flight to Delhi and 8 hours journey Indian Railways. Reach Home 5:00 AM.
  • Day 01: Start Packing bags for travel with Parents - Destination Haridwar. Stay for a full day and night, Agenda : Eat Good food, talk a lot and sleep
  • Day 02: Catch the Bus for Haridwar. Travel whole day and Reach Rishikesh. Stay with Mausi and cousins.
  • Day 3: Book a Cab, and start Taveling with Mom and Dad, Roam around Rishikesh, and Haridwar.
  • Day 4: Take the Cab to Mussoorie - a hill station. Spend whole day there, and return to Dehradun during the evening.
  • Day 5: Morning Goto SehestraDhara (Literal Translation - Thousand Streams) and by afternoon Return to City. Roam around in Paltun Bazar during Evening, Do whole lot of Shopping with Mom, For Mom :) and dad too.
  • Day 6: Start Returning to Delhi, Meet Buaji and all, Some Friends, Stay for the Night
  • Day 7: Catch Shalimar Express from Delhi and travel to Vaishno Devi in Jammu.
  • Day 8: Reach Vaishno Devi, Start the journey to hill top. Catch Deccan Airways Helicopter and be there at the temple. Come back by the evening or early next morning.
  • Day 9: Catch the Cab and goto to Patnitop - Another Hill Station in Jammu. Enjoy the beautiful Evening, cold night and early morning fog. stay there for another night.
  • Day 10: Return to Delhi, Catch "Air Deccan Morning flight" From Jammu to Delhi.
  • Day 11: Catch the connecting flight Delhi to Bangalore - Air Deccan or Jet Airways whichever is avaibale at that time. Reach Bangalore. Pick up Brother from the company and move out. Have Lunch at some famous Hotel. Start Roaming around.
  • Day 12: Stay in Bangalore. Roam around the City and do some shopping with Mom, Dad and Brother.
  • Day 13: Fly to Hyderabad, Visit Hussain Sagar Lake and Birla Mandir temple. stay for the night.
  • Day 14: Catch Morning Flight to Chennai. Take some rest at my home, for the day and in evening start roaming around onto the Beaches.
  • Day 15: Have Morning Walks at the beach and start in the midday for Mahabalipuram, Shore Temple.
  • Day 16: Spend day in Mahabalipuram and return in Evening.
  • Day 17: Catch Morning Flight to Delhi, go to Ghaziabad, Meet Relatives with parents and then go again to the remotes of UP.
  • Day 18: Stay again for the day at home with Parents and return during Evening to Ghaziabad/Noida/Delhi.
  • Day 19: Meet all the friends who matter. Go out for a Grand Treat at TGIF & Priya at Vasant Kunj, Delhi. Sleep only for 4 hours.
  • Day 20 : Roam around in Delhi and Gurgaon Malls for the day and in night hit the bar where there is no bar :) Delhi & Gurgaon has bars opened till 2 and then go to Gurgaon Border to hit the heaven again.
  • Day 21 : Catch the Friend in "Kota, Rajasthan", and travel to Rajasthan in his Tata Indica with him. spend the whole day and night with him and always be highs of alcohol and Cigs :)
  • Day 22: With Him and whomsoever plunges in Car, move ahead towards Chandigarh, Punchkula Combine. Reach around night and hit the first bar which is found open.
  • Day 23 : Roam around Chandigarh in Day and spend the early evening at Pinjore Gardens in Punchkula and return back to Sector 17, Chandigarh durning the evening and then spend late night at Sukhna Jheel.
  • Day 24 : Return to Delhi, and catch the first flight available to Meet SHASTRI, who is in Pune now a days. Spend Rest of the day with him, and night hit the pub in Pune.
  • Day 25 : Roam around and vist Osho Ashram and if able to have, have a sneek peek to the chambers of "Tantra Sex" ;-)
  • Day 26: Catch the Morning Flight to Bombay i.e Mumbai. Right now I donot have contact of anybody, who is in Mumbai, i hope till that time I'll have someone there, O' ya yaad aaya, A friend has recently joined in Mumbai after completing his MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. Shall Catch him and then Roam Around in Mumbai. Though I have heard rumours that "Chandni Bars" are now closed in Mumbai, But since its Mumbai there shall be some, Spend the time from night to late midnight there.
  • Day 27 : Move around and meet some more people in Mumbai (If She is still there :) )
  • Day 28 : Catch the flight to Bangalore. Call in all the guys in there to Pick me up from the Airport and then we shall hit the Road to Ooty together in 8 seater Toyata - Qualis
  • Day 29 : Spend the whole day and night in Ooty and have wonderful time.
  • Day 30 : Return back to Bangalore. Spend the night in Bangalore.
  • Day 31 : Catch the morning Flight to Chennai 'coz DUTY Calls !!

