Thursday, April 28, 2005

Absolute Lee : MAY HE BE WITH HER

Absolute Lee

Although me and HIM (Whom people accross the globe refer as GOD) are at war, But coz we have a pact in beginning that if we need something not for ourselves and its in others domain, than if asked it shall be granted without question, I hereby thus invoke the same ruling and ask HIM to relieve her from PAIN and SICKNESS.

Preeti has lot to do, she thus need to be okay ASAP.

Folks thy can spare a prayer for her.

Thanx Neelima for posting a link on your blog.


  1. hey I read the posting on Preeti. My sincere prayer to god to get her well soon. Absolutely she has lots to do. She shd get well soon for her little Alison.

    Best Regards

  2. Hope is the word which leads the world.Just pray for her.

  3. Don't loose the hope!!! Have faith and things will be fine truly She has to get well get on with her tasks..

    My best prayers for her

  4. the series of incidents which took place in her life are really unfortunate ... her condition is really too critical ... my prayers goes here asking for a miracle ... may she can lead a normal life again ...

  5. May god be with her..
    With sincere heart and folded hands...