There is no consideration about the weekends etc. The schedule is strict, thus friends and aquaintances shall have to take out time from there schedules to be in MEET :). Coz of this I shall be meeting only those who "REALLY MATTER"

CID (1956) - Dev Anand

Was Browsing through, and searching for Dev Anand songs, got this movie title, I was rubbing my eyes when I saw that these all songs were in the same movie. All of these are my favourites and I have heard them zillion of times (most of the time the remix version :), but never thought about the movie these belongs.

so guys and gals I am listening to these now Apr, 19 2005, California 14:01 ....

Shall be posting about the favourite lines in these songs

You can connect to the link and enjoy the beautiful original tunes. :)

  • Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar
    • Mohammad Rafi, Shamshad Begum, Asha Bhosle
  • Ankhon Hi Ankhon Mein
    • Mohammad Rafi, Geeta Dutt
  • Jata Kahan Hai Diwane
    • Geeta Dutt
  • Kahin Pe Nigahen Kahin Pe Nishana
    • Shamshad Begum
  • Boojh Mera Kya Naam Re
    • Shamshad Begum
  • Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan
    • Mohammad Rafi, Geeta Dutt

Lovely na !!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Nashe mein kon nahin hai Mujhe Batayo Jara

So here it is folks, the song illuminates a series of emotions that hovers in one's psyche as one gets more and more into the song.

Aakhir kya hai aisa isme....

The song begins with the perception which ignorant crowd have deepend down there soul about being a "Sharabi", being in "Nasha" and the lyricist revolts and rebukes them. Finally proving the fact "Nasha Sharab mein hota to Nachti Botal" - Had there been any sedative (drug) effect in Alcohol, then the bottle would have danced.

The song continues to .....arre kya ker raha hoon mein....Hindi mein likhta hoon , ye firangiyon ki bhasha mein likhte likhte dimag ka dahi ho gaya....

haan to sathiyon.....

To aakhir kya hai Nasha,

Nasha koi bhoot nahin jo uter jayega, Nasha to woh khushboo hai, jo ek baar koi soongh le, to uski ruh mein bus jaati hai, Nasha woh Paimana hai, jo hamesha chalakta rehta hai.

Nasha to woh awaaz hai, jisse agar Sau Taalon mein bhi bund rakho to bhi sunai degi.

Song then progesses with all the comparison -

Kisi ko husn ka guroor, jawani ka nasha, Kissi ko dekhe Sanson se ubherta hai Nasha....
- Kya baat hai...cha gaye....

"tum to apne Husn ke guroor mein alwida keh ker chal diye,
Kash ki ek Baar mud ke dekha hota,
Kash ki ek baar mud ke dekha hota,
Hum Mohabbat ke junoon mein Sir kalum kiye baithe the."

Ye wala kisi aur se suna tha -
"Kya Gadi Gadi, Dojakh ka khauff dikhata hai, E - Aalim,
Yahan Roz nighahein Milti hain and Roj Kayamat hoti hai"

"Nashe mein kon nahin hai Mujhe Batayo Jara, Kise hai Hosh Mere saamne to layo jara"
- tune kya socha, ki humko thukra ker tujhe Jannat naseeb hogi,
Ja Kal tere Khuda ke saath baith ker, humne do jaam piye.

jab sab apne Nashe mein the, to mujhe kyun utha ker le gaya,
Kuch der to aur so leta mein bhi apni kabr mein akele.

Tu to khada ho jayega khuda ke saamne khali haath leker,
Mein kiss muh se jayoon, mujhse to woh phir Jaam magega.

Ye wale bhi kahin sune tha,
Agar dum hai tere Ebaadut mein to Masjid ko hila ke dikha,
Nahin to aa Baith, Do ghoont le, aur Masjid ko Hilta Dekh. be continued .....

Saturday, April 16, 2005

SMS Joke of the day

This was there on Times of India's Web Edition of Delhi Times.

"Kuch log kuch Ghante kerte hain,
Kuch log saari raat kerte hain,
Tab jaker hota hai unka,
Mobile Charge"

English translation for No Hindi Folks

"Some people do it for Few Hours,
Some other do it whole night,
Then and only then they get there,
Mobile Charged"

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What Kind of Blogger am I?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

My Current Indiatimes Bookclub Wishlist

Here is my current wishlist on Indiatimes Book Club, I am going to get all of these as soon as I Land in India, and then shall happily sit back over the weekends onto the beach next to my house :)

  • Mandrake( Set of 20 Comics, Hindi)
  • Nagraj & Super Commando Dhruva ( Set of 12 Raj Comics : Hindi)
  • Amar Chitra Katha Pack Of 20 Books (Hindi)
  • Chacha Chaudhary (Set of 20 Comics, Hindi)
  • Nagraj & Super Commando Dhruva ( Set of 20 Raj Comics : Hindi)
  • Nagraj ,Super Commando Dhruva & Doga ( Set of 20 Raj Comics : Hindi)
  • Nagraj ( Set of 9 Comics) ( Raj Comics : Hindi)
  • Phantom (Set of 20 Comics, Hindi)
  • Pinki ( Set of 20 Comics, Hindi)
  • Raman (Set of 20 Comics, Hindi)
Total Cost around Rs. 3100/- Pretty cheap, if compared to other stuff I shall need otherwise to keep me busy on weekends.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Reading Myself

There was nothing significant to do on this sunday morning (oops afternoon) so I started reading my own blog.

Altogether different experience, on some post I desired to comment, on some felt sad on the fact that I was sad in those days, then smiled on some other post, wondered on innocence and nonsense of some other posts.

"Hirdu", who wrote those posts was altogether different from the "Hirdu" who is inking the blog now a days, Todays "Hirdu" has evoluted himself from all those posts. But one phenomenon is unchanged, Both "Hirdu" are equally true and natural, they are phrasing whatever, and whenever they desire to phrase.

Here are links to few posts I noticed again in my blog

purple: I have my cubicle

purple: !! Walking Down !!

purple: I don't know

purple: "Then you say Why No Blog Today ?

purple: Till there' s space, I 'll stare at it

purple: Waana Say Few Words to Sbdy !!

purple: A thing of beauty !!

purple: !! You say I am Greedy !!

purple: !! Another ME to be HANGED !!

purple: !! Let the bell ring !!

purple: !! Let me Sleep now !!

purple: !! Fortunate ! Am I ?

purple: !! Aaj Phir !!

It sometimes strange, that I was able to write it all.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Nashe Mein Kon Nahin Hai Mujhe Batayo Jara

Nashe Mein Kon Nahin Hai Mujhe Batayo Jara

Shall be soon writing : Why have I posted this Song here? Till then just hymn the song continously and I believe you might get the feel of WHY?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Signatures of Holi, Seattle (March 26, 2005) - The one with date is mine
Gujiya - On Holi-Day (March 26, 2005) - General Availability.

!! Apni to Jaise Taise !! - Holi at Seattle - 1.

This song from Lawaris, immortalised by Amitabh was played several times, while Holi Celebrations at Seattle.

There was no liquor and even in the chilling rainfall, smoking was banned (though me and a friend of mine had 2 behind the wall :)) coz the married females were against it and even then whenever this song was there, ME and SANDY shall start jumping on the floor marginalised at the dance floor, and shall pull every other guy or gal to come on the floor for dance. The enthu was simply awesome.

Before I move on the subject further let me just give here the list of songs played on which Dance and Enthu was Marvellous, We downloaded and smoked a Audio CD (for Better Quality) for the event.

here is the list, Copy this folks, fun & enthu assured :)
1. Apni to Jaise Taise, Thodi Aise Ya Waise - Lawaris - AB
2. Choti si umer mein lag gaya rog,
3. Balle Balle - Bride and Prejudice
4. Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe - DCH
5. Dil le gayi kudi Gujrat ki - Jasbir Jassi
6. Kudi Kudi - Jasbir Jassi
7. Mundiya tu Bach ke Rahi - Boom, American Desi
8. Rang Barse - AB
9. Jahan Char Yaar Mill Jaye - Sharabi - AB
10. Ishq Samander - Kaante
11. Mehbooba Mehbooba - Sholay
12. O Meri Mehbooba, Mehbooba-2, Tujhe Jaan hai to Ja,
13. Ye jawani hai diwani
14. Rangeela - Spirit of Rangeela
15. Choli ke Peeche - Remix
16. Tera Rang Balle Balle - Soldier
17. Dil le Gayi Kudi Gujraat ki,
18.Mere Haathon mein Nau Nau Churiya Hain
19. Berang Zindagi hai - Naach
20. Rabba Rabba - Aks

These songs were continuously playing on Holi-day. But there is a series of events that happened a day before.

We all were wondering that who shall be preparing "Gujiya" (A North Indian Sweet Mithai Prepared like Samosa but insteal of Potato mixture use a Sweet Mixture of Khoya (Khoya Khoya Chand) and other Dry Fruits). None of Gals came forward so Me and Sandy accepted the challenge of preparing them.

We two are almost always in sync to leave no stones unturned when something like this is to be done. Last time when I was in Seattle, we prepared "Aloo & Mooli ke Paranthe" (from 10:30 PM to 2:30 AM in Night).

Since its next to impossible to arrange Khoya in US, we decided to go with "Rajbhog" (Mithai Prepared with Khoya). So we bought all the other stuffs, went home and started. Now we were lacking the main ingredient at that time - THE BEER, so I managed with Continuous Cigs and Sandy thought about his GF.

He made one fast phone call to his Mom in India and then I made one to my MOM to confirm that we have all the procedure in order. At 2:30 AM we released Beta version of "Gujiya"and had 2 DEMO setups ready. Though I donot have much regard for the LORD, but we unanimously decided to put one in front of Shivji and Try the 2nd one.

3 Beta issues were found namely,

a) Gujiya's are bigger then normal - P3 Issue
b) Gujiya's are too much khasta - P2 Issue
c) We need to add More Sugar in the Mixture - P1 Issue

So we decided that we shall fix this in Final GA (General Availability) of the Product.

All was settled, we both looked at each other, It was raining heavily outside, "What to do ? Should we start with the Build or Should we go and have some fun ?". As you all know what we must have decided, We both then went for long drive, Came back at 3:45 Approx and Slept.

Morning around 8 0'clock, phone rings, we were awaken. O Lord !! We have have to build the release for GA.

"Okay !! No panic, Sandy !! You go and get fresh, I shall have My Cig", Hirdu says.
"Okay Hirdu !! After Cig, Fix the Beta issues and then we shall blow !", Sandy says.

I finished my Cig, and fixed some issues, Sandy came out of Restroom, I went in, Sandy started. I was Back, We started working in Sync, From 9 AM to 10:30 AM Approximately 30 Gujiyas Were Prepared. Wow !! What a performance. !! We are getting Late!!.

"Sandy !! You are a lazy Guy !!", Hirdu says.
"Hirdu !! tu pitega aaja M & R se !!", Sandy exclaims smiling.

"Okay Run Fast !! Pack up .....", Hirdu finally dashes out.

So folks this is the Part 1- holi preparations

!! I am Atheist !!

You scored as atheism. You are... an atheist, though you probably already knew this. Also, you probably have several people praying daily for your soul.

Instead of simply being "nonreligious," atheists strongly believe in the lack of existence of a higher being, or God.



















Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A walk in the clouds..: Kilroy is here

A walk in the clouds..: Kilroy is here

Simply Informative !!

!! Black - What a movie !!

Watched this yesterday !!! What a strong movie, strong charaters, the charater classification and there architecture is too strong too believe.

There are very few movies which had moved my psyche to the soul.

To name a few - Anand, Life is Beautiful, Scent of Woman, Pyasa, Final Destination, Choker Bali, Forest Gump, Final Destination et al.

So what was so special about "Black", The special thing about BLACK is the character which Amitabh B played. He was unbelievably dedicated towared his assignment and towards his goal.

The pain, sorrow, loss, delight, adamancy, emotion, contradiction, silence, color et al involved is great.

Definately a collectors delight. !!

Shall write more about it sometime

Sunday, April 03, 2005

!! Jo Chup !!

Jo Chup Rahega Jabaanein-E-Khanzar
Lahoo pukaarega Aasteen ka
-From Movie Jurm

If the tongue of the dagger is silent,
than the blood from the arm shall give a cry.

another fine dialogue.

!! Socha Na Tha !!

Socha na tha ki, Mohabbat mein kabhi aisa hoga,
Royegi tu, aur dil ko Mere Karar Hoga.
- Dialogue in Movie "Jurm".

Never had a clue, that there shall ever be a time in love,
That thy shall cry and I shall be the one feeling the delight.

Kafi acha sa laga ye dialogue sun ker, Pata nahin kyun, But accha laga.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

!! Wrote 2 letters yesterday in Hindi !!

I don't know after how many years, I wrote something in Hindi (Devnagri) Script.

While I was coming back from Seattle after Holi, a thought came to my mind, that its has been years, since I wrote a letter and that too in Hindi Script, so I bought stamps from the airport, came back to office and arranged for envelops and sheets.

In the evening wrote letters and posted to my friends. Wow !! What a feel it was !! and What a fun-tastic relief it was, to be still able to write by hand and in Hindi.

I was amazed over the fact that, I have forgotten writing few alphabets, was doing spelling mistakes and the handwriting was pathetically bad. And I was the one who scored 90% in Hindi in my ICSE (X).

As I continued to write, I started feeling pain in my palm, coz its been approximately 9 years, since I wrote in Hindi, and approximately 5 years (after I passed from college), I was really writing something on paper.

After I finished writing, I read my self written letters 4-5 times so as to reduce the probability of errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors et al., and admired my own style of writing !!

The delight and joy, I felt during the process and after it was overwhelming.

There was a time, when we use to receive letters and greetings almost every week and use to write the replies over the weekend.

The technology advancements have made hand written letters a endangered species.

Gone are the days, when family and friends were closely knitted by the fabric of handwritten letters, lovers use to send letters in pink envelops with fragrance of Roses and people use hide them in books.

So folks !! What are you waiting for !! Don't you desire to feel the joy and delight I felt, Why don't you go and start writing a letter and post it to your loved ones today. Go to Post-Office, Buy stamps, Post them via ordinary post (NO Couriers) and then wait for the reply. Make somebody feel awe, happiness, delight, joy all at the same time and let the recipients wonder.

Have my word on it ! I assure you, that thy shall also feel unparallel joy.

Incase any of you desires a handwritten letter received in there mailbox, send in your postal address and thy shalt receive a handwritten letter from me in Hindi (I Prefer) or English.

So what say !! Write a letter today !!